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  1. A couple photos from Jacksonville. From Friednship Fountain on the southbank looking across the river. The famous Main Street Bridge sporting its blue glow.
  2. The new downtown residents are benefitting from the skyway. I don't know too much about the busses.
  3. Great shot TJ Will the new Kleman Tower be visible soon from that vantage point?
  4. ^ I agree Lake. The commuter rail line would probably see a higher ridership out of the gate and would be a hell of a lot cheaper. I would hope they would add a line parallel to US17 to tap into the OP area.
  5. I have lived in Jax for 10 years until moving to St. Augustine a year ago. Over the past 10 years I have developed a strong understanding of this cities potential and have grown more passionate about the well being of Jacksonville than the average citizen. I apologize for any harshness in previous posts. I was irritated and said things I shouldn't have. Now, there are many members of this forum that are very knowlegable in all things Jax and offer secure hard evidence supporting their arguments. All it takes is a bit of research and you will find that most of the information posted on this site is indeed fact. This city/metro is evolving very rapidly and we are starting to see services and amenities and attractions in this area that were once believed to be reserved for some "other" cities. Jacksonville is becomming a BIG city, however, it takes time to implement efficient transit sytems that link ALL of the key areas of town, while limiting walking distances and removing the reliance on the automobile. This proposed line, as stated many times, is only the first leg of a future comprehensive transit system and will provide an alternate mode of travel for a very large portion of the Jacksonville population. Note also that the vast majority of the Jax metro population are in fact Jax residents. The fact that the line would connect Amelia and St. Augustine is totally irrelevant. Both areas would offer little support in ridership numbers, however, will be key endpoints when considering the link of North East Florida. This line also follows existing tracks aiding in lowering first cost and is easily abondoned if the line does fail. Anything connecting the westside/OP or the beaches will cost a WHOLE lot more and take longer to design/implement all at the risk of the whole idea of mass transit not working in Jax because everyone is still clinging to their cars and unwilling to ride a bus or a train. We don't know how well it will work, so we are forced to take the path of least resistance and provide the most logical route as proposed. Have some faith in your home town and see it for what it is, as compared to what it was, and then you will clearly see what this town will be. Jacksonville has come a very long way in the name of progress, however, still has a ways to go.
  6. I've seen people biking on JTB a few times. Of course, they probably have a death wish or a serious adrenaline addiction.
  7. Even using the most comprehensive transit systems (i.e. NYC, Toronto, Sydney, Tokyo, etc.) there is no way possible to provide "door-to-door" service. Walking is a requirement af ANY mass transit passenger. A taxi is literally the only way to prevent walking. Those that refuse to walk (or in your case are unable to walk) will then have to continue to suffer the daily gridlock in their car while cursing the congestion. This proposed line (setting aside any correlation to my apparent benefit) is only the first leg of a possible comprehensive, multimodal, system that may service the needs of most anyone in the Jacksonville Metro. Tracks and busses cannot replace the automobile. They can only supplement and give options to a traveler. Are you willing to pay more taxes to fund "air conditioned" bus stations and giant Tilapia tanks??? Who needs to be serious?
  8. We do have "door-to-door" service, they're called taxis. Mass transit is designed to move general masses to general areas. There is no way possible to ride a train or bus directly from point "A" to point "B" without some walking using even the most complex transit systems. Its just a fact of life and, frankly, is good for you! If the heat and humidity is too much maybe we can put a glass bubble over the entire city and air condition it. I speak as a firm supporter of this initiative to create a light rail plan and will most definitely park my car in a park'n' ride lot in St. Augustine and commute to the southside of Jax everyday and have no problem whatsoever walking a few blocks or taking a bus from the station to my office. I can also comfortably say that I speak for thousands of others along the proposed line. I would also love to be able to take the train from St. Aug to the airport without stressing the the drive and fronting the money for gas and airport parking.
  9. I am VERY VERY pleased to hear of the proposed rail line. I'm a current St. Augustine resident and commute every day to the southside (only a 30 min trip mind you), however, the gas prices are killing me right now. I would be a DEFINITE maiden voyage passenger. The sooner they get this train on the tracks, the better!
  10. Great shot of the Tennyson! I looks that the construction industry in Tally will soon be a bit more significant.
  11. Wow, Tally is really exploding downtown. I haven't visited in a couple years so I guess I need to get out there and check everything out. Thanks for keeping everyone posted TaureanJ. Kleman Tower sounds like a great place to live. Its right in the middle of everything. Has the Mayor had anything to do with the hold ups on the Civic Center project?
  12. Click Here for Survey I wonder if this ties into the Mass Transit study?? I haven't seen any updates to the Jax Rapid Transit website lately.
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