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  1. There's a Federal investigation underway. I expect to see at least 3-4 people (including Michael Townes) indicted before this is over. Maglev? The only ones who build viable systems are the Germans, and they're absurdly expensive. You want the best case for LRT? Get the 2030 congestion map from the TPO. Within a generation our entire regional interstate network will be at Grades E or F congestion at rush hour. The only way to commute quickly will be to take the train. That's why we need to be building now, to have a regional system in place by then.
  2. As an 18 year resident of Virginia Beach, I adamantly disagree. What would we go to on Military Highway besides ORF? Extending the Starter LIne north from downtown would give us downtown Norfolk, ODU, and the Navy base all on a single line. That would make Virginia Beach LRT much more viable.
  3. If you don't think racism is part of the opposition, check again: 1. Virginia Beach eliminated the old railbus service to try to curb African-Americans from Norfolk from coming to our Beach. 2. The group that forms the organized opposition (i.e. the VBTA) is all-White. 3. Wally Erb led the drive to petition LRT onto this November's ballot and is now running for City Council. Go back and look at his openly racist comments in October, 1999 (they appeared in the paper) against LRT. Granted, cost is the primary factor. However, racism is very much a part of it. The racial component
  4. Watching the Presentation on the purchase that was given to Council in Informal Session last week, it looked like we had 8-10 votes in favor. Easily enough for it to pass. Last night was a hoot. (I was the third speaker in favor.) With the exception of Dean, the only VBTAers who showed up were a bunch of third-stringers. The arguments in opposition were ridiculous. Banicar was so far out there that the Mayor was having to do his best to keep from openly laughing at her. We won 10-0. The TDCHR vote on the 23rd should largely be a formality, with the property going to closing the next day
  5. Nice. That will provide bus riders cover in the rain, shade in the heat, etc.
  6. We'll probably get some interesting sound bites out of Council, but they have no realistic alternative but to approve the purchase with the LRT stipulation.
  7. A domain has been registered, with a website in the works.
  8. Meyera gave lip service to LRT and mass transit in general, but then never led on it. Her last 6 years as Mayor she couldn't muster 6 votes for anything. She was a cheerleader, not a leader. It's only thanks to Will Sessoms being elected Mayor that we've pushed as far forward on the project as we have. The pro referen-dumb sentiment of some Councilmen shows how afraid they are to do anything. As for the 1999 proposal, it died under it's own weight: over $69 million/mile, stamped "Not Recomended" by the FTA, the land hadn't been rezoned, etc. Also, we would have lost Oceana had we gone f
  9. It's at least as easy to get to Suffolk via Portsmouth. What I've previously suggested is taking the planned LRT extension through the Midtown Tunnel and eventually pushing it westward to the previously proposed new airport out on the Suffolk/Isle Of Wight line. Thus, you'd have a direct LRT connection to the airport from downtown Norfolk. Your point on Chesapeake supposes that LRT would come due south from downtown Norfolk. Some advocate going south from VB's Witchduck Road station to Greenbrier, then on to Great Bridge.
  10. Amtrak will go over the existing railroad bridge adjacent to Harbor Park.
  11. Michael Jenkins has had enough capital lined up to build it under the old rules. With the credit markets tightened, the banks will now lend a smaller percentage of the money. Thus, the delay is about covering the difference. What has long been decided was that desire for an entertainment venue at the Dome site. That will bring off-season bus tours to Virginia Beach, and bring down residents during the Winter.
  12. Uh...Council is in holiday recess until January 5.
  13. I agree on the VBTA just having been handed The Mother Of All Christmas Presents. (Then, those idiots will probably fumble it....) The real problem here is the political impact on the Virginia Beach extension. Note that Wally Erb hasn't even posted on his blog since December 4; the opposition had been kicked to the wall. In order to save the Virginia Beach extension, the TDCHR Executive Committee now has to act decisively and forcefully at their emergency meeting on Wednesday.
  14. I plan to go to the station workshop at the convention center on the 9th.
  15. The irony of the whole thing is that Wally Erb is shooting his own cause in the feet with his blog posts: 1. Out of the gate - 1,200 signatures By his own admission, the "There has to be a referendum!" crowd totals no more than 1,200 people in a City of over 435,000. 2. Election Day - 168 signatures Wally says he "targeted" two precincts. Uh...one of the two was his home precinct (Arrowhead), with an adjacent precinct (Point O View) the other. He stated in his blog post that people had no trouble finding the petitions via signage. Not only does that mean he lacks volunteers, but
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