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  1. Here’s a random one. In the Building Eye portal there’s an application of some sort for a ten story building by the market. I’m not that versed in understanding these things but found the overall idea surprising lol. https://inspections.grcity.us/CitizenAccess/Cap/CapDetail.aspx?Module=Permits&TabName=Permits&capID1=22CAP&capID2=00000&capID3=00Z0B&agencyCode=GRANDRAPIDS&IsToShowInspection=
  2. I was standing next to this two days ago and someone with the crane crew told us that it won’t be full height. They will have one more extension of it down the road as the building goes up.
  3. That looks like. Freddy’s to me. Especially when I googled them. But just a guess.
  4. PA-REACH. "Family Friendly" always feels like a coded way of saying "1950s Clever Fantasy." What is a family, and why assume that every family has the same boundaries on what's "friendly" to their needs/desires. I get that adults with young children in their care likely desire amenities and attractions that differ from those of other generations and stages of living, AND, I always get a little uneasy when "family friendly" is thrown around as a way of designing a specific type of community with specific type of values. Here ends my own rant; thanks a lot GRDadof3 lol
  5. Oh I’m very familiar with that restaurant and church! I’ve had a few dreams that I think folks would support, but it would more so be a matter of finding the rights experts and professionals to carry the rest!
  6. Dude. I'm the current Senior Minister at Fountain Street Church and this is the bane of my existence. Sleepy... underutilized fortresses like ours completely killing off activity on the street all day. And I've often been quite open about this matter with our members and lay leadership lol.
  7. I saw that as well. That'll never go away if that indeed comes to be. Bleh.
  8. My husband is on the steering committee for it and they met today and that was a big idea being floated was to make Division into more green space and redo Ionia. Here’s to hoping.
  9. Oh man, I thought this already passed for some reason. That’s right by our condo and I’d love to see more sense housing around us.
  10. Updated renderings including the two residential/retail buildings next door.
  11. The thing that excites me about the construction process for this one is that within reason there would be way less time needed for prep work. The footings/foundation/boring stuff we can’t really see is already done, so it would go vertical faster than other tall buildings.
  12. Looks like they're moving ahead with the tower! 16 floors on top of the garage, making it 22 floors! (The top floor is referred to as 22) There's several renderings of it in the DGRI Agenda for next week if anyone wants to get in there and grab the images of it. Yay!
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