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  1. I've seen the plans and a rendering of the interior. It looks like it will be pretty cool. The adjacent building is attatched and will also be part of the school. Theres a large 2 story lobby that has a lot of decorative work that has been covered up over the years and is going to be re-exposed. I saw they're doing some demo work already. It'll be exciting to have a solid school base in downtown.
  2. I agree, I would MUCH rather see a line down main street to the SOMA neighborhood. With the demolition on Main Street, and new buildings in the works for the sites eventually, I think it would be a prime time to plan and build the line and maybe continue to spur the changes that are beginning to take place. (Don't get me wrong, I'm upset about the demolition of the fabric on Main Street and especially the loss of the historical context, but new construction will provide a breath of fresh air at least.) I think a lot of people agree, the trolley would not run sufficient enough trips or
  3. http://www.arktimes.com/blogs/arkansasblog...speed_rail.aspx Interesting link on the Ark Times website about a regional highspeed rail system with Texas, Oklahoma and us
  4. Thats kinda strange. I havent been over that way recently but i think i would have heard or seen something going on about this. Looks like it might be nice though. Has any one seen any renderings or plans for this thing? or where its going to be located excatly?
  5. It would be nice if they could figure out a way to run the line, through or under the airport and connect it to the central flying service on the other side. Then they could continue it up the river and follow the bank into downtown. It will be interesting to see what kind of people mover they put in since a trolley wont work. Maybe this will be the beginning of a larger transit system that can serve a larger area in Little Rock
  6. The Rivermarket area and South Main are our two big hubs of new development. South Main is always a nice surprise to me. Everyone always over looks it for the larger, more upscale targeted, Rivermarket. But South Main is very up and coming, and has been for a little while now. As the Rivermarket area is filled up (I don't think there are any more properties to develop) new areas could become prime for a rebirth. It appears now that most of the new construction is moving towards the Rivermarket south area, where the new Moses Tucker condos are being built. It looks to be turning into a good
  7. The river rail does help downtown a lot but not by moving people around. It's just a good anchor for business development. I really don't see it becoming an alternative transportation option until they expand some to the surrounding neighborhoods, the bus terminal or the airport. I saw on the CAT website, they have a pretty ambitious master plan which looks great but I imagine it will be quite a while till we see much of it developed. http://www.cat.org/rrail/map_streetcar.pdf It's ironic that, originally, developers built the trolley systems privately to connect cities like Little Rock,
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