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  1. Yeah, this is kind of ridiculous when you consider the cost vs. improvement. All they've really done is make the dock at water level into a zig-zag and then approach to it a ramp instead of those stairs...but honestly this doesn't jump out to me as any more "interactive" or "accessible" to/with the water than it already is...to borrow their language throughout this process.
  2. They are allowed but there are many regulations, including a license/permit and I believe the owner technically has to live there as well/be a primary resident. I'm probably not doing justice to the structure of how they are allowed here but I know that barring you've taken all the steps they require, AirBnb is allowed here.
  3. I thought that was really interesting as well. Interesting concept/brand. Up the street at 10 Ionia (Hinman Tower) they said it would be a flagship Hilton. Does that mean just regular Hilton Hotel or might that mean one of the flags under Hilton? Just curious. Then you've got AC Hotel going in 50 Monroe... It is nice to imagine the diversity of hotels that downtown will have.
  4. It looks like tomorrow DDA meeting will include the signing of the development agreement for this project. There are a couple renderings with updates thought they're really not great quality nor probably final. I'm having a hard time understanding exactly when it will start. It does include the new hotel space and the new office space and I am so curious to know what brand the hotel (4-star) will be. People I know who are close to the project say the brand is a "big deal" for Grand Rapids. Anyway - it's all in the DDA agenda for tomorrow if anyone wants to check it out.
  5. It looks like this project is going before the Design Team (Engineering Department) next week, possibly in regards to the footings needing to go under the public space/sidewalks? Regardless that seems to me to be a good sign.
  6. ***Question*** I believe that the proposals need to be in to the city by August 25 and so I've been wondering - will we see them? Is that the kind of thing that is instantly available to see/media/etc or is it something done privately and secretly to be reviewed by the city? Obviously I ask because I want lots of renderings/conceptual to view, review, critique, imagine, etc. haha. Just thought maybe someone on here might have some perspective for the process.
  7. No word on that - but I was told today that Jolly Pumpkin is going in where Black Heron was. Anyone heard anything on THAT either? haha
  8. I can't speak into all of them but I'll tell you right now every Karl Chew building is sitting with an empty retail space and I can tell you they will probably be vacant forever.
  9. So does this just mean that both of these sites will sit nasty and gross for another year (or more?) Talk about eye-sores. https://mibiz.com/news/design-build/item/24952-pair-of-division-avenue-projects-unsuccessful-in-securing-state-development-incentives
  10. http://woodtv.com/2017/07/18/west-side-duthlers-grocery-store-shutting-down/ this really is of no surprise and yet it still feels a bit surreal to see the rapid change along bridge. I'm hopefully that this opens up more room along bridge for better frontage developments.
  11. More details on the addition to the nursing school on Michigan Street... There might be a better thread for this so feel free to move it. Also...would love to see a better rendering. Is there even a door on this??? hahaha Seriously though...it is terrible. The far right portion looks like they took nuances of the Kirkhof Center on the river...so gross. http://www.gvsu.edu/gvnow/article-index.htm?articleId=92B0DC26-A78C-DA43-FBEA016AB2E42121
  12. That's going on Alipine. "Behind" it you can see Harrison Park. Well...it's outline. That's the same rendering I have been seeing for a while so I wonder if it has been updated or changed at all.
  13. So this is pretty terrible of me, especially as one who champions for those pushed furthest to the margins in our community, but I am really happy to see this project was not given credits. I have some concerns regarding the developer, but more importantly I do not believe it was the best use of the site. While I agree that we desperately need a healthy mix of housing, a MIX would have been more agreeable, rather than continuing to establish/segregate Division as solely low-income. I don't know how much of an impact the loss of these credits might have but I'm hopeful it opens the door to a better plan. http://www.mlive.com/business/west-michigan/index.ssf/2017/07/state_agency_approves_2m_in_ta.html#incart_river_home
  14. We looked at the spaces in there back when we were searching for a space for our store and the costs were laughable. Even with the prospect of co-tenancy with a popular existing coffee shop in the area it was ridiculous how much build-out would have cost in tandem with the lack of visibility from the street. I am not surprised at all that they have not been able to fill these and it is really disappointing.
  15. I noticed that yesterday as well and wondered if it was just parked there for another project elsewhere but that article certainly sheds some light. Glad you shared because I was wondering.