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  1. Sorry to hear this, T-Hog. I appreciate you and all your positive contributions to this board.
  2. Agree. Those of us who live in/are fans of the cities you mention ... we are, essentially, "all in this effort" together. Strong drone footage of Austin. I had seen previously and just watched a bit more. Thanks for posting.
  3. atl2clt makes some outstanding points. I strongly enjoyed reading that overview. And I agree with skyybutter that Charlotte and Nashville are two almost radically different cities. As such, it makes for interesting contrasts and comparisons between the two. But, and as I noted, there is no correct or incorrect as to which city is "better." That is fully subjective. Smeags and I often talk about Nashville in relation to other Southeastern cities (notwithstanding Atlanta and Miami, of course, as those two are on a vastly different level than the other SE cities). He and I both know
  4. Various U.S. cities — Philly, Detroit, Cleveland, Kansas City, Cincinnati, Columbus, etc., had buildings taller than the L&C Tower at that time.
  5. I'm biased as my grandfather was an engineer with WLAC back in the day and he oversaw the team that made and installed the radio tower that still rises from the cap of the Life & Casualty Tower. Having said that, I feel the tower is a fantastic building (inside and out) for many reasons: Its entrance is perfectly angled at an intersection. This is distinctive and eye-catching. You simply don't see that much in buildings of any height in any city. Yes, that model exists but it's uncommon. Many towers of the "modernist era" (the mid-1950s
  6. As a Nashvillian (and friend of Smeagolsfree, who posted in this thread), I would like to weigh in. I see Nashville and Charlotte offering two almost radically different urban fabric "models," of sorts, with their respective forms and functions showing significant contrast. First, Charlotte: The Charlotte urban manmade mass, overall, is very strong. I've visited the city three times (my sister lived in Chapel Hill for many years) and was highly impressed each visit. The most recent visit was about four years ago, and my friend and I walked through Uptown and took the Lynx into S
  7. And I forgot Kevin is an original and that Daniel (now in Columbus) and Cliff (no longer attends but lurks on the board) need to be given a shout-out. Lots of fine folks in our group.
  8. I've said for years that Ron is the 1A and Mark is the 1B of the Nashville chapter of urbanplanet.org. And Ron, out of a show of humility and respect, will often ask me to rank Mark 1A, as Mark now does more on UP than anybody else (which is impressive considering the major contributions of Ron and Bob). Mark has been with the group for about seven years now, and his impact has been monumental. When I recall the original days of the group when John (Doorman Poet), Ron, Bob, Stephen, Todd, the late (and legendary) Dave and I would gather (starting in early 2005) ... hard to believe the gr
  9. Ron is correct on this info. He and I discussed the merits of using and my editor and I discussed too and decided to report. I talked to a very legitimate and connected source about this and the Post team decided to run the article. As to my thoughts regarding if I think it has much of a chance, I have to decline to note (trying to be the impartial journalist).
  10. Strong ones, too. A quality list. I need to visit Fayetteville, Shay. I hear it's a wonderful city. I like Little Rock, too. Very underrated city.
  11. I definitely can be defensive (and protective) about Memphis. But I'm also that way about other cities that I feel have taken some harsh (and sometimes cheap) shots from folks of all persuasions (Buffalo, Detroit and Cleveland come to mind) — on this board or not. It's the "sticking up for the little man" in me. I strongly feel that we Nashvillians should be humbled by what we are experiencing. But sometimes we lose perspective. Looking back, Rolly's post (as THog noted) did, indeed, come with context that I missed. That's my fault and take full blame. Had I recognized that context (and I
  12. Priest coming to Municipal Auditorium on Thursday, Oct. 21. Will be curious if Glenn Tipton is in the mix.
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