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  1. Thanks for the info - I was thinking the Cody was a block East. Was that really the last structure before the ramp? So it would have been torn down just 20 or so years ago. The ramp went up for the City Centre project, correct?
  2. Does anyone know what came before the parking ramp on this site? Given the location, this must be at least the 4th or 5th structure/use for this site.
  3. I just did a Wiki search on Michigan airports. Nothing comes close in passenger numbers (disregard DTW) to GRR. Bishop in Flint only does about 25% of GRR's traffic. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_airports_in_Michigan
  4. I don't see much that would change for Ford Int'l if this merger goes through. It would be different if the two of them at present accounted for 90% of the business, but they don't. NWA may have the lions share, but enough other major airlines keep there foot in the door here, and would keep things some what balanced. In the grand scheme of things, I love hearing about airline mergers - there are way too many seperate carriers in the US. The law of supply and demand would have taken care of that a long time ago, but some people seem to think that these "struggling" businesses need gov't ba
  5. Is there a rendering of the Moch Hotel available?
  6. That is a very impressive video, although the ramp does seem overkill - I'll take it. The random ads for local venues was a nice touch. Who knows what other changes it may spur at in the airport in the next couple of years.
  7. So it's shallow now - if dams went away - shallower, with exposed nasty river bed... how then did boats go up down in the mid 1800's? Or even logs? From my understanding, there were paddle wheels on the Grand all the time, and a very busy landing where the Northland Dr Bridge is. How much did man and his progress alter the river? Was the river a lot narrower when it was natural? Sounds like the river's greatest value to GR and surrounding communities is that of a wide sewer pipe.
  8. Then no more fish ladder... or it's upkeep. Which may not be high, I don't know, but another factor. I think it would be absolutely incredible to have an open waterway. Although I'm sure it only amounts to a daydreamers project. In the hypothetical, that the dams were removed - does anyone know where the water level would end up at?
  9. Yes, truly what purpose do the dams serve now??? Do they have some magical flood control properties? What if you could launch a boat at Riverside park, and cruise down to Pearl for fireworks? That would be great! Other issues exist, like the minor depth issue. But it would be interesting to see what it would be like without the dams. Could you have half the width with random boulders creating our "rapids" and dredge a channel on the other half so boats can move up and down freely? The river could be so much more...
  10. Awwww... I wanted to see Mother Nature bring the cliffhanger down. More rain, more erosion, that would have been a cool sight.
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