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  1. The owner of the Orlando Titans is bringing a professional Div 1 USL team, this will allow Orlando to position itself to be a future MSL team.
  2. drjnieto


    SunRail is not dead, they are coming up with an alternative plan. The state will lose billions and thousands of jobs. If anything is going to happen it will happen in the next 2 months.
  3. drjnieto

    Amway Center

    Great Idea, call it "O-live"
  4. The OPAC will have 3 halls, it will be bigger than the one built in Miami. I hear the design will be futuristic, but with some historical taste. The prototypes are very impressive.
  5. Has anyone heard the rumor of the Jax Jags possibly moving to LA or Orlando?
  6. drjnieto


    www.autoracing1.com/Images/2007Misc/OrlandoArena2.jpg Does anyone know if Orlando will have a Grand Prix, any rumors. I found the article above about a proposed track.
  7. For 200 million, I think very nice. It can hold over 70 000 fans.
  8. May we can get Minny Mouse to strip for PAC MAN Jones, he ll make it RAIN. or Rosen (Hotel Sluttt) will do it for singles.
  9. UFL " Mark Cubans" new league interested. But I hear the Jacksonville Jaguars are interested
  10. How about " Los Studios" or "Magicwood"
  11. Sounds good they can built it for the Marlins. The Marlins are offereing to pay 275 million. The rest of the money, then Mr Watson can pay for it. The race track go for it. I think baseball and grand prix racing will do well in this area because of the large amount of tourist and convention center attendies. The Magic arena and Performing art center can stay in downtown.
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