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  1. GVSUChris

    Warner Tower - Lyon and Ottawa

    Saw this posted by DGRI. Coming along.
  2. GVSUChris

    West Michigan/Grand Rapids Economy

    Our friends/neighbors across the street listed their house just for the weekend with final offers due yesterday and they got an offer so outrageous that they accepted Saturday without even waiting for the rest to come in. People ask if that is alarming to us or putting people at risk of being underwater but so far every new neighbor who has bough in that mid 300's range on our street has moved from LA, Philadelphia, Denver, DC, and the SF Bay area, and have paid cash because 300's is a drop compared to what they were paying for less before. We've had TWO houses sell where the couples didn't even see them - they hired a realtor to deal with it and then moved here. The other interesting thing we are seeing in Ottawa Hills is people spending 300 on a house and then gutting it before moving in. There is definitely a shift in the market and I'm not convinced that it is a risky one. It is so exciting to watch a metro grow and develop in its core AND its suburbs too.
  3. GVSUChris

    42 (now 14) story building coming to downtown GR

    I poured over the packet hoping to find SOME hint of the hotel brand. I did read and hear that a press release is coming out this week - HOPEFULLY there is some word in there about what it is going to be. Truth be told I actually really love this and just want to see it built. I love that all three streets have entrances, I love the commercial space at the corner, and I love the idea of a hotel filling this spot and connecting north and south of Ionia, especially as we just begin to imagine what it's going to be like south of Fulton in the Arena/theater/entertainment district.
  4. GVSUChris

    Warner Tower - Lyon and Ottawa

    Steel work has begun! I'm so happy because it'll really fly up now! They've started on the office portion. I am SO EXCITED about this!
  5. GVSUChris

    42 (now 14) story building coming to downtown GR

    I REALLY want to know what hotel brand this is. I have been trying to think about all the brands under Marriott and I really hope that it is something interesting and nice. The design seems pretty traditional/ doesn’t read to me as something like a W or Aloft... maybe a regular flag Marriott? MAYBE a Westin? Hmmmm
  6. I saw this on Friday in the PC Agenda Packet and honestly I had so few cares left or feelings to give this I thought "whatever just build it and let's be done with this project." I won't even waste energy hating it at this point and am simply hoping that it will be vibrant and vital and bring energy to that strange plaza. This is really all I have to say anymore about anything related to the BOB.
  7. GVSUChris

    Diamond Place at the Proos Site

    http://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/index.ssf/2018/06/gordon_food_service_to_open_ur.html And one from MLive... I'm so curious about this. Olive bar? Gelato bar?! SEAFOOD?! These are not things I attribute to GFS. I'm eager to see what they put together.
  8. GVSUChris

    42 (now 14) story building coming to downtown GR

    Looks like we will need to change the name of this thread AGAIN to 13. I was just doing some digging around in the Development Center page and saw that yesterday they requested to be on the HPC for approval to construct a 13-story building. We just need to lose another floor and we will be all set for another 12-story building! In all seriousness...I actually don't mind Fulton being lined with 12-13 story buildings. It's kind of pretty, especially if it continues. It is indeed sad to lose a 42 story building but alas...the infill would be welcome at this point.
  9. GVSUChris

    Division / Wealthy and ICCF

    I don't actually think anything is going to be 7 stories. The media picked this up and started saying that but in all of the ICCF's plans the highest building might POTENTIALLY be six floors at that would be at the corner. The zoning change allows for buildings UP TO 7 stories and the media ran with "they're building a 7-story building!" Having spoken personally with one of the people involved in this project, this isn't about making the site more flexible with height/size as it is making it TOD which allows them to reduce parking considerably. As it stands, this project will likely be 5 stories, which is still a nice bump in density at that area. I probably could have been more concise saying that but the short of the long is that ICCF never said anything about a 7-story building nor have they planned one - the media just got carried away when they learned that TOD would allow up to 7-stories.
  10. GVSUChris

    Diamond Place at the Proos Site

    GFS does not and will not ever sell alcohol. It is owned by a very conservative family that doesn't even allow alcohol at corporate events. I was just talking about this with someone the other day and so from that standpoint, it is a great match for Party Cooler to be next door.
  11. GVSUChris

    New projects in Monroe North

    Omg thank you for saying that! Haha There are no words for how happy I was to go to this thread and see the update was something other than that convo! And it is a great photo too!
  12. "Official" groundbreaking for the hotel is/was today.
  13. GVSUChris

    Predictions for the coming year

    Are you saying this as a prediction or as a follow up to a prediction? Any idea when we might have an idea?
  14. GVSUChris

    New projects on the West Side

    What would be particularly amazing is if Fratelli's were to move into Denym's old space and completely out of their old space so that that building could be razed and that it could be combined with the gross parking next to it to build a new mixed-use building there. I used to stare at it wondering if that would ever happen.