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  1. Warner Tower - Lyon and Ottawa

    Yeah - once the parking structure is complete they will be building the rest in steel AND starting the construction of the hotel which will be all steel.
  2. New projects on the West Side

    My guess is the empty space behind the new lofts...I know I saw they were trying to get that rezoned/approved for an office building...that would make sense.
  3. New projects on the West Side

    I don't think he owns it anymore. We briefly looked into it and it sounds like there is a new owner now .
  4. New projects on the West Side

    In other West Side news... I was told this morning the Denym will be moving over to Cherry Street in the former Richard App space. As I've noted before, we did a pop-up store with Books & Mortar on Bridge and during that time I spent a lot of time reflecting with the owner of Denym on the future of retail on Bridge, to which we both agreed that it wasn't looking good. As someone who owns a thriving business on Cherry I can say that this is an exciting announcement for us, but it makes us a little sad for Bridge Street. That said, across the board it all makes sense. We are THRILLED to add another thriving business to a budding retail district, AND as I've said, maybe Bridge is more of the next Ionia than anything else, and that is okay too. I'm sure their space will be snatched pretty quickly on Bridge!
  5. We had a pop-up shop in there for a couple months (for Artprize/holidays) so we know the management/owner/etc. We had already finished our short-term pop-up before they closed and didn't know it was coming. TBH I don't think they've done anything in terms of publicly announcing the Bridge Street closure. If we didn't have a personal connection we would have been clueless as to what happened.
  6. Gosh I have heard so many things. I had heard that QDoba was going on Bridge but not in that spot, I had also heard that other local coffee shops were being solicited to take over the Sparrow's spot. Etc. Etc. Etc. I will do a little more digging but honestly I'm one of those weirdos that wouldn't be horrified to see a mix of national and local along Bridge - I'm not sure that it HAS to be a local replacement. I'll let you know what I find.
  7. Wealthy Street Needed Renovations

    I've always loved this building. I love the simple one-story buildings along Wealthy.
  8. New projects on the West Side

    So...I don't know the details yet though they are slowly coming in...but what I have heard from a few people connected to that location is that they are not reopening and that they were over-extended there. I can not provide any more than speculation but I will keep you updated as I find out more. I did notice that they have "deleted" Bridge Street from their website and social media so that doesn't bode well. I have a lot of mixed feelings about all of this. As I said before, we actually made some decent money BUT we were the only spot over there where office workers could pop-in for a gift on their way home or to an office event. I believe we could have really done well there if we stayed HOWEVER...in the time we were there (October - December) it become clearer and clearer that retail was not going to be a big part of the fabric of Bridge. The Conscious Collective was becoming more Sovengard, the Red Lion lot was becoming another brewery concept and bar, and Black Heron was turning to Jolly Pumpkin. I am not at all "dissing" these projects but it was self-evident that Bridge will be a robust entertainment district but no place for retail. I even had conversations with the owner of Denym about their awareness that it wasn't going to become quite the walkable neighborhood that they had hoped for. I'm an enigma in this conversation because I own a retail business that thrives on other retail businesses being nearby and yet I see the future and it doesn't include traditional brick-and-mortar like we might want it to. We are lucky that our store is "hot" and we can cover our HIGH rent, but the reality is it is EXTREMELY expensive to run a brick-and-mortar space on tight margins and the broadest part of our customer base is aging. We have a ton of support from millennials but they have MUCH different spending patterns and brick-and-mortar cutesy-fun-shops can't expect to live off of them going forward. It will be so interesting to see how walkable neighborhoods continue to shift towards a heavy presence of food and beverage. I'm not saying brick-and-mortar won't always have a place, but it will become more and more nuanced as rent continues to rise and profitability shrinks. Also - I've been told that a national chain restaurant (think fast food) might be opening over here haha.
  9. New projects on the West Side

    Hey! I've been holding back to answer because I honestly know nothing. My husband and I own Books & Mortar and we did have a pop-up going in there during the holidays but we ultimately decided to pull out at the end of the year. We actually were pretty profitable BUT there are some steep challenges there and so we decided to get out while we were still making money off of it and focus on other growth opportunities. I have reached out to a couple people who will have an answer and get back soon!
  10. The "Affordable Housing" Discussion in GR

    Speaking of affordable senior housing... http://www.mlive.com/business/west-michigan/index.ssf/2018/02/104-unit_senior_living_project.html#incart_2box_news_grand-rapids
  11. Grand Rapids Restaurant Rumor Mill

    I've now heard from several people that Iron is closing downtown - can anyone say that they're surprised?
  12. It was and when the story of the Keeler (sp?) building not getting approved credits from the state of Michigan went to press they mentioned that this project ALSO was denied twice.
  13. I'm drooling because this REALLY means it is happening. I had noticed that they added a traffic light on Ionia a few weeks back but seeing this road officially closed gets me so excited. These are interesting maps. http://woodtv.com/2018/02/01/road-changes-starting-for-studio-park-project-in-gr/
  14. Proposed Projects / Current Projects Underway 2017

    I have NO IDEA where to put this so feel free to move it as necessary. Also if anyone knows more about this and can substantiate any of it PLEASE DO! I had a conversation with someone last night who is friends with one of the owners of one of the antique shops in the giant warehouse across from the Amtrak Station on Century. He said that the stores have been bought out of their leases and that the building is going to be completely renovated to also include a brewery, a coffee shop/operation??? and a ton of housing. I would love to know if this is all true as this is a HUGE building in a very interesting spot. I'll ask around today as well.
  15. There are even more photos of the slides on the Dwell Grand Rapids Facebook page. God I'm starting to get so excited!