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    Just about everything and anything interest me. I'm very much interested in politics as well as growth and development in Baton Rouge. I just want to see BR reach the level of potential I know it has.
  1. Love Love Love the idea of just making the levee wider. I have long been an advocate of this, instead of that god aweful floating monstrosity they want. I think if they make it wider towards River Rd. they should put a nice brick retaining wall and paint a big BR mural on it. I think that would be quite nice and something interesting to see.
  2. I don't see anything tall being built anytime soon downtown. Until the market gets better and BR starts growing more as far as population is concerned we are stuck with the downtown we have now. Just my opinion
  3. I just can't wait for something to open there so we can finally have that sign turned back on. It looks so awesome at nite when it's on.
  4. OH I'm not ungrateful at all. Just the more and more I looked at the renderings and watch the progress I noticed it. I'm just glad it's there.
  5. Ya'll II City Plaza is taller in the rendering. Look at how many floors it is taller than City Plaza and look at the pics everyone has posted on here. It's at least 3-4 floors shorter. I'm kinda disappointed in that.
  6. I was totally opposed to them splitting this up. I knew had it been split, then the economic development parts would have never passed. I say it needed to be an "all or nothing" type thing. Kind of like what the metro council did with their raise. They knew standing alone we would have NEVER voted for it, so they lumped it to other things we knew we needed and what happened it passed and they go their raise. I think this will pass by slim margins. However, if and when it does pass we need to demand to see progress being made on all fronts of what is promised to us and I'm not talking 10yrs dow
  7. I am so syked about these projects. If we can get this built, along with the other projects BR will have quite the elongated skyline. We will have to do something about all the gaps. LOL None the less this is all great news for the city as a whole. I love the renderings. I was thinking the 300 room somewhere in the range of 20 stories. That would be quite impressive for downtown.... I'm so excited..
  8. I really wish BR would get an IKEA
  9. Was glad to see that the Planning Commission approved this plan "as is". It's a big step forward, now work can begin, I assume.
  10. Yeah I read this this morning. It was quite interesting. This really should be our "visitors guide".
  11. I actually think once they get the underpass done, this project could actually move at a good pace. I think the first "big" portion to get done will be the hotel. I think Hollywood is really going to want that as quickly as possible, seeing they will soon have to compete with Pennacle. I honestly think that could start on that while the underpass is being done.
  12. Thats what I'm thinking, a nice mid-rise that will bulk up a gap in the skyline.
  13. This is great news for 3rd St. It's a small lot tho, thats my concern for something like this. I mean the church is still keeping part of the lot. They say "multi story", I wonder how many stories they are talking about. Can't wait to see the renderings for this, it's such a prime corner for a mixed use development.
  14. Yeah I don't like the whole single entrance part, especially right there. I live in Sherwood so I'm always on Millerville, that would be a HUGE issue as far as traffic is concerned. Problem is knowing how that whole area is developed I don't know where they could possibly put another entrance/exit without it being threw a neighborhood. They could possibly connect to Old Hammond somewhere around the Lakes at Stonegate development.... or expedite some land around Flannery and connect to that. LOL
  15. I think with the high gas prices it is going to bring about a big shift in our growth. I think you are going to see alot more semi-dense to dense "infill" developments. You are right people are not going to want to commute that far... I think now would be a good time to start introducing a "park-n-ride" program from the burbs. I think the major corporations like Dow, Exxon, etc.... should do an employee shuttle for their employees that life out in the burbs....
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