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  1. Anyone who wouldn't want the land to be developed and have Charlotte improved wouldn't be on the forums in the first place, I don't think. Because the implication that someone else should improve the city at their own expense, regardless of the market, and not you, leaves you in a worse place than a NIMBY, in my entitled opinion.
  2. That being said, all of the forum ideas, while good ones, if not financially feasible, will never see the light of day. If the Pro Forma doesn't show the investor what he wants to see, he waits for the market to change, or invests elsewhere. I was not intentionally trying to be condescending- chastising, yes (see below). Apologies if it came across that way. You are very correct that I don't know who I'm addressing. Point well taken. I suppose I'm just trying to say (and this is insight into my own mind, not Levine's) that you all need to cut the guy a break- it's taken a large amount o
  3. Thanks for the boost of confidence. I'll be sure to post again soon and try to inform your opinions. I am not trying to sell anyone. If the purpose of the forum is to converse about development, and Levine's does not exist, could/should we get a moderator to close this thread? Purchasing land and planning development is more than half the battle- as soon as you see bulldozers, the development process is nearing it's end. Again, thanks for the flame, but one of my main objectives was to chastise you all for claiming to know anything about urban development after developing nothing, whic
  4. First of all, let me say you all are hilarious. Some of you are on target, some are way off. Not sure what the ramifications of my posting will be, so I would appreciate discretion, but I felt like I had to defend the Levines somewhat. I am new to the development/planning world in general, so if my replies are misinformed or uninformed, please feel free to let me know. They are only my opinions. Agreed. Not only do they not drive investments, but, it could almost be argued, actively prohibit them. Try being told by 3 different departments what kind of setback you actually need
  5. Nice. I say start bugging Trader Joe's to get them to open a location downtown. Far superior to Whole Foods in just about every respect, more fitting to the demographic there, and would probably be more inclined to come to Elizabeth, seeing as their only location in Charlotte now (that I know of) is the Rea Rd. one.
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