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  1. I would support a single airport for both cities if we could get a hub, but that ship has sailed. The Hammond-Baton Rouge airport makes sense unless the Baton Rouge area starts developing better highway infrastructure to link the north side of the metro (where BTR is) to the rest of the area.
  2. I don’t think we could have realistically hoped for a better outcome for Cortana than to have a large regional Amazon facility on site. That’s a good spot without flooding problems and it’s far enough north to avoid the worst of the hurricanes Amazon is also looking for smaller (40,000 sf), permanent service locations in both Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Same day delivery is coming to the bayou state!
  3. This came out really well. I like it a lot.
  4. After seeing the architectural renderings of this library, then seeing more of this library get constructed, fixed, reconstructed, etc.......... .........I am now more certain than ever that this is the ugliest building I've ever seen.
  5. PUBLIC PARKING GARAGE And we can solve the drainage issues in that area with a catch basin underneath the parking deck. Yay! I've solved the problem. Now pay me my $250,000 in consulting fees.
  6. cajun

    Mid City

    When will it begin? It's still the same 4 lanes with the same concrete pavement in most spots.
  7. cajun

    West Baton Rouge

    This was approved and is funded. I'm shocked, and pleasantly surprised.
  8. This. The state has somehow managed to raise taxes AND reduce funding to higher education. I'm not sure where the additional dollars are going, but it certainly isn't to higher ed or infrastructure. It doesn't help that LSU's current leadership is an abject failure when it comes to raising private dollars. A lot of alumni (including this one) refused to donate a single dollar until both Alexander and Alleva were shown the door. Half the problem has been solved by Alleva's firing (seriously, who looks at how the Duke LaCrosse situation was handled and says "yep, that's our guy...let's hire him now"?!?). There will be much tighter connections between the alumni community and "the mother ship" when Alexander is booted. Which means more private donations to LSU, which means that LSU's science and technology offerings may one day rival their business and law schools in terms of academic competence and growth. I have my hopes up. The way LSU handled Aleva's departure was so uncharacteristically competent that I am not sure if it was just a fluke or if they are actually changing. The truth is that Baton Rouge's fortunes would improve greatly if leadership at LSU were better. I know that F. King Alexander put his house on the market. He knows which way the wind is blowing. LSU will have a new President very soon, and hopefully the current governor won't be in office much longer to influence that decision.
  9. Would you spend a lot of time under that particular canopy?
  10. That's a nice platitude, but the reality is that the traffic is already there. Louisiana doesn't think far enough ahead to actually build infrastructure for the future (they can barely react to what is already happening around them), so they are in no danger of using infrastructure investment to encourage additional growth.
  11. Do we know what the store is yet? 30K seems small for a Rouses, but too large for a Trader Joe's. Definitely closer to a Sprouts or Whole Foods if not one of the AG stores. I don't think Whole Foods is looking to expand in that area (they are looking in the Highland/Airline/I-10 area though). The AG stores are extremely deliberate and conservative with expansion plans. I don't think Wal Mart is building any of their "Neighborhood Market" concept stores. It could be a Sprouts/Fresh Tyme or maybe something other than a grocery store entirely. If they get a good anchor, those outparcels won't stay empty for very long. They are about as close to I-12 as you can get - and places like Red Lobster, Olive Garden, McDonald's, Chuy's, Wendy's, Starbucks,Texas Roadhouse, etc. are notably absent from that immediate market area, which already contains a Chilis, Zaxby's, Chick-Fil A, Zoe's Kitchen, etc. Another bonus is that I-12 in that area has the older, lower center dividers, so that property is VERY visible to about 200,000 cars per day. I can definitely see mid market hotel chains buying up a parcel or two out past the the Honda property too along with other car dealerships or furniture stores or a "Doc in a box"/Urgent Care place.
  12. I think the future of those mall properties are in light industrial and distribution/flex space. That kind of space is in demand, and those properties tend to be close to major highways/intersections. I feel like this guy is going to buy an old, nearly retired helicopter and park it on the helipad on the roof to impress people. They just seem like the type to do that. In any case, they have a very good piece of real estate. Hard to miss their building from I-10, and it's very close to the downtown courthouses and legal community.
  13. This is all a great justification for shutting down BTR and building a new airport either along I-12 between Baton Rouge and Hammond or along I-10 between Baton Rouge and New Orleans.
  14. The governor will pretend to support this since we are approaching an election. Then he will forget about it after the election.
  15. cajun

    New Hotels

    Cool! The Hotel Indigo's are nice!
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