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  1. Guys, I am a long-time lurker and an infrequent poster, but I feel the need to comment on Metropolitan Area's recent posts. I spent two wonderful years in Greenville and then made a job-related move to Dallas one year ago. I can tell that, if given the opportunity, I would move back to Greenville in a heartbeat. Certainly, Dallas has it's positives - job center, tons of corporate HQ's, dynamic real estate community, DFW airport, great art scene, educated workforce, every store and restaurant you can imagine. However, there is no soul here. No sense of community and very little sense of pl
  2. The spire may not be removed, just different than oringinally planned. Also, look for other exterior changes in the name of VE.
  3. A new entrance for REI has been cut out on the far left of the space. The Circuit City entrance is gone and is now a blank wall. A new interior wall has been built to separate the former Circuit City into two spaces - one for REI on the left and another space for a tenant to the right.
  4. I meant your skepticism about my steel comment was interesting. I knew this project was using steel from the get go. However, it is also concrete in a way that has never been used in Greenville. Should be interesting. Also, regarding the look of the building...the basic design remains the same. Some of the more artistic features on the exterior have been eliminated.
  5. So, I have to fly to Destin to get to Knoxville? That makes zero sense when you can drive there in 3 hours.
  6. Look for the design to be better than the McBee side. Doubt they will use precast. Overall footprint and height will be similar. Units will be smallish. Price points on the high side.
  7. Apartments = rental. Looks like 48 units.
  8. As soon as they can get some steel on site. This project has seemed to slow recently. Hearing that the final product will not be as depicted in the rendering.
  9. Looks like apartments, some ground floor retail, rooftop pool. New design.
  10. Word on the street is that The Bookends Phase II is being revived. New developer.
  11. Word on the street is REI is looking for space in Greenville.
  12. I have heard the SWA to Pensacola talk for several years. Makes sense from a vacation destination perspective, but that's about it. To my knowledge, they have no extra gates and geographically and demographically, I'm not sure if PNS makes sense for them. I'm biased, but GSP would be a perfect fit. 2-3 flight/day to BWI. 2-3 flight/day to Chicago Midway, 2-3 flights/day to either Tampa/Orlando/or Ft. Lauderdale, and then a flight or two to Nashville and/or Raleigh would seem about right.
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