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  1. Even before the FQ was a major tourist destination, Jackson Square was flanked by a retail, restaurants, and a cathedral. It's hard to imagine a public square being used without some kind of anchor or draw - especially out in the middle of nowhere.
  2. City Park Golf Course seems very small for a decent zoo, especially one that will need room for gradual growth. They'd have to use space very efficiently and probably rely on a parking deck across the street to accommodate the crowd. It would be awesome to have the zoo restaurant and meeting area on the lake though. Could they build a great zoo right there?
  3. H&E is another large (but fairly low profile) Baton Rouge company that seems to be growing by acquisition. With this latest move, they'll have a very good presence in Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville, and Atlanta. H&E posted almost $1 billion in revenue last year. with a market cap of about $775 million. The company they are acquiring earned about $397 million last year. For reference, Sunbelt Equipment posted about $1.8 billion in revenue last year. They recently bought a large equipment company based in New York. With all of this consolidation in the industry, I hope that H&E remains a major player and maintains a corporate HQ in Baton Rouge. As long as they have a CC's or Starbucks, I'm game. A coffee shop is the one retail space they shouldn't push away. I guess I just don't like the development because there are mobile homes in it.
  4. Baker will essentially get the nicest park in the Baton Rouge metro as a consolation prize for moving the zoo. Not a bad deal at all, although i'd have liked to see more athletic fields and some kind of mountain bike trail. A big problem contributing to this is that there's no highway link north of town to encourage development and traffic in that direction. The center of population in the metro area is SE of downtown and moving slightly farther SE every day. I think Antrell posted a link for a proposed freeway linking Baton Rouge to Natchez and Jackson via I-110. something like that would be needed to generate more traffic in the area round Scotlandville, which would in turn generate more viability for retail (not to mention the airport, whose service level for a city of 850,000 is atrocious). Something like this would help connect central/south Louisiana to the Mississippi Delta, Little Rock, NE Louisiana. It would also be a catalyst for economic development in Natchez, McComb, Monroe, Pine Bluff, etc. This would help funnel traffic towards the northern end of the parish. The highway infrastructure crosses East Baton Rouge at its narrowest point. It needs better infrastructure to the north to influence growth patterns.
  5. The Memphis zoo is in a residential neighborhood, but it is also part of a larger park. It's an excellent zoo too. It certainly contributes to additional traffic in the area, but it is such an asset that the neighborhood doesn't seem to mind. I think there's a decent chance of selling it to people if it is part of a larger centralized park. Webb is not my first choice, but it could be a viable option provided the neighbors don't fight it. But as was pointed out earlier, it is very hard to beat the Rural Life museum area - particularly the section north of I-10/south of I-12. That location is pretty much unbeatable for a regional attraction like a zoo. That's exactly why OLOL, BRG, and those corporate offices locate there. Horse farm area would be almost as good as that, although I imagine that it would be very expensive to acquire. It's also close to I-10 pretty centralized in the metro area. Unfortunately both of those spots are plagued with traffic problems already. The area near Forrest Park would be my 3rd choice. It's a about a mile from Millerville/1-12 and a mile from Sherwood/!-12. There's a large piece of land on both sides of Harrell's Ferry. They could easily do a parking deck on one side with a walkover bridge to the zoo on the opposite side. They'd essentially never run out of space - and they'd have I-12 frontage for a very elaborate sign similar to the St. Louis zoo. There's a lot of mature tree canopy to work with here too. This is probably the best location in town if traffic is a concern (other than maybe Airline park), since it already fronts a 4 lane divided road and has equal access to two freeway exits. No need for consulting fees. I've solved the problem.
  6. And another thing...if you leave the zoo in its current podunk location or let it close without replacing it, you are asking for Ascension or Livingston to set up an alternative later instead of using their admission fees to fund a Baton Rouge attraction.
  7. It's going to be so ugly, you'll want to cover it with corrugated metal so you don't have to look at it.
  8. It's a difficult task. The location they need should be able to capitalize off other attractions in Baton Rouge, which are centered around downtown, LSU, Rural Life, Knock Knock, etc. The existing location isn't even in north Baton Rouge. Its north of north Baton Rouge in a stagnant area with not much visibility. So try to find a spot that is: 1: Large enough to handle a boat load of parking, which was never adequate at the current location. 2: Large enough to relocate all of the existing attractions, and then possibly an aquarium and science/biology related museums. 3: Adjacent space for incremental expansion over the next 30 years, including museums and green space. 4: In a good enough location to draw more visitors (and thus sponsors), which means reasonably close to the region's center of population, fairly close to major highways, or moved in the general direction where the population growth is actually happening. 5: Reasonably easy to protect from all but the most extreme floods and bad weather. It's a difficult task even without the unreasonable, foolish requirement that it stay way the heck out in Baker. I honestly don't think there are many options that don't involve moving it pretty far out unless they get some kind of land grant from the LSU Rural Life Museum or Magnolia Mound (or surrounding areas). We have mentioned repurposing City Park Golf Course, but I don't think that is even large enough. Maybe Webb Park? Somewhere in the horse farm area on Jefferson? Old Sherwood Golf Course? If they could fit it on the Rural Life Museum property (perhaps north of I-10), that is about the best location you can get.
  9. Leadership in state government and both of the state's largest cities don't inspire much confidence. Then there's low oil prices and increased racial tension. It's not looking good.
  10. So what you are saying is that it is typical modernist trash?
  11. It needs to move and expand.....but I've got no clue where to put it. Maybe Cortana can be leveled and a zoo can go there? I can't imagine the Cortana property is prohibitively expensive.
  12. I'm honestly shocked. This project is absolutely critical for the continued growth of northern East Baton Rouge (as well as Livingston).
  13. 15,000 people would be a good goal for 2030 if they can keep the demographics similar to what they are today. That many younger people with decent income in a relatively small area will end up attracting major national shopping chains, specialty grocery stores, theaters, etc. The district on its own would have the tax base to make neighborhood changes and improvements. I would say that 15,000 would be attainable by 2025, but I suspect that the "downtown east" and "old south" areas will also see some improvements in that time frame. Downtown would become the more established, higher end area (particularly with a few newer high/mid rise residential buildings) surrounded by younger and more middle class areas (similar to what downtown is today).
  14. Someone tell them that the library looks horrible.