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  1. I've been to the Memphis Made facility in Cooper-Young and strongly enjoyed it. This will be very nice. Great to see it moving forward. These are all, likely, very nice hotels. I suppose people can define "high-end" in many ways. For me (a budget traveler), the Memphis hotels you list would be luxurious. For the uber wealthy and highly discriminating (and something status-conscience and materialistic) traveler, they might be insufficient.
  2. T-Hog,


    Can I use your photo of the ex-Tennessean site (seem you took from 1201 Demonbreun)? I can give you a credit. What's your actual name?


    William Williams (east side urbanite)


  3. Things are starting bubble in downtown Memphis. I like the potential. Lots of both big plans and smaller-scale stuff. Keep the info coming!
  4. Thanks for all the props from the North Carolina posters. Lots of wonderful cities in that state, including my fave: Asheville.
  5. From Wallet Hub. Not terrible — but we typically show up higher in such rankings. https://wallethub.com/edu/best-run-cities/22869/#detailed
  6. A shortcoming: Nashville could stand to have a stronger coffee/cafe culture. Just one list (for whatever it's worth) but we are nowhere to be found. https://wallethub.com/edu/best-cities-for-coffee-lovers/23739/
  7. I saw the headline on either The Daily Memphian or Commercial Appeal but had not seen image. thx for posting.
  8. Both Ron and Mark have posted some eye-catchingly impressive lists on this board over the years. But this must rank as the single-most mind-blowing. Ron is a machine and an animal. I would like to thank both Ron and Mark for their contributions to this board and to the city. This work will be their legacy (and gift to Nashville) and we should all be appreciative (as I know we are). When I started posting on UrbanPlanet.org in 2004-05 ... a very different Nashville and a very different group of UP posters. Here we are 15 years later and the progress is stunning.
  9. DXFret, Everybody posting on this board knows all this. So for you (or me or anybody) to note it ... not necessary. A lot of Nashvillians (myself included) are pulling for Memphis to make a comeback. You might be too as you have said some positive things about both the Sterrick and 100 North Main buildings. VSRJ and Memphis4Ever are doing a strong job of providing us with updated info and I would politely ask that we all stay positive. This is not Nashville vs. Charlotte, where the playful one-upsmanship and "mild trash talking" can be both fun and even productive. This is Memphis, a city that has suffered and is now making a solid comeback. I ask that we keep this very positive.
  10. I'm not sure what to think about the design, VSRJ. I like it on the one hand but strongly dislike on the other.
  11. I was not aware of this project. Thanks for posting.
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