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  1. I haven't figured out why but this is one of my favorite projects right now. Some of it is definitely the retail space - love the higher ceilings and stronger first floor.
  2. I'm sure that this will be great for GVSU and maybe even Grand Rapids if they program it well, but my idealistic self was REALLY wanting something more interesting to happen with the Ferris site. That said - this is probably a good use of the building. http://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/index.ssf/2017/06/grand_valley_state_to_spend_81.html#incart_river_home edit - feel free to move this to a more appropriate thread.
  3. A couple days ago I noticed a sign at Black Heron saying they were closed until further notice and then today I see they're closed for good.
  4. Here's an "update" of sorts. https://mibiz.com/news/real-estate/item/24856-with-new-joint-venture,-616-development-positions-for-the-future EDIT - I could have included this too I suppose. http://www.grbj.com/articles/88194
  5. Ummmm...well...without starting any rumors I think things aren't going so "great" over at 616. I know multiple people there who were let go last week and from a few people I've talked to around town who are close with 616 it sounds like things aren't on the up and up financially. I just hopped onto their website and saw that even more people were cut than I thought. I'm hoping this doesn't have any major effect on some of their projects (especially this particular project.) I also know they've scaled WAY WAY WAY back on their piece of the movie theater project. If anyone has any better or more clarifying information I'd love to hear it.
  6. Harmony bougt the building from the subway franchisee so I assume they're leaving.
  7. You. Can. Not. Be. Serious. ?!?!?!?!?!?! That is soooooo bizarre to me. Where did you learn it was to be a Dollar General because that is the only piece I didn't see in the HH Newsletter, unless I looked at an older issue...
  8. http://www.gbrusso.com/downtown/ Hooray!
  9. It is the same developer working on the Keeler project and/or they are connected. They intentionally want both projects next to each other for management purposes. I'm all for affordable housing but why do we keep seeing these massive concentrations of low income residences packed into one spot?
  10. I was told yesterday it will come down in August.
  11. Sorry. It is the parking lot between aveda and the park. It might also require some demolition of the building with the mural on it.
  12. I was told this a few months ago as well. Yes, the 29th street place but more of a wine shop kind of thing.
  13. Looks like there will be an advisory discussion next week regarding an 8-story building proposal at 11 Cherry SW. From the crappy rendering I saw it is pretty horrific BUT I think the basic purpose as of now is just advisory re: scale/size/etc.
  14. I keep wondering if we will see a tenant in this retail space. All of the other retail spaces in his projects are STILL empty, so I'm nervous about this one too.
  15. I have ALWAYS wished that a building could be put in that spot. I truly hope this can be pulled off!!!