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  1. As someone who walks by that office almost daily I can say that those renderings went up WAY after the first plans were shared.
  2. Anyone have some progress pictures of updates they’d like to share?
  3. It’s going to be another spot for Long Road, which will be a great addition to that street!
  4. I spent way too much time watching this today.
  5. Oh yeah a friend sent me that the other day and damn it was good. Spot on.
  6. So it sounds like the other space will also be an new to the metro company. I too was hoping for/expecting Starbucks. With that said, I was talking with a friend this past weekend who told me a stand alone corporate Starbucks will be opening downtown, so that’s promising. I had assumed until today that it would be in this hotel but I guess it’s time to start re-guessing.
  7. There are some interesting things in this packet if you go deep enough.
  8. 700??? I guess depending on where on Wealthy you're talking determines whether I think an extra zero was accidentally hit or not! haha. I'm very curious.
  9. Grand Action (2.0) is doing an update of the Market Street corridor with presentations from the design group Populous that they’re working with at the Econ Club lunch today. I’m hopeful we will get to see some concepts today!
  10. https://www.woodtv.com/news/grand-rapids/old-kent-bank-redevelopers-bring-dgx-store-to-downtown-gr/
  11. I tried to open this but it says I need to be subscriber of MLive. I can’t even see what the headline is.
  12. In a permit filed with the city is says it will be a “National upscale burger chain...” which of course has me speculating. Is it just me or does it feel like downtown GR is seeing some really solid and sustainable growth as some more national scale things enter the market? I’m hopeful.
  13. So a while back I mentioned on here that there was a permit for a convenience store in this project but I couldn't figure anything out about it. Then this morning I was reading about urban development in other mid-sized cities and I came across a story about Dollar General doing a concept called "DGX," which is their "upmarket" shops in mid-sized downtowns. So I went back and looked at the permit and it says "DGX Grand Rapids," which is exactly how they brand their stores. They are very interesting concepts, and while I don't love Dollar General, I recognize some of that is my own embedded cla
  14. I noticed that there is something on the BuildingEye website for a nearly 5,000 square foot convenience store in one of the retail spaces. I’m super curious and would love to know more about that.
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