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    A heartfelt letter, John. Your effort with this missive each January has become an annual tradition. Dave and Hank are missed. WW
  2. Rest in peace, Getahn Ward.

    GWard was a beast of a reporter. He was relentless with his work ethic and very knowledgeable of both the craft of journalism and the city's growth and development scene. No doubt, I always considered him a worthy competitor. This is a big blow to The Tennessean and to the city's modest (in numbers) print journalism community.
  3. CityLights - 71 Units, 7 Stories

    Ron is doing a downtown walk and has called me to note the crane at City Lights is being erected and already pushing 50 feet in height.
  4. CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects

    Like Ron said, this is a outdated image and has no connection to Southwest Partners. I got this verification from a very reliable source. WW
  5. Projects You Think That Will Not Be Built

    I essentially agree with everything Ron notes here. Good post. WW I could name at least five large-scale projects that likely won't happen anytime soon (if at all). But I have to be discrete given my situation. Overall, however, Nashville is still poised to see lots of new construction start this year. WW
  6. Projects You Think That Will Not Be Built

    I have to be careful regarding naming specific projects. However (and I have shared this thought with Ron), it seems that of all the large-scale projects (those with a price tag of $15 million or more) announced a year ago or more, upwards of 50 percent will not happen anytime soon, if ever. I know of MANY projects that have been scrapped or that soon will be. But am not at liberty to ID. The "pinnacle year" of this current boom cycle was 2015. No doubt, 2016 will be a solid year in terms of construction starts on major projects. Then we likely will see a very modest number of starts on major projects in 2017, 2018 and, perhaps 2019. Banks are skittish to make loans for these projects. The cost of labor, materials and rental of construction equipment is high. Property values are inflated, thus dissuading would-be developers to buy and build. In short, a slow-down looms. WW
  7. Nashville Development Map & Resources Page

    Ron has done an outstanding job with the map. It will be very useful, both to our members and those folks who live in other cities and want to find out about Nashville's growth and development. Great effort, RB. WW
  8. Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Ron is on target with his take. He and I are hearing things that suggest a moderate slowdown is already unfolding. However, and on a positive note, I feel we'll be in solid shape the next few years. WW
  9. Dave Luna Remembered: Passed 4 years ago this month.

    I would argue's John annual (every January) tribute post to the spirit of Dave Luna is the single-most important post any of us makes any given year. For those newer to the group and who did not get to know Dave, he was a saint of a man. I always saw him as the "godfather" of the Nashville urbanplanet chapter. Great job with this post, John. RIP, Dave.
  10. East Nashville/Inglewood/Madison/Donelson/Hermitage/Old Hickory

    I've had a few folks express concern to me about what they feel might be "excessive height" with the proposed East Sider building. One thing to consider: At some point, the building home to Bongo East will be bought and razed. It will be replaced with a building positioned at the sidewalk and likely standing about 35 feet tall. Five Points can handle some buildings of this type (we can only hope that a three-story building will eventually go on the BP station site). In short, the East Sider should work well. WW
  11. Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Overall, I agree with John on this. I would be OK with a nice Ferris Wheel on the east bank. The "roller coaster/observation tower" does seem a bit cartoonish. And TopGolf ... seems like a fine business and nice looking building BUT ... John is right. It might work better elsewhere. But I'm not opposed to it on that site. WW
  12. Nathan, Wish I could make it but can't. Enjoy your visit. WW
  13. Forum Meet Location 11/7/15

    For those who have not voted and plan to do so, I would like to politely suggest you consider voting for Provence. Given this is the group's 10-year anniversary, I feel we need to meet at one of the two places for which our history is strongest: Bond (formerly Casablanca) in The Gulch or Provence in the Main Library in the CBD. Call me a sentimental softy, but we've "created our most memories" as a group at Provence. As such, I've voted Provence. Regardless, I will see everybody this Saturday (wherever the vote takes us). And thanks to Kevin for spearheading this. WW
  14. JW Marriott - 385' - 34 Floors - topped out

    John, My bad. It will be 385 feet. And I would much rather have this building with its striking design, strong street activation, distinctiveness, color scheme, night lighting, etc. than the much taller Snodgrass Tower. WW
  15. 505 CST - 545 feet - 45 Floors - U/C

    Paramount 747 with a strong blog post. And I agree overall. However, I would say that just because 90 percent of Americans would never think of taking a vacation in Oklahoma City, Mobile, Omaha, Louisville and/or Tulsa (while many WOULD visit Nashville), those Americans might be misguided as they simply would fail to see the many wonderful things about those cities. I know I'm the exception, but I could have a fantastic time visiting any of those cities. WW