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  1. Sorry. It is the parking lot between aveda and the park. It might also require some demolition of the building with the mural on it.
  2. I was told this a few months ago as well. Yes, the 29th street place but more of a wine shop kind of thing.
  3. Looks like there will be an advisory discussion next week regarding an 8-story building proposal at 11 Cherry SW. From the crappy rendering I saw it is pretty horrific BUT I think the basic purpose as of now is just advisory re: scale/size/etc.
  4. I keep wondering if we will see a tenant in this retail space. All of the other retail spaces in his projects are STILL empty, so I'm nervous about this one too.
  5. I have ALWAYS wished that a building could be put in that spot. I truly hope this can be pulled off!!!
  6. Looks like the permit for this building was filed yesterday. That's good news.
  7. Looks like the facade is finally coming off of 650 Wealthy. Thank god. I'm glad to see all these little buildings along that stretch coming to life, especially as larger ones like the 616 project begin.
  8. This has NOTHING to GVSU but it is on my mind. Target announced today it is building an urban concept target in a 12 story building in downtown East Lansing. I don't know how realistic it is to expect Target to do something like that here, but it gives me hope given that they're trying out such a concept in a smaller city like Lansing/East Lansing. I guess I was just thinking about universities and development. Okay back to GVSU downtown.
  9. A few updates. I don't know anything about the office portion, though I hope that brings more wow to the project! I have been kept abreast about the hotel portion as well as some of the anchor retail. One idea that I've heard tossed around is the possibility of a new Children's Museum there, though I don't know how "real" that pitch has gotten. https://mibiz.com/news/real-estate/item/24661-sources-office-tower,-hotel-proposed-for-downtown-gr-movie-theater-district
  10. I'm guessing "April Fools?" April Fools?
  11. So this is pretty interesting - it looks like WOODTV will be moving a studio set-up permanently to this space. I'm not really clear on all the details but it will be a fully functioning studio as well as a part of the curated GRAM experience, including a tool for learning. So that is all very interesting and great and it sounds like they really want to bring a sense of energy to the core and keep the momentum going...so here's where it gets...interesting... They are going to (at least attempt to) install a digital ticker sign across the front of the studio space facing the circle. It sounds like it will run anything from top news stories to events information to emergency alerts - just no advertisements. Like I said I don't really have any clear understanding of it but if it is done well I guess it really has some potential to bring another layer downtown. "stay tuned." hehe.
  12. I truly know very little about the project other than knowing some of the shop owners who have met with/interviewed with Meijer to talk details about the coffee shop space, all of which (that I know of) are local.
  13. It will not be Starbucks, thankfully! They're actually doing some pretty due diligence to get things as "local" as possible in this concept store.
  14. So it looks like all of the demolition permits have been filed this past week, which means we will really start to see some movement on this soon! I've noticed that they started clearing a few things out and I also noticed yesterday that the old Chase Bank across the street now has a Rockford sign on it.
  15. Yeah that 2nd location idea fell through after really salty lease negotiations. The space on Cherry that they were after is now going to be an accessory store (women's AND men's I think) that had a shop in DC before moving to GR recently. We'll see.