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  1. GVSUChris

    THE Downtown Market updates

    I wasn't sure where to put this, but this seemed somewhat appropriate. Spectrum Industries is moving some of their operations out of state, including their painting shop on McConnell, right in the DT Market "district." I know Spectrum Industries owns a lot of the land/buildings right around the Market and I'm wondering if this could eventually lead to the freeing up of those parcels for higher and better uses? https://mibiz.com/item/26192-spectrum-industries-relocates-business-from-two-west-michigan-plants-to-kentucky With the tremendous amount of potential coming to the Arena District it seems like it could be a really amazing time to having a more robust Market District (I don't even think that's a working title for that area) anchor the southern end.
  2. GVSUChris


    Yeah their DDA entity handed out a pretty handsome incentive to any brewery that would come in and occupy that space.
  3. Kind of a strange picture because I was driving and had to take this from the car - but WOW! Quite a rendering and quite a tower...
  4. GVSUChris

    50 Monroe to get de-skinned?

    Byyyyeeeee ugly atrium and hello new windows. Not the best pic but I will try to take a few more at some point.
  5. GVSUChris

    45 Ionia (old Tall House site)

    It is slim pickings and yet there are still a good handful of empty spots that it is fun to dream of what could fill in there. I have always something cool could go in this spot because that's a generous amount of ground floor space for something.
  6. Looks like new plans are being presented to the HPC for this site for a - DRUM-ROLL - a 3-story building. So we've gone from 13 to 6 to 3. You can see the initial designs in the HPC packet. Pretty snoozy though I'm sure they'll be ripped apart and put back together. It's also pretty hard to design an interesting building in the shadow of the back of an ugly 8 story parking structure.
  7. GVSUChris

    Wealthy Street Mega Thread

    Speaking of Wild Bunch - it looks like the City is looking to demolish the Wild Bunch building as they believe it is not salvageable and a risk to public safety. I'm really glad to hear this. They have prepared a presentation for the Historic Preservation Commission which I would have to believe shouldn't be an issue seeing as it is the city seeking this request.
  8. GVSUChris

    New projects on the West Side

    Oh my gosh I thought the exact same thing. I kind of expected they wouldn't use them at this store but they were everywhere! We went and did our entire grocery shopping tonight! Mistake, yes, but only because it was PACKED. That said, it has virtually everything you need, great produce, great prices (seriously!) and I actually love how the alcohol is curated. I saw a ton of people who were buying their groceries and tbh I felt like it was a very diverse crowd. All in all this is a HUGE win for Grand Rapids and hopefully just a tiny glimpse of what's to come.
  9. GVSUChris

    New projects on the West Side

    Family Fare in general, but especially on Fulton, is THE. WORST. STORE. in the history of all history. I have vowed to not go there anymore. The selections (especially for produce) is terrible and it is a really expensive store for the environment, selection, etc. I'm checking out Bridge Street Market this evening and am anticipating that it will be what I've been waiting for, given all the pics of the produce section!
  10. GVSUChris

    Amway Grand Plaza Facelift

    https://www.grbj.com/articles/91429-amway-grand-plaza-plans-40m-renovation This article says it will be "slightly taller" which makes me laugh because I can't imagine what that even means. Inches? Feet? And how and why? This makes me want the convention center hotel all the more just to add to the "newness" feel of that area.
  11. GVSUChris

    Amway Grand Plaza Facelift

    Oh my gosh THIS is the kind of stuff I love. Sometimes I just get such a kick out of dated buildings getting a really striking new look. In this case, it will almost feel like to outsiders in particular that a high-rise was built not too long ago. I am also glad that they are addressing that horrible concrete base and adding a live wall. Let's just add this to the long list of fun things to watch downtown!
  12. Hey Everyone - So I hesitated to post this but it looks like it has been a year since this thread was last touched and maybe these kinds of things could use a reminder once a year. I'm not even sure how to say this but I will give it my best and hope that it is experienced as a positive and supportive gesture towards this forum and its users. I am sensing that as of late it is getting easier and easier to nit-pick at one another. Sometimes it's a simple jab that could be a misread joke, or an old "grudge" brought up from months past in unrelated threads. I truly believe that all of us care about and are excited by Grand Rapids and its surrounding communities - if we didn't we wouldn't be on here. I also believe we all are very, very, VERY (did I mention very?) passionate about the goings on around the metro. That said, I think that when we are intending to raise concerns/issues with a specific project/idea we are all guilty of also targeting one another rather than the issue/idea. I don't want to ramble too much so here is my point: Do I think we are a toxic forum of trolling, negative, and suffocating users? Not at all...maybe not even close...BUT...one of the risks of digital communication is that we don't have the benefit of reading one another's body language or pausing to clarify one another's intents throughout our dialog. While some of us know one another outside of here or of one another, many of us are complete strangers and that strips us all of a certain level of compassion and understanding for one another. So while I do not believe this forum has gotten out of control or unhealthy...when I see this constant bicker/poking that all seems really "harmless" at the surface, I'm aware that in this venue things can escalate/be misinterpreted/become toxic if we aren't more mindful of the reality of how we are communicating with one another. It's a lot easier for a culture to become toxic online than in person and so I am hopeful that we can all be mindful, myself included, when we post a response to another user and question how they might experience our words. So with that said...let's keep disagreeing and challenging our communities to do better. Let's express our own opinions and at the same time try to see why other people might not understand our perspective and why we might not understand theirs. This is truly and awesome community and I know that we all want this to be an engaging, vibrant, and sustainable community of development nerds for as long as this region continues to grow and rise; may it be forever and may we all continue to be a part of the conversation together.
  13. GVSUChris

    New projects on the West Side

    Speaking of the West Side... Here's a really great link from The Hendrik that really shows off not only the scale of the project (and how nice it is looking) but also all the developable land around it. The last frame is really beautiful with the center city in the background.
  14. GVSUChris

    New projects on the West Side

    I know GVSU is doing some kind of neighborhood event this week...maybe that was part of it? I too am eager to see some designs for the Consumers Energy HQ. I think it'll be cool infill off the main street and continue this trend of more 24/7 uses to this neighborhood. It's also looking like the ICCF/Rockford building site on Stocking is getting prepped.