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  1. Gary 's motive behind that was because the Mayor declined to participate in the Rouge Collection Forum Same thing with Edwards.....He's a Veteran and on Veterans day he had to speak and be somewhere else which left him on a tight schedule so he had to decline the Rouge Collection event...and right after that a bad article went out about him from Gary...Talking about he's now endorsing Vitter....The articles are online...They are bad news.....and it hurt me because I actually was proud for him when he first started and he had legit reads for Baton Rouge .....now everything is about race and what you did or didn't do for him And on Ms. Banks ...They have a lot of power....it's their job to speak up for what that district needs...and if we can't get it provide a legitimate reason on why...If you fight for the right things we will stand behind you...But you have been in office how long???? and we are just now hearing you make a fuss around election time....I call crap!
  2. I was explaining to Gary and Ms banks that they can't blame the Mayor for all problems in NBR.....KIP can't make a miracle happen over night....they said no to Alive downtown so what do you think they would say to it If he stated he wanted to put it in NBR with its current state....People have to want to invest .....And we as the community have to do our part and clean up and make investors feel welcome for them to invest....we can't just point fingers at the wrong people.....she was just stating I'm correct and that he still has a plan for ALIVE Thanks for the welcome back
  3. im not just talking about the park.......i see u down talk in other topics...it's just a known thing with you......i shouldnt have to put u on ignore.....like they say....dont get into a sports debate if you don't know the game..........same thing with urban development....before you make crazy comments atleast know what your talking about 1st
  4. the big deal is...you are always against everything!!!...you down talk and down play Baton Rouge so much it gets very aggravating....and the sad thing is..you have never been to some of the places you down talk, or even know the history and business standpoint of half of these projects to understand...the name of the site is "Urban Planet".....if you are not down with Baton Rouge doing something to make the city stand out with the other cities it's size....why are you even here?
  5. I don't have time to explain this any more......you should read a few books on development....Community Coffee shop turned the deal down when i was there because that store was a test store to see if it would work downtown.....I was speaking about what Live after 5 promoters do to all the businesses in the area.....Not Just the COFFEE SHOP....my 5th grade cousin understands what im saying....how are you missing it??? Lets take it SLOWWWWWW.....Local Concert promoters need help to fund the project.......Local Downtown Business need help bringing people downtown to spend money at their business......The Businesses donate the money so that the Promoters can advertise and get what they need.....drawing a crowd downtown...which brings business to the local businesses......Do you even go downtown?......have you notice how many clubs and bars have opened?
  6. your understanding is horrible.......i said while i was managing the coffee shop "we" got offered a business deal.......Not only the coffee shop.....it's more Businesses than just a coffee shop.........why do u keep saying a coffee shop supporting it is not enough....i even sent a link with the many people supporting it.....so how do u keep only getting the coffee shop?
  7. you missed the whole point..what i was saying is ...they are reaching out to the businesses to get help with funds and in return they help market the businesses....so it's a win/win at drawing people downtown
  8. well...let me give you a little info that you might not know.....When we opened up cc's coffee shop right there on that same block the directors of live after 5 came to us with a business plan...if we sponsor the event they would advertise our business and it came with a few other perks i won't mention...but if you take a look at the website they have different sponsor packages http://liveafterfiveonline.com/sponsors.html and most of them are downtown businesses ...some small sponsors might not even be on the page....but what that does is creates extra marketing tools for local businesses and at the same time pumps more money into the events..it's called the circle of life........i mean look at downtown now compared to 2004.......add a few bars,restarunts and entertainment and people will come
  9. Thanx....i drop in everyyyyy so often ummmmm Yes it will....because people will start hanging out down there...and trust me when there is a crowd....you can bet there is a business owner following.....If you don't give people a reason to come downtown...people won't come....if you give them a reason to come...more businesses are ready to invest and cash in.
  10. People complain and complain alllllllllll day about how we don't need to spend the money building this and that......Just sit back and Chill .......Soooooo Many people were pissed about the whole Town Square thing....but look....it's a big thing for baton rouge....I took my family that lives out here in Houston that havent been to BR in years, down to town square and the 1st thing they said was WOW...downtown is really Live now......we cant keep taking old things and updating them..sometimes it's just better to build it new....we update it now.....but in 10 years we have to update it again....why not just build it new....and save the time and money
  11. the zachary Holiday inn was built from the ground up right across the street from the best western and it looks real nice!
  12. Holden said the new projects being proposed don’t have funding, and Livingston and Ascension parish officials are wrong if they think state legislators will “let them have a field day” with available road funds. “They are in the pie-in-the sky mode,” Holden said of officials proposing alternatives. “We are in the reality mode.” That is a Very True Statement
  13. true enough.....thats why i stress ...right now we need everything we can get...Prices on everything are going up and i don't see it going down soon..so every development counts Bring on the hotels That opens this city up to host Major events even the hotels in Zachary and Baker got business Man i cant wait till downtown grows a little more
  14. And it's also going to Light up 3rd st. with the digital billboard or Neon Lighting
  15. yep ...i been out here for just about a year now...But what does that change??? i wasnt born or raised on o neal...ive never been to o neal ln untill i got a car and had a G/F who stayed out here...but even nice o neal ln. has its rough spots...Back here where i stay St. JEAN apartments..all thoes little town houses around the circle k ...still have a little drama to...so what does that mean?... Doing nothing is not making the problem better but at the same time I value my life... NO.....im not scared at all !!! but what they do is there business....My family is still in scotlandville so im out there every other day doing things for my mom and grandmother around the house....i catch the little youngsters all the time and tell them they doing wrong...I get Much respect up there...Ive been involved a few events by Mr. Ali. who does a little radio session on Max 94.1 sundays...He always asks me and some of my friends who got our lives together to come and speak to the youth at different churches and buildings... But what ur talking....You dont understand...Your commenting from a Outside position Looking in....Its easy for u to say because you don't have to worry about that.....point blank if its that easy?? why hasnt it been done already? the reason i can touch (Some) of the little ones is because they see me trying to really help them....they might not stop right away...but that thought is still in their heads ( That guy actually tried to save me) example....i work in target...i catch the kids stealing all the time....I Stop them b4 the guards ...I tell them they are risking freedom for something thats only worth 30 bucks...and while ur thinking u have the item in ur pocket all thoes cameras work real well and they can see close enough to read a id card in your hand.....so they are watching...just put it back and think about the consequences b4 u try it again.....just by telling em that...it helps a little...because its still teaching them right from wrong and they are thankful because i could have let them go to jail...but i Helped them be a better person...Might not work right off but they'll understand later Before you go just bust up someones operation...it might be best to just talk to them 1st...our parents did it for us... Drug dealers had all that action going on the same spots we played in...our parents went and asked them person to person...could u plz keep that away from the kids...and usually they respected and did it behind doors somewhere else just out of respect...meaing we dont want a war...just looking out for our kids safety....and thats all it takes.....The war will start when u play dirty ball and go behind their backs i promise u....Go ask anybody who's been in the streets ...whats the best option to clean up the area and keep u safe at the same time.....My method....or stright to the police
  16. and me personally .....I mind my own business and stay out of it...i let the proper authorities take care of it on their own... they will get caught sooner or later. The reason i stay out of it is.....Well u have to think 1st...they haven't harmed you personally...so if u go and snoop in their business....you have to think about your life ...and family...do u really wanna spend the rest of your life hiding ? Not being able to go anywhere...no family or friend events...no public events....so u being the good guy can also end your life and put your whole family in danger..
  17. 1st ...its not an excuse...thats the way it really is...thats not somethin i just assumed ...to make an excuse....No matter if its right or wrong thats whats going on...Its a code in the streets...and That is the problem... i grew up in the heart of Scotlandville been there half of my life...I actually Know some of the kids in the Banks & Scotlandville part of that DVD ....But back to my point....Ur going to have a few people Step up BUT..Not everyone will..The streets have been the streets since wayyyyyyy back...and they havent changed in all this time...The street Code is still there....YES I THINK THE THINGS THAT ARE GOING ON ARE STUPID....I do expect it to get better...but i dought it will change %100 And the reason i know much about it...is because i use to be in the streets real hard..From the Avenues in the field to Elm Grove...U wont really understand whats Really going on unless you,ve Been there how bout u go door to door in one of the neighborhoods...and ask if they know anybody in that dvd or just on the strets doing bad period...Ask them if they would be willing to help u get the bad apples off the streets...10% might say yes but the other 90% is going to say no or look at u crazy . And u have to watch who you ask because if you ask the wrong person it could be bad news for you...The police and News channels have been trying for years...its not as easy as it sounds.....BUT...Last thing..THE Media makes a big deal out of things like that in BR...Yes its rough..but atleast we are not in LA where Gang Banging is a Bigger problem...How would u like it if u got shot for wearing the wrong color in BR? No matter who you are New Orleans Exposed was by far 5x on a whole different level from this...the media stations out there didnt go crazy...OURS just used this because they have nothing else Intresting to put out..Why make the city Stress more??..Let the police do what they are getting paid to do..The Video was Entertainment for the people who's heads will not leave out the hood..And it dropped at a bad time..NONE of the 46 murders had anything to do with that Dvd...see how the media spins it?? When have u ever drove down a bad street and seen people really standing outside with that many guns???? NEVER...they pulled them out for that camera and after that put em back up.. Im not going to say the name of any streets but it's a few that are out in the open where most of the houses have illegal drugs and they sell out in the open...Why are they still out there??? because some officers are paid off....so how do u expect to clean the streets when we have a bunch of dirty cops.? It starts with leadership 1st...and the police are supposed to do the right thing ...and maybe we can get a few more followers
  18. the reason why they won't is...u gotta remember... In Lousiana and most of the southern states half of the people who stay in your neighborhood or more than likely your cousins are related to you somewhere down the line....Scotlandville,South Baton Rouge, Brookstown, Easy Town, Thoes are some of your older neighborhoods...and and family ties run strong in thoes areas...so thats like saying your hanging out in the streets doin bad things... well your cousin 4 houses down knows your doin what you do...90% chance they wont tell on u....they might get u help or try to get u to stop...but its rare if they turn u in
  19. HEY i live off o neal Ln......i was on my work to work and i noticed a crew working on that building infront of rave next to wendy's.....i seen them working on the windows in the front sunday...but i thought maybe someone had broken them...but they are really working...does anyone know whats going on?
  20. Great News Also another thing....I think the River Center Arena Needs a Facelift on the inside Like if u Go to a Event in there...it's pretty nice...but it's nothing like some other venues...I think We'd do better Hosting events at LSU it seems to have more Hi-Tech Equipment than the river center ...We don't even have Digital Screens in the arena for Sporting Events and Replays
  21. i dought they would do that much cutting down because thats brec's Scotlandville Park.....it's a Large park with great picnic areas and i know it has a trail in it to...maybe they could cut down a few trees though
  22. thats the city plaza 2 parking garage
  23. I know it's been a while ......but im lost......My part time is on starring Lane.......and i see talks of starring gettin extended to burbank ......Starring ends at Highland rd. ..so u have to go Left or Right....if they were to keep it going stright...they would have to buy half of that neighborhood...and it's some pretty nice upscale homes in that area......but true indeed....something needs to be done with starring....to many stops and it's hard for people to pull out if they are comming off a side street,store,ect.
  24. I think holden was speaking of it a while back...but i havent heard to much of it lately
  25. I was at my 2nd Job yesterday and i saw a truck carrying a big sign on it goin down Burbank...i seen the letters roxy but it was hard to make out from the side i was on...so later that night i had to go to my bank downtown to do a night deposit....and i passed down 3rd street....it was a new Sign for the Roxy House Club......3rd street is really starting to Light up......with the Coke sign, the pizza place , Roxy House anda few others
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