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  1. So a while back I mentioned on here that there was a permit for a convenience store in this project but I couldn't figure anything out about it. Then this morning I was reading about urban development in other mid-sized cities and I came across a story about Dollar General doing a concept called "DGX," which is their "upmarket" shops in mid-sized downtowns. So I went back and looked at the permit and it says "DGX Grand Rapids," which is exactly how they brand their stores. They are very interesting concepts, and while I don't love Dollar General, I recognize some of that is my own embedded classism and as I think about this retail spot, I think this is actually a decent amenity for downtown. I'm including pics of other DGX stores. Looking forward to this being formally announced.
  2. I noticed that there is something on the BuildingEye website for a nearly 5,000 square foot convenience store in one of the retail spaces. I’m super curious and would love to know more about that.
  3. I wasn’t really sure where to plant this but the Grand Action 2.0 is presenting the results of the three areas of study (expanded convention center, soccer stadium, and amphitheater) today at the Econ Club. I’m hoping to see some news out of that relatively quickly once they do!
  4. I’m somewhat surprised this hasn’t gotten more local news. I found a nod to the Grandville Sears closing in this article as well: https://www.google.com/amp/s/patch.com/connecticut/manchester/amp/29079247/liquidation-sale-commences-at-doomed-manchester-sears Rivertown Mall is going to slowly be a rather sad spot with multiple anchors closed. I guess that leaves Macy’s and JCPenney, both of which will be closing a lot of locations in the coming year with their respective restructuring. EDIT - I had to edit this because I forgot there is also a Kohls out there. Shows how often I go to the mall/the burbs lol.
  5. They’ve been doing all kinds of testing of the lights at the Amway tonight. Overall it is really great as it adds a dramatic touch to downtown and makes it feel like a vibrant place. As I typed this they turned them off. Sorry for the poor quality pic.
  6. Next door. Looks like they’re splitting it into two spaces.
  7. This is one of the DT I'm most excited about. I find it all really curious and look forward to seeing the final concept. As far as the vacating of part of Bond - I wonder if that is so that they can build a skywalk over the street? Or some kind of structure that spans over the street to connect buildings? Can't wait to see the final drawings/see it come to fruition!
  8. The shade is real! (but in all seriousness I’ve wondered the same thing - and I feel okay being critical because my husband went there and I’ve heard what was taught in biology)
  9. What is mind blowing/mind numbing is that this “grand entrance” faces the newly built parking garage and a the loading dock for the other building... They made such a big deal about developing that GR Press for a high and better purpose than its old urban renewal design, and replaced it with....well...an homage to urban renewal design...
  10. Kingfisher in East Hills (old Marie’s) seems to have closed. There are already leasing signs in the windows.
  11. Ugh. This period of history is going to ravish downtown a bit. I also just learned that Wheelhouse closed officially.
  12. Talk about a blast from the past resurrecting this old thread! I have mixed feelings about this news. Frankly, this has seemed like a very long time coming/inevitable for anyone who was connected with "insiders" at UICA, and in another dimension there is likely a much better user for that space...and with that said...I'm not sure how feasible filling that giant space with all of its idiosyncratic variables will be. https://www.woodtv.com/news/grand-rapids/uica-moving-out-of-current-home-selling-it/
  13. I have questions about Wheelhouse. I walk by it every day and it’s all cleaned up/cleaned out though there is a ton of furniture stacked up in there...so curious.
  14. I dunno... the stories I read made it seemed like they thought it would be a long term concept and it didn’t work out. But with as quickly and turbulent as things are, I would expect any course of events at this point.
  15. Yeah I was actually reading in some minutes for a committee that it had been increased to 30+ stories and 500 rooms. But as I read that I also thought “not happening anymore!” Sad but not surprising .
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