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  1. It needs to move and expand.....but I've got no clue where to put it. Maybe Cortana can be leveled and a zoo can go there? I can't imagine the Cortana property is prohibitively expensive.
  2. I'm honestly shocked. This project is absolutely critical for the continued growth of northern East Baton Rouge (as well as Livingston).
  3. 15,000 people would be a good goal for 2030 if they can keep the demographics similar to what they are today. That many younger people with decent income in a relatively small area will end up attracting major national shopping chains, specialty grocery stores, theaters, etc. The district on its own would have the tax base to make neighborhood changes and improvements. I would say that 15,000 would be attainable by 2025, but I suspect that the "downtown east" and "old south" areas will also see some improvements in that time frame. Downtown would become the more established, higher end area (particularly with a few newer high/mid rise residential buildings) surrounded by younger and more middle class areas (similar to what downtown is today).
  4. Someone tell them that the library looks horrible.
  5. Warning was issued for Prarieville. The tornado was well north of the warning polygon. Another video:
  6. There were no warnings issued for that tornado. People were probably pumping gas at that Racetrack or walking groceries to their car at Reeves when it hit. You can't see them coming easily in Louisiana because of the tree canopy - especially in that area.
  7. WARNING: NSFW due to language NSFW Language Damage appears to be confined to the Old Hammond/Sharp area near Reeves Shopping Center on the southern edge of Sherwood Forest. If you know anyone in the Ceadercrest or Sherwood Forest area, make sure they are okay.
  8. It would have to be at least 7-8 stories to be visible beyond the trees. I don't think their budget will cover something that big. The plot also has a lot of space and a natural tree canopy. I would attempt to leave as many trees as possible if I were developing that spot. With (at best) one way in or out, you it would have to mimic the United Plaza development style sort of like this: Not a lot of flexibility with that piece of land. What it could be good for is large office users and maybe a hotel and some higher end apartments.
  9. That's pretty awesome. Proton therapy center for cancer treatment is not something that a lot of cities have. And given the location, it had better be an awesome building.
  10. Good spot next to the haunted house. IMO that section of St. Phillip will need street parking very soon. They could easily add it to the right side by narrowing the existing lanes on St Louis by 1' each. That's how they fit the right turn lane at South Blvd. And the buildings on that stretch mostly address the street. It's an ideal candidate for right hand side street parking between Government and South Blvd. that is the connection between Downtown and the new Water District. It needs to be improved.
  11. I know this is an 11 year old thread..... ...but Pittsburgh is clearly coming into its own now. It's a great example of how a manufacturing center can transition to producing what the modern economy demands. The economy has shifted to financial services, health care, and technology while remaining a major center for higher education. Being home to offices for Google, Intel, Amazon, and Facebook is a big deal these days. The population may be stagnant at the moment, but the city is getting healthier. I enjoyed my recent business trip to the city of Champions and would love to move there if the opportunity presents itself. It would be nice to have an airline hub in Pittsburgh again, but I'm not sure how or if that is possible.
  12. I figured that the northern connector to highway 16 would provide a nice alternative route to I-12 and I-55 in the Florida parishes. Would probably require some upgrades to highway 16 too. Many sections south of I-12 would have to be elevated. The connector near I-12 would be an ideal spot for a new airport. Livingston and Ascension are going to grow a lot in the near future especially as the two major metros in the state merge. This route would also be an ideal northern terminus for a future highway that links the Baton Rouge metro to Bayou LaFourche region (Thibodeaux and Houma). Houma is a critical part of the nation's offshore oil and gas infrastructure. It grows like a weed when oil prices are stable, and it doesn't have a decent freeway connection to the capital city or to the delta region.
  13. It's development-appropriate land. May as well develop it.
  14. How about this for a Livingston/Ascension connector? Stuck in an airport so I thought I would draw something up.
  15. In other words, their bribery check cleared.