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  1. That is a nice looking building - it'll be quite a Boulevard when all that work gets finished. And I'm happy to hear about street-level retail. Will it front Broad? Is this going to be for State offices?
  2. Thats a great place, but its on Forest Hill (Stratford Hills), not Huguenot (I only mention it because thats my neighborhood - and we never get any respect!)
  3. Hi folks, Just wanted to put in a plug for the new and improved Capital Ale House. We went down friday night for a happy hour and had so much fun we stayed for dinner. The expansion is beautiful, and I was very happy to see that the front was opened to the street, allowing the music and ambiance to roll out down Main. The band sounded great from the bar area (it was actually too packed to get a seat in where they were). If you go, make sure to check out the downstairs and the new patio area (where we ate). Very classy and laid back with a sort of "European" vibe. Great service, both our bar
  4. While many of these jobs wont be downtown, dont forget the research labs. They're bringing in lots of high paying jobs (80-100K+). I've heard people ask who's going to be buying up these expensive condos - its these people who are by and large coming in from larger metro areas and looking for an urban lifestyle. I've been at MCV for several years now and know many postdocs/young faculty who rent in Tobacco Row. I've also heard complaints about the lack of street level retail in the biotech park - but this MCV-biotech park-Philip Morris corridor is an engine for bringing potential "come heres"
  5. Speaking of pictures, some of you may be interested in browsing this set of great Civil War era Richmond pics. I'd seen some of these before, but not all of them. Striking devestation in some of them, but others give great views of downtown from different angles. I was particularly interested in the "before" and "after" pics of Haxall Mill on the canal. Does anyone know the exact location of the old mill? Alcoa? Does any part of the structure remain down there? It looks like the fire pretty much destroyed all of it... http://www.civilwarphotos.net/files/richmond.htm
  6. Hi, I'll through my two cents in here - I've heard all kinds of crazy stuff about this lately. First of all, the ruling wont affect Richmond at all - have you checked the demographics of city schools lately? I've got two kids in the city system (with another one on his way) and have been very happy with our experience. We should all recognize that our society has a compelling interest in fostering community cohesiveness and breaking down racial barriers. There is absolutely no better place to do that over the long term than in the schools and it seems perfectly appropriate to actively promo
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