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  1. It's the people and a culture of corruption. It allows Louisiana and its natural resources to be exploited without the benefit of real corporate opportunities. The state's best and brightest often leave for better opportunity in states with a more business-friendly government like Texas. New Orleans has tourism, which itself is highly cyclical and depended on the economic health of the entire country. A bit part of what insulated New Orleans from the last economic downturn was the federal and state dollars being shoveled into its redevelopment and recovery. In fact that helped delay the state's budget crisis for a couple of years and bolstered the housing market in south Louisiana New Orleans outperforms its weight class in entertainment, culture, hotels, and restaurants.....but it is an embarrassment when it comes to publicly traded corporate headquarters and white collar jobs. In that respect it can barely keep up with Baton Rouge - and it has a reputation of being both parochial and a very difficult place for outsiders to grow professionally. We are currently in an oil bust, which is forcing an unwilling, uncooperative state government into spending cuts. If oil prices go up, the state government will see more revenue. They'll just waste more of it on anything except the infrastructure the taxpayers desperately need.
  2. In a democracy, people deserve the government they have I guess. Louisiana has a long history of corruption. I don't think I've ever seen Baton Rouge, New Orleans, or Louisiana as obviously hopeless as they are today. Baton Rouge doesn't have a sprawling network of highways to really ever turn into a big metro like Atlanta or even Memphis. It is too poorly run to ever properly grow into a dense urban core. New Orleans has failed to be the economic driver it should be for decades in large party because of corruption and mismanaged public services (law enforcement, public education, flood control). Shreveport has been stangnant for a very long time.
  3. I think a lot of qualified, hard working people get frustrated and go into the private sector or allow themselves to be burnt out. Politics are a problem in every business, but I suspect that it is particularly frustrsting in public positions. It is often more about "who" you know than your actual qualifications. Obviously there are exceptions. This particular screw up looks pretty bad for Baton Rouge. It certainly dented my confidence that city leadership can handle a real crisis.
  4. This is the second evening rush hour in a row where a very serious accident involving big rigs closed down I-10 in both directions around LA415. Both times involve trucks not stopping fast enough when they reach the stationary traffic caused by the wait to get through the single lane I-10/I-110 choke point across the river. The bridge is basically impassable between 4 and 6 every weekday from the west side. Three things would help solve this: 1. Widen I-10 between the I-10/I-110 merge point to 4 lanes in both directions and add shoulders while changing the bank angle of the curve at this interchange for I-10E and moving the Washington Street exit to the inside lane of I-110. This would keep traffic moving and eliminate the tie ups during rush hour while helping maintain continuous 50 mph flow during non-peak hours. 2. Widen I-10 between about a mile west of LA415 and LA-1 to 3 lanes in either direction. There's ample right of way available for this. This will help cut down on the stacking and the lengths of the backups when they do occur. It would also help keep traffic clear enough during non-peak hours for trucks to gain speed and momentum for the incline on the bridge approach. 3. Add a center divider with a very wide inside shoulder to I-10 between LA1 and a point about a mile west of LA415. This prevents deadly crossover accidents and adds a new, paved shoulder wide enough for a big rig to use. The cross section, lane widths, and shoulder widths as well as wall height should match the newly widened I-12 sections in Livingston. Crossover accidents are very common when a big rig encounters stopped traffic. Eastbound traffic is often stopped around LA415 as drivers queue up for the I-10/I-110 curve during rush hour.
  5. That's why I was trying to find the renderings on BRGOV. The site is so convoluted that finding meeting minutes for the Planning Commission seems impossible. If it were me, I'd try to build something big enough so that the building itself serves as a billboard for Oschner, which means it needs to be placed as physically close to I-10 as they can possibly get. Something very sleek, very modern, and 6-8 stories at least with the Oschner brand on the building would be ideal. The building they are vacating is pretty nice looking.
  6. Mismanaged CATS is apparently serious about appearing busy in front of taxpayers and riders. IMO this is a very bad location for a north hub. If they want it on Airline, it should be immediately adjacent to an intersection with a traffic signal. This doesn't offer that pretty important piece of infrastructure. That's probably why it hasn't been developed yet. I hope that they can get access to McCleland across the LSU property behind the new ER. Without that, they really picked a terrible spot.
  7. Maybe there is a sign of intelligent life in Baton Rouge City Hall: He didn't withhold anything. He added credentials that didn't exist and that could be easily verified with a phone call. There were so many red flags on this guy's resume that I'm pretty confident that the only reason he was hired was because of his skin color. His replacement damn well better be qualified and have some real experience.
  8. Popular New Orleans restaurant Dat Dog to open 3 Baton Rouge locations Dat Dog, a popular New Orleans chain that specializes in gourmet hot dogs and sausages, is slated to open three locations in the Baton Rouge area beginning in late 2017. Exact locations for the new restaurants are still being finalized, the company said. But Bill DiPaola, president and chief operating officer of Dat Dog Enterprises, said Friday that at least one will be in Baton Rouge proper, while the other two locations may be destined for the suburbs. "It's about getting to where not only the young people that come to our business frequently live, but also where the young families who frequent our business live," DiPaola said.
  9. I have major concerns that either Baton Rouge's leadership or state leadership even cares about economic growth. It's been an unusually long time since a major economic win was announced in the region. We have broken infrastructure, a mismanaged flood response, and two large cities that are completely and totally paralyzed by racially divisive politics. I want to see Baton Rouge become the next Atlanta. I want to see the Baton Rouge-New Orleans - Northshore region become as competitive as the Dallas-Ft. Worth metro. It just doesn't look like our leaders have what it takes to properly market the region or to make necessary changes in the tax code to attract businesses. Perhaps the people of Louisiana just don't care enough about this....and they are getting the government they deserve.
  10. F King Alexander, the man that cried wolf every single legislative session and dragged LSU's brand through the mud on FoxNews and CNN (and every other network that would have him) was supposed to take an appointment on the Hillary campaign. Since that did not pan out, the LSU community is going to have to find another way to get rid of him. You can actually hear LSU alumni and students rejoicing at the opportunity. Regardless of how you feel about St. George - nothing has been said or done about the incorporation effort so far this year until F King Alexander and Sharon Broom stepped in it. Yet another example of bad optics from the city of Baton Rouge. Broom should avoid photo ops with a loose cannon like Alexander - who is widely considered to resent and even hate the bulk of LSU's students and alumni. Being Cozy with an incompetent jerk like that isn't going to help her gain support or influence in south Baton Rouge. It's counter productive. She'd be better off finding common ground with Congressman Garrett Graves, who seems to be an expert on at least appearing like he cares about the capital area. In fact, if I were working for her, I'd recommend that she do just that. Find some kind of project or agenda item that they agree on (I-10 widening, for example) and be both sincere and public in actively supporting it.
  11. I'm worried that the newly elected leadership doesn't offer the competence or even the interest to build on what the previous administration accomplished. In 2003, Baton Rouge was on life support. There has been major improvements to the city's infrastructure and downtown since then, not to mention consistent job growth that has outpaced every other city in the state. Proponents of Baton Rouge have a lot to lose, and confidence in this new administration is already exceptionally low. First the incredibly disgusting Council on Aging fiasco and now this..... It's critical that Baton Rouge's leadership prove themselves as pro-growth and anti-corruption. As it is, St. George already has more momentum than ever. How on earth can this administration claim to be even remotely competent if the first person to verify the credentials of their new hires is the Baton Rouge Advocate? This guy was fired from his previous employers and apparently lied about obtaining a master's degree. How on earth did he get hired? How does an administration this incompetent handle the inevitable media frenzy that will occur when the findings of the Alton Sterling investigation are made public? It's like Baton Rouge is trying to go from "America's Next Great City" to "America's Next Jackson, Mississippi" in record time. From Baton Rouge's city government: To borrow a quote from Caddyshack; Broom's administration not only interviewed, but hired a con man. What happens next time the FBI runs a sting operation in the area? Will her team fall for that too?
  12. Well, this doesn't have an emergency room. It's an outpatient clinic right? So people that go there generally have appointments. It does seem like it would front on a major surface street, but this isn't more than a minute or so away from I-10.
  13. Rhorer said space left over from demolition of the Public Defender's building likely will be used to expand the East River Center Parking Garage.
  14. Thanks! Do you know if the Baton Rouge Planning Commission has a website? I think I may have stumbled on it before. I'd like to see a site plan for this, but the Baton Rouge website seems so convoluted. Dan is right. This is a weird location unless they can design the building to be very visible from I-10.
  15. Can someone show me on a map exactly where this will be? 210,000 square feet is really big. Probably 5-6 stories on 16 acres with surface parking. It's a bit bigger than the current facility on Summa/Picardy where Oschner current exists. I take it this will require 1 or 2 bridges over Ward Creek? It does seem like an odd place, but that new Mall of La exit certainly makes it very convenient.