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  1. so has anyone been to cedar springs lately? the hardees is moving about a 100 feet in the parking lot and there is a food lion coming there. i've also heard that Johnson is buying up hundreds of acres in this area. i wonder what he has planned? i mentioned several months ago that this would be an IDEAL location for a large mixed use development. The sports complex is there, schools are close, easy access to downtwon and the east and west sides, and it's close to Duncan Park. I'm interested to see what happens.
  2. the mystery project on kennedy is going to be smithworks jewelry. i believe there's going to be additional office space in there.
  3. i told them that i thought the most important things to start with are to complete new streetscapes and provide more housing downtown. especially affordable housing.
  4. i went to the meeting on monday and there was a really good turnout. about 150 people. i made sure to speak up and give my thoughts. it went really well and it's exciting to see things finally getting started.
  5. yeah they enforce them, i got one this summer.
  6. i agree. if spartanburg wants to grow in that direction, than they need something to really draw in tourists and visitors from neighboring cities. i think they should continue to strive to really support the arts and maybe even become like Santa Fe, NM. it has almost as many art galleries as New York and i think that it's about the size of spartanburg. what else do you think the city could do to be unique and offer something that nobody else has. at least, no one else nearby. maybe lots of cool fountains and public art? i think the citie really needs to make a sculpture park. thoughts?
  7. people supporting the peace center have said they will do whatever it takes to keep broadway shows out of spartanburg and instead at the peace center. they want to be the premier destination for seeing a show and they have big donors who are helping them do that. i think it's a pride thing.
  8. i work on kennedy st. and have talked with someone from the city about a new streetscape for kennedy. this area could become like a little village in downtown with the smaller buildings and old homes. i suggested they make wider, brick sidewalks and add room for greenery. we'll see what happens. as far as that building i think it is going to be an upscale jewelry store.
  9. how about that water feature? we could put it in that big tract and build mixed use buildings all around it,it would be a great tourist spot kind of like austin's River Walk
  10. i heard from a pretty reliable source that boiling springs has a new mixed use development in the works near old furnace rd.
  11. i went by the building on thursday. really nice building and the work was pretty nice too. i hope that this development will spur revitalization and future developements in the area.
  12. but with hub-bub there things could change quickly, esp. if the city remodels the sidewalks there and add better lighting, along with the further renaissance of HH. there is a lot on the corner of East Henry and Daniel Morgan that has also sold, but i don't have any idea what may be coming there.
  13. that's great news about new signage. maybe i should put in a bid for the designs.
  14. definately open. i'd go there all the time. i know lots of other people that would love a store that sells more mac products.
  15. very cool, i'm glad you had a good experience. i think our downtown is really coming along. i was reading my comment from earlier and i had stated that i wish we had a tea bar and since then we've gotten one! so next time you're here, you should go and check it out.
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