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  1. cmwilson24

    Charlotte Bike / Scooter Sharing

    Other than rush hour and lunch on weekdays they are mostly empty - my office window looks out at one of the two streets we're discussing and it's a simple fact. I think some simple rules around usage would solve a lot of the potential issues - "people walking have the right of way, if you're on a scooter and you run into someone walking it's your fault, etc.". People are going to keep riding these on the sidewalks so we might as well create rules that deal with reality rather than trying to change it.
  2. cmwilson24

    Charlotte Bike / Scooter Sharing

    The sidewalk ban should have only included Tryon - other sidewalks uptown are usually empty, including Church and College
  3. cmwilson24

    Charlotte Tech News

    This doesn't pass the sniff test for me either and their reviews from current and former employees don't help. I don't have proof but I'd bet that this ends poorly. This is from Glassdoor for example: "This company is one massive hoax without a real product. Founders are dishonest and will cheat you of stock and salary on top of trying to humiliate you with inappropriate jokes and comments. They’re not interested in talent, they’re interested in hiring individuals who will do whatever they ask. Turnover is insane.I’m pretty sure certain things they do are illegal.This is the Theranos of Charlotte."
  4. cmwilson24

    Self-Driving Cars

    If the parking lots and decks went away the land would be used for something else that can generate revenue - housing, office space, retail, etc. This is a massive positive change for Charlotte and all other cities
  5. cmwilson24

    1000 Room Convention Center Hotel

    Charlotte, and most cities in general, don't have great track records spending $ on big projects like this and if they make sense financially someone will probably do it anyways. The city needs to focus on laying the groundwork for organic development to occur - parks, transportation, ease of business, homelessness, etc. - and then get out of the way
  6. cmwilson24

    1000 Room Convention Center Hotel

    Yes this is a way better idea than an aquarium. Think about all of the organic development happening around Bearden Park now - it’s a thriving area because the city built a nice outdoor space. An aquarium would likely end up like the NASCAR HOF - a terrible investment of tax payer dollars that doesn’t improve the city’s street scape at all.
  7. cmwilson24

    1000 Room Convention Center Hotel

    Thanks - helpful to know the details of the bed tax and that does change my opinion if it has to be spent on something. I walked all around the convention center recently and I'm probably just a bit grumpy about how terrible the street scape is all around it - several blocks that are just a complete dead zone. It's literally a fortress surrounded by walls.
  8. cmwilson24

    1000 Room Convention Center Hotel

    In my opinion spending any tax dollars on this is a terrible idea. The convention center is already a terrible use of space in what is becoming prime real estate uptown (no street level retail, huge walls around it, etc.). We should spend the money on making the city as friendly for living and visiting as possible - parks, restaurants, rail, working on the homeless issue, etc. - and not worry about these mega projects that never seem to generate a good return.
  9. cmwilson24

    Amazon HQ2

    Amazon's biggest need with the new HQ is to attract and hire great tech talent. They think they can get millennial/tech types to move to Nashville b/c it's cool and they think they can hire in RDU since there is a bigger tech presence there already in addition to better universities relative to Charlotte. It stinks because I think any millennial and/or tech types in RDU or at a college up there would move to CLT in a heartbeat to work for Amazon, so I don't think it's an actual advantage, but it's definitely a perceived advantage.
  10. Driverless technology and ride sharing should be a big part of this debate in general. It is certain that getting around in a driverless taxi in the future (whether it's Uber/Tesla/Google/etc) will be far cheaper and more convenient than taxi's and Uber's today. Given that should we be spending billions of dollars on other forms of transportation, or should we be spending the money to make our city adopt to the new technology instead? I fear this huge spending will look like a big mistake 20 years from now when it is cheaper, faster and easier to hop in a driverless Uber than to take the light rail.
  11. cmwilson24

    Amazon HQ2

    Agreed - there is a zero percent chance Amazon will end up somewhere like that. Charlotte's only chance is uptown - hopefully the city realized that in our bid.
  12. cmwilson24

    Amazon HQ2

    What about throwing in the long-discussed 277 cap as part of the deal and letting them build a city within a city right within Uptown and South End? Amazon will want to be right uptown in my opinion so it's either there or Levine-land. Here is a good discussion of our merits which I largely agree with:
  13. cmwilson24

    Ideas for Creating Culture, Temporary and Permanent, in Charlotte

    I think a good test of our "culture" is thinking about what you would do if you had friends or family visiting Charlotte for the first time. That's where we are behind most other cities - honestly what would you do that would be exciting and memorable? Most cities have an obvious answer to that question (with some exceptions like Houston) but Charlotte really doesn't. I've been encouraged by things like the baseball stadium, brewery scene, and Seventh Street market in recent years which are all now decent options. I'm hoping Latta Arcade will develop into something more exciting over time since it's now in an amazing location and is one of the most interesting public spaces we have uptown. There is no reason it couldn't be a small version of the Ferry Building in San Francisco which was renovated in the early 2000's and is now one of the most popular destinations in San Francisco with small food shops, boutiques, a farmer's market on the weekend, etc.
  14. cmwilson24

    Ideas for Creating Culture, Temporary and Permanent, in Charlotte

    Good piece on Asheville and how it's booming downtown didn't just "happen":