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  1. The Health District

    That was fast. Hopefully we can find a good pic soon. I wont' be in town for a while! The preliminary photos didn't really look like the best architecture. Hopefully it looks better IRL. From Sterling Properties: From The Advocate:
  2. Northern EBR Parish Development

    How would you go about redeveloping the aging arterial roads in Baton Rouge? The format of both Airline Highway (north of Florida) and Florida Blvd (east of Bonne Marche) are both suburban in format, but aren't doing particularly well. How would you go about redeveloping them? It seems like a good overlay district with some street upgrades would be very helpful to both. Widening the median on Airline and adding more lanes with some improved lighting would be very helpful. Florida blvd is currently in the exact same format as Dublin-Granville Road in Columbus. How could Baton Rouge improve that aging corridor? Both Florida west of Bonne Marchie and Plank Road are little bit different animal. They probably don't need a capacity enhancement like Airline....and there are some good bones there in the sense that the format is appropriate for the street. It does need significant improvement and reinvestment though - with upgraded pedestrian infrastructure, lighting, and bus-pull out lanes. Plank Road especially may benefit from buried utility lines and new signage rules....and possibly grants and TIF to improve the existing properties there. I was thinking that Plank Road could eventually see the road upgrades that Government Road is getting (without the road diet). There are some positive signs. The area around Tony's Seafood/Cane's on Plank seems to be doing very well. The old Broadmoor Shopping Center redevelopment on Florida appears to be a success. I'm not sure I could see either Florida or Airline really improving without redeveloping or re-purposing the Cortana property. It seems like the city could build on the success of those little spots and expand it to other parts of those streets.
  3. Baton Rouge Growth and Development

    Top Golf broke ground today off Siegen Lane. It's also listed as "coming soon" on their website.
  4. Baton Rouge Growth and Development

    A sports complex would be a nice feature. With lots of soccer fields and baseball fields.
  5. New Hotels

    I'm not really as concerned with building height....but I would like to see these plots developed into office, hotel, and residential over the next 10 years: I'd be fine with 6-10 stories. In fact, if I could design a city from the ground up, very few buildings that are not mixed use would be higher than 8 floors. Almost nothing would take up an entire city block. Few roads would be wider than 3 lanes.
  6. Baton Rouge Transportation

    The Louisiana Turnpike System - a series of privately funded 4 lane tollways throughout the state with exits no closer than 10 miles apart. The system is designed to ensure the easy movement of freight and passengers for the next 100 years. The distance between the exits (with the exception of exits at major bridge approaches) are to ensure that the system doesn't enable rapid sprawl or require frequent widening. The Pennsylvania and New Jersey turnpikes follow similar setups in many areas. It also links New Orleans and Baton Rouge to northeastern Louisiana and Alexandria directly and provides an alternative route to the highly congested I-10 and I-12 between SW Louisiana and SE Louisiana. Also included is a new bridge in the Carlyss area south of Lake Chuck, the extension of the Westbank Expressway in Jefferson Parish, a new bridge between Chalmette and Aurora Gardens south of New Orleans, a freeway loop partially encircling Lafayette/Broussard/Youngsville, and a new bridge south of Baton Rouge at the Plaquemine Point area immediately south of Dow Chemical. With the exception of the smaller toll projects and the Lafayette bypass, the bulk of the traffic on this system would be vehicles traveling 20+ miles. Not local commuters.
  7. New Hotels

    Starwood Hotel Brands are basically absent in the downtown Baton Rouge market. I'd like to see a new 250-300 room Sheraton like this one somewhere near River Road and Florida: And maybe something like this new Element by Westin in either downtown east or (more likely) the Water Campus area: Element may not expand in Baton Rouge for a while since they are opening up in the medical center area.
  8. Baton Rouge Growth and Development

    Maybe. I bet the next new building in downtown Baton Rouge over 15 floors is a hotel though.
  9. BREC

    I'm sure they'll modify the site significantly. Every zoo has to have a plan in case of a flood or some kind of storm damage. The one in Memphis has shelters for tornadoes and hail. The national zoo in DC has heated shelters for winter storms. The Baton Rouge zoo will likely include a lot of lakes from where landfill will be borrowed. I wish it were closer to downtown....but even on UP, we had a lot of trouble finding available sites that were large enough to support a zoo and parking. That Fairgrounds location is nothing if it isn't HUGE and highly visible. BREC apparently wants a massive zoo. From what I've read, it will cost $90 million to renovate the existing location. The new location will cost about $150 million to develop, but they will get sponsors and donations to fund half of it.
  10. Baton Rouge Growth and Development

    The penthouse units in the old Camelot Club will have the best residential views in the city by a long shot.
  11. Mid City

    And to troll Livingston Parish even more, they added a roundabout at the end of it.
  12. Baton Rouge Growth and Development

    Topgolf gets permit for Baton Rouge location; update coming 'in next few weeks,' officials say The Baton Rouge Advocate
  13. Baton Rouge Transportation

    A few hours after I posted this, Renault–Nissan announced plans to open another assembly plant "somewhere" in North America. to build their new generation of electric vehicles. for American consumption. Their decision is likely a year or two away, but it would be really cool if they could consider Louisiana.
  14. Baton Rouge Transportation

    I typically would prefer a series of routes over one superhighway. In most cases, if a three lane road with a center turn lane isn't adequate, I suspect that there is not enough system redundancy and interconnection. I'm pretty frustrated that they aren't investing more in secondary arteries in Baton Rouge or trying to get the street car up and running - and even more frustrated that CATS doesn't even seem to take CATS seriously. Outside of north Baton Rouge and mid city, the street grid in Baton Rouge isn't very good. Some of that can be blamed on the terrain, but the planning mistakes made 50-60 years ago are a huge factor. There is a lot of reliance on the handful of continuous routes that do exist, and we simply are not focusing on them enough. Some of them are actually decent alternatives to freeways in the region, but we are still ignoring them and wonder why sprawl seems to be concentrated farther and farther down I-10 and I-12. That being said, most urban planning experts would also agree that capacity enhancements are one of the few acceptable reasons to add lanes. Widening I-10 in Baton Rouge isn't going to solve all of the city's traffic issues, but it is a giant leap in the right direction. 33% more cars and trucks will be able to move into and out of that part of the city. That number will grow even more as autonomous cars start taking to the roads (and we could, in theory, drive much closer together safely). They are also trying to get federal funding to beef up the sound deadening and noise mitigation as well as the lighting, which will make the route much safer. - or at least as safe as you can possibly make a freeway with a sharp bend right as you descend a bridge. It was getting to the point where local and regional freight movement was being hindered. Something has to be done about it. They may as well attempt to make it more efficient and higher capacity. I'd even go as far as saying that I-10 should also be widened west of the Mississippi River towards Lafayette if an alternative routes can't be built over the swamp.