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  1. Go Gators


    You're right, why bother with history when you have "common knowledge?" I was never worked up, were you?
  2. Go Gators


    You're exactly right. The Republicans entire philosophy on spending can be summed up in your last sentence, with no room for debate since it is "pretty much accepted" (by whom? how many people were sampled? where are these numbers coming from?) There are far more than 2 or 3 D's who did/will/may vote against it.
  3. Go Gators


    Yes, she is a Republican, in name. And I know she has claimed she has the votes. And as you know, all politicians are always honest. The votes are on flsenate.gov (SB 1212). You can find them there, its all public record.
  4. Go Gators


    Your first sentence and last sentence in the first paragraph are both arguable. Look at the committee votes so far, and you will know what party is trying to pass this, and what party is trying to block it. So, I guess I just told you
  5. Go Gators


    Isnt it ironic that the "mass-transit friendly Democrats" are the very same Democrats who are blocking SunRail?
  6. Poonther, your finally getting that DFW route you've been asking for: Airport Adds New Service To Dallas-Fort Worth March 24 Service on American Eagle Airlines Begins June 11 - Tallahassee Regional Airport (TLH) announced today that American Eagle, an affiliate of American Airlines, would initiate one daily flight between its Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport's (DFW) hub and Tallahassee beginning on June 11, 2009. American Eagle will operate the new flight using its ERJ-140 aircraft (44 seats). "The addition of this new service offers Tallahassee area citizens the ability to connect to western US destinations and provides even more options for connecting internationally. This new service represents another successful partnership resulting from our efforts to bring new and enhanced air service to Tallahassee," said Mayor John Marks. The schedule for the new DFW service is as follows (all times local): DFW to TLH: Flight # 3237, Departs 9:50am, Arrives 1:10pm TLH to DFW: Flight # 3238, Departs 1:35pm, Arrives 2:50pm In March 2008, American Eagle began service at TLH with two flights to Miami International Airport (MIA). Due to the tremendous success of the new service, the airline added a third flight to Miami earlier this month. The expanded service came as a result of good performance of the existing two flights between TLH and MIA and provided a welcomed addition for the spring legislative season. American Eagle's new service to DFW demonstrates a growing confidence in the Tallahassee market. "We have been very pleased with the community's support and our success to date in Tallahassee, and we look forward to adding new service from Florida's capital to our DFW hub," said Peter Bowler, American Eagle President and CEO. "Connecting to the north and west via American Airline's vast network will now be even easier for all of our Tallahassee customers." American Eagle is one of five major commercial air carriers servicing the Tallahassee market, including Continental, Delta Air Lines, Northwest Airlink, and US Airways Express. To view flight schedules or book a flight go to www.aa.com. In other news, Delta officials recently informed the City, County and State Consortium, a joint partnership to address air service challenges, that the TLH-DCA (Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC) service will not come to fruition. The Consortium was informed that there is currently no gate available to accommodate the service between TLH and DCA. "We continue to work aggressively with the airlines in a very volatile market to expand options for our air travelers," said Mayor Marks. "While we are disappointed that Delta is unable to move ahead with the DC service, we believe the new intrastate flights as well as this exciting new opportunity to Dallas and beyond will help address business and travel needs for Tallahassee. The challenge now is to ensure we all utilize these new flights and our existing service so that the airlines see that an investment in Tallahassee is a wise decision." The Airport encourages the regional community to take advantage of air travel opportunities to promote the stability of established air service and generate demand for new service in the future. The Tallahassee Regional Airport is operated and maintained by the City of Tallahassee. For more information on the Tallahassee Regional Airport, please visit www.flytallahassee.com. Contact Philip F. Inglese, Assistant Director of Aviation, 891-7802; or Michelle Bono, Assistant to the City Manager, 891-8200
  7. ^ You're right, Yon Hall is on the east side of the stadium, but hasnt been a residence hall for almost 15 years. http://www.housing.ufl.edu/housing/about_history.html#yon Although the article says it was funded by the Athletic Dept, not the school itself. The Athletic Dept uses private money on many things, so I'd be interested to know what the public/private monies spent on the hall actually were.
  8. You are wrong. No public money has been used to build any part of the Swamp. Bright House Stadium is ok for UCF football, but inadequate for major college bowl games.
  9. Tallahassee comes in 4th on the list as worst cities in America to find jobs. http://www.myfoxtampabay.com/dpp/news/loca..._florida_031309 (pdf link included in above page for complete listings) Why do you think this is? Is it just the fact that the massive amounts of state employees here are holding on to their jobs as opposed to constantly changing positions as they did in the past? Is it the fact that COT and Leon County leaders (read Bill Proctor) refuse to bring more industry/business to this town that so goes the state goes Tallahassee's employment opportunities? Discuss.
  10. Go Gators


    1212 is being heard in the Senate Transportation Committee now. If anyone is online now and wants to watch the committee meeting, here's the link. Click on the "Watch Broadcast" next to Transportation. http://www.flsenate.gov/Session/index.cfm?...amp;Tab=session
  11. Piedmont, I believe that Delta did in inherit the turbo props from NWA, as you said. Its great to have the service back, but I dont see how it will positively impact the average air traveler.
  12. Delta is resuming intrastate service to Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, and Tampa effective April 1. They will be using the SAAB turboprop aircraft. Which I suppose is better than the TINY gulfstream's Continental Connection uses. However, Delta.com still has fares (for May 4-7) around $550. This is good, but COT shouldnt be patting themselves on the backs too much.
  13. ^ Thanks. I believe the City and Continental Connection came to an agreement to provide 3 daily flights between Tally and Orlando starting in early April. I dont know if it is only for session or not. They'll be using those TINY prop planes though...no thanks, I'll drive
  14. Go Gators


    haha no, but everything is looking good up here. Almost done.
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