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  1. They actually have some official paperwork/memos posted on the fences saying that it has been deemed “essential infrastructure work.” It does make me curious though because the Amway and 10 Ionia and the Canopy are all going to town still, but other projects have completely stopped.
  2. I like this better than a City Flats. https://www.woodtv.com/news/kent-county/ada-hotel-construction-could-start-this-year/
  3. I love this: https://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/2020/02/grand-rapids-street-to-be-removed-transformed-by-grand-valley-state.html
  4. Big announcement as it relates to the market? As it relates to the company? Something else?
  5. Let’s see - I was VERY excited years back when CWD announced the original plans for a hotel in the spot that is now the AC Hotel parking lot. I was excited they were hiring a renowned architect and excited for infill. I’m happy about AC being there but still don’t love the current site use entirely. I was also extremely disappointed when MSU made a huge deal over their plans for the research center site saying that they had a team of over 30 stakeholders to make sure the site had the highest and best use and that it would include mixed use and ground floor retail - only for them to turn around and deliver a sterile compound. Again I’m happy it’s there - maybe I just wish they hadn’t made a big deal about community engagement and mixed use elements several years prior. I also was very disappointed by the Venue complex and frankly anything Orion has done, but none of it REALLY left me all that deflated lol. Okay and then there is the Downtown Foodcourt...er...I mean Market... and the surrounding “district...” but that’s just too easy. Overall though I’m happy with watching this city grow and mature and look forward to more growth and vibrant renewal.
  6. There are more drawings in the Committee of the Whole agenda packet if someone wants to grab me and plant them in here.
  7. I noticed that this morning too! Sorry I can zoom in any closer lol
  8. wow i'm really curious about this!
  9. Okay so this feels like a big deal? LAX, Austin, and Boston. (Okay mostly the LAX part.) I wish we could get more news from the legacy carriers. I’ve never flown Allegiant and don’t have a whole lot of interest or incentive to, but I’m glad they’re investing in these routes. https://www.woodtv.com/news/kent-county/allegiant-air-adds-3-nonstop-flights-from-ford-airport/
  10. Earlier there were tons of people working at the site and now it’s dead and it looks like this -
  11. Rendering of the new brunch restaurant.
  12. So this is very curious to me. Jolly Pumpkin is completely dark on a Saturday night with this in the door:
  13. In one rendering I studied it was actually relocated in the ground floor of a new mixed building across Kalamazoo.
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