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  1. Well said! Charlotte Douglas is a great airport. Its efficient, quick to get into and out, well centered and thank God Jerry Orr wants to stay within the budget! Since when was this a problem? Go Jerry go Jerry The A380 is probably going to do better in Europe than here. Ever tried catching a London to Paris flight on Friday afternoon? If not - let me explain that each airline at Heathrow could have twenty A380's and their would still be people very upset that there were not enough seats.
  2. When you say the next decade or so ... lets remember that we shoudl really say is: "The decade or so IF, and only if, the morons in Raleigh don't prioritize something else, like 485's 4 lanes in South Charlotte 485/77"
  3. Traffic is GOOD. Get over the traffic Jam. It means the city is exploding financially faster than it can keep up. Go to the North east and check out the poverty and desolation - at 5:00 PM. I LOVE how Charlotte is so attractive that more families are moving in each day than the city can bear.
  4. Yes it helps the wives spend money. Don't you know that! Note to self. Never ask why architects put wacky artist stuff in these places. There is no answer.
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