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  1. Aerobird


    Regarding the redevelopment of Tallahassee Mall, they could do much worse than take a good long look at Countryside Mall* in Clearwater. There's an ice skating rink in the centre of the mall, and it has the most palatial bathrooms I've ever seen in a "public" building. * Now 'something-or-other something-or-other at Countryside' due to a name change but I'm calling it what it was all the years we lived down there. (As an aside, I was rather startled to discover that Clearwater Mall has been completely redeveloped as a collection-of-boxes outdoor mall; guess I really have been awa
  2. Aerobird


    I find it interesting that Calhoun and Taylor Counties are included, but not Seminole County, Georgia - I presume that (as well as Jackson County) fall in the Dothan trade area?
  3. It does have a certain ring to it. Thanks, wanted to know if there was a better description then 'Pedric & Mahan pond' before submitting it as a 'public location' in eBird.
  4. Does anyone know if the new 'park' at Pedrick and Mahan has a name?
  5. Aerobird


    Y'know, here's a wild thought I just had. Perhaps Tallahassee Mall should be bold and strike out in an entirely new direction, one that won't have it need to worry about being overrun, marginalised and run out of town by Governor's Square and the new malls and mega shopping centres that are coming at Fallschase, Cross Creek etc. Why not a mall that is entirely food-related? Restauraunts, cafes, microbreweries, etc. One great big giant food court. Maybe keep a few "related" businessess, such as Barnes and Noble perhaps. But otherwise have it be Tallahassee's Great Cafe. Maybe re-do the inter
  6. The Mickey D's in Crawfordville now has a Wi-Fi node. Are any of the other ones in the area installing one?
  7. Aerobird


    Tallahassee Mall has a food court? I didn't know that... Here's something we need to get! There was one on Marco Island back when we lived down that way and it was great. It might help fill in one of the outparcels at Tallahassee Mall... Cheeburger Cheeburger
  8. That's called a SPUI - a Single Point Urban Interchange. ("Criss cross" when I first saw it I thought you were referring to braided ramps.) As noted by others it's a major improvement for 436 - turning the interchange from a diamond into a SPUI means that there is only one traffic signal, instead of two. Notice also that the interchange at the top of the pictures is changed to not be a through street across 436, deleting a second signal as well.
  9. 18 June 2007 Sycamore Ridge subdivision, Woodville.
  10. Did you know... ...that back in the Spanish mission days, Munson Slough was not only a surface stream connecting to the Wakulla River, but was navigable by Indian canoe from the Gulf all the way up to Mission San Luis? **** This was on the front page of the Wakulla News awhile back, about a study into Wakulla Springs' geology. It was mentioned in the article, and the picture that went with it showing a (false-color?) map of the terrain, you could clearly see the Munson streambed all the way down. IIRC they said it didn't go underground until the mid 1800s.
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