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  1. The PGA Wyndham Championship

    WFMY reported today that Wyndham is in negotiations with Koury Corp about the possible purchase of the Grandover Resort Center. If this comes true, it would certainly mean the end of the golf tournament in Forest Oaks. It might also mean that the long awaited expansion of Grandover Resort would indeed come to pass. Joe Koury had extremely ambitious plans for this resort which included up to 1000 rooms and a bigger conference center. MOD EDIT: I have merged all of the PGA topics into one. Here are some relative threads that deal with the Wyndham PGA Tournament: Grandover Resort Forest Oaks Shopping Center Dell Should Sponsor Greensboro's PGA Tournament
  2. The Greensboro Triumph Center

    This project was in the works well before it was reported to the media. I starting to wish it had been kept under wraps until some ink was dry. In the last News and Record article, it was stated that "they are trying to acquire contracts on various properties", and that "the developers may be interested in acquiring additional property around a particular site for secondary projects". Now folks are starting to drop their head because of an office rumor. Come on guys ... lets keep a positive outlook about this. I'm as anxious as anyone (except maby cityboi) to hear some good news. Just because they're not talking means they're walking !
  3. The Greensboro Triumph Center

    RALNATIVE - I hate to say it but that didn't come from cityboi ... it came from Gibbs. I know this because I saved that paper. The article was in Triad Biz Journal (June 1-7 edition). Gibbs stated, and I quote "The goal is to create a destination for the region - the Southeast region Gibbs says carefully". I'm sure that when cityboi reads this that he'll post the entire article again for us all to read ... (again) !
  4. The Greensboro Triumph Center

    Hey Chief, Check this out ...
  5. The Greensboro Triumph Center

    It shouldn't be surprising that the developers are seeking additional properties around the primary site. We're really still unsure of that "primary" site but it appears that the Church street "area" seems to be the focal point. Properties adjacent to new development almost always attract renewed interest. This could also be an indication that the proposal is moving along quite well and that additional land is desired or needed. We know that we're not being told everything (hardly anything !), but could this be a smokescreen in order to conceal another possible site ? I could be wrong, but I don't believe the former North State chevrolet site is tied into this mega project for several reasons: ... #1-distance from the Church Street area, #2-drilling was seen on the properties, yet negotiations are still ongoing (or so we're told) with property owners for the main site, #3- The owners of the North State properties stated earlier that there was interest in the site from other developers ...
  6. The Greensboro Triumph Center

    ...The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that Saint Ni.....................
  7. The Greensboro Triumph Center

    One would really have to "bring it" to clobber Koury's convention center. It would take a really nice and really big facility with extraordinay amenities to pull it off.
  8. The Greensboro Triumph Center

    Pics of an all in one development in Albany, New York . Not exactly "sexy" or what I'd call "breathtaking", but an example of what can be developed in the $200 million range ... very nice.
  9. The Greensboro Triumph Center

    You've got that right ...! One of their projects which sits on 1-1/2 acres just blew me away ! I admit that I was skeptical as to what could be done on the proposed sites, but not anymore. My recent research of nationwide developments has now led me to understand what can be acheived with the budget mentioned ... "A LOT"! It is indeed possible (if not probable) that this project can far exceed even MY wildest visions ! Our mayor must have seen conceptual drawings of what is being proposed to prompt him to use the term "truly breathtaking"...
  10. The Greensboro Triumph Center

    Yep ... he/she could could be right. We might very well have a winner here. I'll reserve judgement until more plays out. It does seem to be a solid company. Although I was hoping for a Disney/Universal development, this could prove to be very nice indeed (depending on their committment). People usually don't spend that kind of dough on feasibility studies unless you're pretty serious about what you want to do. Also ... the influx of outside international investors and the interest from additional developers could make it all happen sooner as opposed to being built in "phases". I hope we hear something concrete very soon ...
  11. The Greensboro Triumph Center

    Did this person give any info as to the possible height of the tower(s) or a likely location of the complex ?
  12. The Greensboro Triumph Center

    I too, agree that the numbers just don't add up. I myself am a real estate owner and investor though nowhere near the level of the big boys ! $200 million can do a lot of things, but I can't see all of this happening under those numbers. The price of a 3-600 room luxury hotel and convention center alone would put a big dent in that. I anticipate the cost of this project rising substantially considering what has been revealed about it so far .
  13. The Greensboro Triumph Center

    Cityboi - do you remember the philanthropist that Greensboro hosted last summer? I don't remember his name, but I do remember that he was a veeery wealthy overseas investor who spent a lot of time downtown. He spent 2-3 days here and seemed quite interested in investing some of his cash in our inner city. I'm surprised that noone has mentioned his visit here or the fact that he showed serious interest in helping with our downtown revitalization. I can't help but wonder if he could be one of the players behind this project . Some things make you go huuuuum !!! Also, ... we might be in for a surprised at the exact location (s) when this project is announced !
  14. The Greensboro Triumph Center

    QUICK ... SOMEBODY CALL MISS CLEO !!! MABY SHE CAN GIVE US SOME INSIDE SCOOP !!! Seriously - the last News & Record article (6/3/07) was entitled " Numbers increase for project downtown ". I've neither read nor heard anything that suggests that this project is faltereing. For all we know ... it may be getting even bigger. Gibbs did say that "there's been some interest from some additional developers". We all know that land aquisitions can be complicated and time consuming. I also seriously doubt that the statements and comments made by us "armchair developers" is going to factor into the decision making process. What BlueJ (me) has to say means nothing to these guys. Our expectations are now so great that unless this project far exceeds the $200 million figure stated, we may all be a bit dissappointed ! It's going to take something or someone really big to make this a regional - "Southeast Regional" destination. I too am anxiously awaiting an announcement. Nevertheless - $200 million is a mighty fine investment for ANYONE to make in ANY city ...