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  1. I have pretty great views of it from my home but scale/effect are lost from this perspective. That said, I walk past it every day on my way to my office and will try to take some pics today. It actually slowed down for a bit while they addressed some damage to the concrete but they're trucking along again as of yesterday.
  2. If anyone wants to get technical and do some extrapolating, there are several different renderings of the new retail stretch in this DDA packet. http://s3.amazonaws.com/downtowngr.org/ourwork/November-13-2019-DDA-Agenda-Packet.pdf?mtime=20191108164904
  3. Yeah this office phase that will be "Phase 1" for Acrisure was set to start in November, so I am assuming this is the beginning of that.
  4. When they built and opened the new TJ Maxx on East Beltline, they pitched it as that they were "moving" to a new location from their Alpine store to East Beltline. They even did promotional advertising along the lines of "come see where we moved to" kinds of things. I usually think of those moves as down the street/to a different shopping center, not across town haha.
  5. I was tooling around on the city's development site and saw a permit request to host a groundbreaking event on October 28 at 3pm - so there we have it! (Not that that means they'll be going to town that day, but we can assume that's a helpful indicator.)
  6. I just walked by and it looms like most of the parking lot has been closed to cars parking in it. I’d have to believe that this is a solid sign that construction commencement is close.
  7. 706 and 725 Bond are the sites they are looking at. Very interesting.
  8. Correct. https://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/2019/10/millennium-park-nixed-as-potential-site-for-proposed-large-scale-grand-rapids-amphitheater.html The idea of putting it behind the VAA is...interesting...
  9. Ha! Same question here.
  10. Wow! That's a really cool idea and I think a good transition for them to make!
  11. Here’s the important detail - this building is a part of a large portfolio of rentals owned by Terry Lynn Land’s company. You’d recognize some of their other investments. This isn’t some grandpa investment (I say that because my grandfather used to buy up random little buildings like this in neighborhoods like this) but rather a full scale company that will certainly nuance how they manage this.
  12. What? I thought the pottery store was going in the building with the fish? They've been in the media about rehabbing that building. Unless there are going to be two pottery stores? lol
  13. Glass already in the next floor’s panels!
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