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  1. The 3 months free is prorated and significantly reduces monthly rents but the prices you quote are higher than the "starting" rates ever contemplated, not sure where you aquired this info. The pet rent is negotiable and the amenities offered are much more extensive than you have mentioned. Keep in mind the proforma was written 3 years ago when the economy was strong and the future looked bright...these deals don't come together overnight. It surprises me that advocates of urban neighborhoods would poo-poo this location when the only thing that happens when this project is full is that the n
  2. The only thing stopping Teeter is the pedscape plan...and this dreadful economy.
  3. We had it under contract for a while but we had to let it go. I am not at liberty to say who has it now...but it is not a familiar name to this group...and I would speculate that they are not likely to perform.
  4. The precast is coming from Spartanburg.
  5. The gap will be filled with equity or mezz.
  6. I hope the rendering helped to give you a feel for the architectural style. Atllvr was correct that the building will be similar to Camden Dilworth, but it will not be identical. We will be posting an updated color rendering soon and the property website is currently being designed and will contain all floorplans. We are also working on a banner & signage. Unlike a for-sale project, we do not put together a marketing package before we launch a project. Renters typically do not commit 12-18 months in advance so we put together our materials when we get closer to opening our doors, whic
  7. Of course the trees will be banded...any day now...if it has not occured already...just as we took the came precaution last year. We have been working with an arborist since we first began designing the project. We are making every effort to save these trees and would not go through the trouble of working around them throughout construction if we were not going to take the necessary steps to protect them. The locations of the existing trees actually drove the configuration of our building. The "bunker" of course is our parking garage. I understand that it is not the most attractive work
  8. For a number of reasons, including your concerns about direct access to Hawthorne, we placed the garage entrance on Lamar. The streetscape for the entire area is governed by the Sunnyside Pedscape & Land Use Plan, which can be found on the planning dept's web site... http://www.charmeck.org/NR/rdonlyres/e4onk...sedJan05Web.pdf
  9. You are correct sir! And a fine job of building they are doing...so far. We will save the trees, Conformity's arborist will make certain of it. Stay tuned, we will begin going verticle next week.
  10. The development consists of one contiguous 4&5 story building with a total of 267 apartments encircling a 5 level structured parking garage. We too would be ecstatic if Whole Foods would reconsider.
  11. We were not exactly cast aside...we all chose to leave on our own accord.
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