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  1. Probably been done before, but at least there is a photo of the day
  2. Some one mentioned to me yesturday that the city was going to put into place a ban on hourly hotel rates. I don't see that being helpful to a place like this: I don't know what is better, a business that supports crime or a vacant building that supports crime.
  3. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Anyone know what is going on here by the National African American History Museum and The Science Center?? ------------------------------------------------------------------- It is always nice to see a parking garage being torn down. Whats going in its place?
  4. Adaptive reuses anyone?? and you can't say luxury lofts, that's a cop-out.
  5. Finally got up and took some pictures of the stadium today. Thought this one was pretty symbolic. About 120 more pics here.
  6. On Forbes most fuel efficient american neighborhoods, the last city I expected to see on it was Detroit. But low and behold it the Woodward corridor was slide number 7 of the slide show. Here is the whole picture article.
  7. Something positive on how safe Detroit is, what a shocker!
  8. Guess where I went last night. Here are some panoramas I pieced together. To see more Click Here. And this one is from last Friday after the parade.
  9. The Guardian Building. The architecture is very unique.
  10. I really wanted to badly go to the Brownfields Conference this week but due to my new job I couldn't. The only press I have seen on the conference was in model D. Anyone have any first hand experience or knowledge on any possible development or clean up as a direct result of the conference?
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