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  1. Did he not have the land before the development boom? Most recent developments I have heard announced were made last year. Wachovia, 300 South Tryon, 1 Charlotte, Novare 3rd ward project,Sierra, Bank of America, possible Trump, ETC. in the '06. Question; Did Levine have all this land before we got all excited over a 17 story condo building...?
  2. They might be talking about the CLT-PHL-China route. I could see "Charlotte" winning against ATL for the shear fact that CLT, and PHL, are both cities with no Asian flights.
  3. ha ha, thanks. I'm a totally lost person when it comes to building stuff, unless if it's in the next big thing.
  4. Call me Mr. Negative, But I already {in my mind} declare this dead... Only so I do not get all depressed Expect the worst, hope for the best. I do wonder, although, how exactly did we {UP} assume a German bank was moving some jobs to Charlotte? Just wild speculation? To me, this whole project is nothing but that; Specualtion.
  5. The trailer park thing got me a little offended.... But Then... I remembered last night at the fuel pizza when we were doing Karoke, a guy with one arm named PJ was singing aboutbeing drunk, and another chick was singing Redneck woman.... I love Gastonia. All them development places in Mecklenburg and Union get on my LAST nerves {Beerwick, Brandon Oaks, ETC.}. That is one thing my relatives notice about the Charlotte region.
  6. I remember reading that USAirways has more boardings than Northwest, and Continental. Obviously they are doing somthing right?
  7. I was reading a article that USAirways was going to save hundreds of millions going with the A-350. The A-350 is also supposedly going to be more advanced than the 787, and be more fuel efficient. Airbus was even quoted that "Composite engines are old fashioned". The A-350 will be better than the 787 probably. Besides, USAirways is getting A-330-200 aircraft to be delivered starting 2008 which can make a Asia-USA flight, I'm pretty sure. We are getting 8+ of them babies. I know the guys at the sandcastle suck at running a airline, but I think they did somthing good for once.
  8. USAirways is in the talks with some leasing companies with some aircraft, and Besides, I believe the A-330-200 can make a Asia/CLT/PHL flight, which is supposed to be delivered 2009. USAirways tried to get Air Canadas A-340-500, but they did not bid high enough, or had clear plans, so they lost the bid. USAirways, as far as I know, does not plan on getting the A-340 unless awarded a Asian slot.
  9. I did not think there was a market for CLT-Beijing... I guess we will have plenty of connecting traffic to fill up the plane.
  10. http://dmses.dot.gov/docimages/pdf101/474516_web.pdf clt-beijing-phl-bejing-clt?
  11. Assuming the worst, what is going on with Signature at this time? Scaled down? Not built at all? perfectly fine? More office space, and less condos?
  12. I hope that additional parcel is that parking lot infront of the Ratcliffe.
  13. ughh, I can not stand skylines without a clear dominant tower. Wachovia,Bank of America, and Trump will be Charlottes signature towers, no?
  14. So, will Tower Charlotte, and Bank of America virtually be the same height?
  15. http://www.charlottecentercity.org/Develop...development.pdf I was just wondering why Center City Partners decided to change the picture from Trump Atlanta to Trump New Orleans. Did they just get tired of the Atlanta rendering?
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