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  1. Love Wiseacre beer but have yet to visit the brewery. Have been to Memphis Made and High Cotton. Good stuff. WW
  2. I saw my first Memphis Tiger football game in the Liberty Bowl in the late 1960s (vs. Houston Cougars). Would like to see the Fairgrounds re-invented. WW
  3. East Side Urbanite

    General Memphis Photos, Past and Present

    The Sterrick Building is a masterpiece. To see it save will be wonderful. Nice aerial video, too. WW
  4. Very good to see. I like the design of the building fairly well. WW
  5. East Side Urbanite

    Memphis and Mid-South News

    A strong pick-up.
  6. East Side Urbanite

    Whats going on in East Tennessee?

    Not bad for that type location.
  7. East Side Urbanite


    go bodily where no poster has gone before. Smeags unwittingly creates a disturbing visual.
  8. East Side Urbanite


    I've posted on the Memphis board a few times over the past five years or so and hope to a bit more. Am now checking the Chatt/Knoxville board too. Good job, Smeagolsfree, to at least try to get both those boards jumpstarted. Those three cities are worthy of solid UPlanet forums.
  9. East Side Urbanite


    Smeags will get some of our team on the Nashville board to post more often on this board. Some good things happening in Chattanooga and Knoxville. I've been to Chattanooga three times during the past 24 months or so and enjoyed strongly each time. The craft beer scene continues to improve. WW
  10. East Side Urbanite

    University of Tennessee Construction

    The campus improvements the past few years have been significant. And the update to Cumberland ... stellar. WW
  11. East Side Urbanite

    Rebirth of Downtown Chattanooga (2006 and on)

    Congrats on landing The Moxy. That's a nice area in which it's located, too. WW
  12. East Side Urbanite


    I've known Smeags since 2005 and he will do his best to help the board. He does a lot on the Nashville board and works part-time for the company I'm with. He also maintains the Nashville development map in UP. So he very busy. But he knows his stuff and knows how to moderate appropriately. He will make sure people are cordial and on point. Smeags is also helping to get the Chatt/Knox board more active. Smeags is also one of the most knowledgeable placemaking enthusiasts/semi-professionals I've ever met — and, given I'm 56 and know lots of such enthusiasts, that says a lot. He feel for the manmade environment is like a six sense. In the last 10 years or so, he has visited a significant number of U.S. cities and given them an extensive exploration. His feel for design, pedestrian issues, "urban nodes" and seemingly dead spaces that could be reinvented is uncanny. Thanks to Memphis5ever and VSRJ for the contributions, too. Memphis is getting a good bit of growth/development and we need this board more active. My hope is to spend a bit more time (than I have in the past) on this board and the Chatt/Knox board in 2019.
  13. East Side Urbanite

    Memphis and Mid-South News

    Birmingham has a 1,500-employee Amazon facility. Memphis, with its logistics prowess, can do it.
  14. East Side Urbanite


    Thanks Smeags for the assist. I want to see this board more active.