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  1. Watercress, LLC is now being advertised in a sign on US 72 West at Jeff Rd. There are several outparcel lots fronting US 72 being advertised for sale and the main development appears to be fronting Jeff Rd. Ben Walker and Cole Walker with United Properties are listed as the developers. The Walkers must have deep pockets as they are simultaneously developing their Harris Hill property on US 72 East. However, the Watercress property (formerly the Monrovia Golf Course and a Shell station on the corner) is not nearly as large as Harris Hill and is very close to the most extensive retail development in the area, so it will probably be on a smaller scale. There are extensive rumors of a Kroger going in that location which would be logical and would enbable Kroger to tap into the growing Monrovia market. Their next closest location, the Kroger on Hughes Rd. in Madison is too far away from Monrovia - plus all the other chains, Publix, Star Market are closer. It will be interesting to see what retail locates in the parcels facing 72 as well as the stores which will be adjacent to Kroger (or whoever the anchor is) in the main development. The entire property is in the City of Huntsville and may necessitate the widening of Jeff Rd. to the Old Monrovia intersection. North of that is in Madison County.
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