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  1. The Galleria Mall in White Plains, NY is another good example of how a center city indoor mall can work. It's located right in the heart of White Plains on Main Street. I'm not really a big advocate of the idea, however it works beautifully there. I'd actually prefer to see outlets, maybe even a shopping district like a Rodeo (long ways away but you get the idea) to make for foot traffic outdoors. No malls please. However, if they can pull it off, I won't stay away from it. edit: I just wanted to add a link to the White Plains website. It's a city of comparable size to Columbia - downtown that is - and it's had some amazing growth over the past 10 to 15 years. Being so close to New York City hasn't hurt it. Beautiful town. http://www.cityofwhiteplains.com/
  2. anybody have an up to date picture of the first citizens building
  3. CanalSide is useless now. I think they messed up bad on what could have been a really nice urban community/district.
  4. when is First Citizens supposed to be finished?
  5. I'm disappointed with CanalSide too. That's not at all what I had invisioned. I really hate the brick proposal even though theyve since scrapped it, right? It seems like all the good stuff is popping up outside of downtown, Sandhill, for example.
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