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  1. Baton Rouge Single Family Developments

    Gated often means that they'll try to charge more for the housing than in the surrounding area.
  2. A baby step in the right direction.
  3. That section closer to Highway 61 is a bit low. They'll have to build up that area a lot, which isn't really unheard of. It just adds to the costs of development. The reason that it is heavily wooded and not pasture or a subdivision already is because it doesn't drain particularly well. I think the area around Mt Pleasant/Zachary Road and Highway 61 would be ideal for large scale retail after the area develops. Things like grocery stores, gym, fuel stations, and possibly a Target or Wal Mart super center.
  4. Baton Rouge Transportation

    You won't be able to drive or walk across the tracks at those spots anymore.
  5. Baton Rouge Coffee House

    Energy, Medical, and higher education....... Not nearly as many white collar jobs as I'd want to see in Baton Rouge, but it definitely isn't a poor town by any stretch. I think parts of Baton Rouge would be an excellent setting to a Hunger Games. In all seriousness, Holden's administration went out and recruited like no other administration ever has. Not one or two big events mind you....but countless smaller and mid market events that kept the hotels occupied, the restaurants full, and the bars open.
  6. Mid City

    It's exactly what has been happening the Mississippi Delta with mechanized agriculture in the 20th century. It will just occur in both blue and white collar jobs that were once though to be safe.
  7. Baton Rouge Riverfront Plan

    About time they did something with that plot of land.
  8. Baton Rouge Coffee House

    Their expansion into other parts of the state as "Together Louisiana" for the sole purpose of fighting industrial development and tax exemptions is pretty eye opening to me. This group was supposed to be an advocate for a unified East Baton Rouge Parish when they started. They've abandoned that by supporting the special taxing district in north Baton Rouge and branched out into fighting one of the only real tools that the state has to attract outside investment. That kind of detachment from economic reality is a much bigger threat to the health of East Baton Rouge than an ISD ever was or ever will be. I'm conflicted about these practices as well. The reality is that tax incentives and exemptions (both of which the radical TogetherBR opposes) are the only viable way for the state of Louisiana to be even remotely competitive in the reality that surrounds us in 2017. ......that is unless of course you have a viable tax plan in your back pocket that will eliminate corporate income taxes, deliver tort reform, and quickly pass through Louisiana's legislature without everyone that lives off of the taxpayer crying all over CNN and FoxNews (as F King Alexander did every legislative session until a democrat was elected governor). Louisiana's corporate tax rate is the opposite of competitive, the infrastructure is 3rd world, the education system is horrific, and the mayors in two of the largest cities are openly hostile to much of the business community at best - downright corrupt at worst. The only real thing Louisiana has outside of oil and gas is access to the Mississippi River - which has to compete with both the port of Mobile and the Houston Ship Channel. The pragmatic solution to diversifying the state's economy is to offer targeted tax breaks to industries that make real investment here - and I don't mean to a transient industry like film. Even competitive states like Tennessee has promised tax credits and purchased thousands and thousands of acres on which they will spend hundreds of millions to route rail and highways for the sole purpose of attracting an automobile manufacturer. You may not like the credits they provide, but they are credited against corporate and personal income tax revenue that wouldn't exist without the tax credit anyway. It doesn't cost tax revenue if the tax revenue wouldn't be there without the incentive anyway. The options for many of these high tax states that are trying to land Amazon right now is to not collect the corporate income taxes and fees and have a massive employer invest in the region......or to not collect corporate income taxes and fees and not have a massive employer invest in the region. Conservatives and Progressives a like are angry at what they call corporate welfare. The reality is that they aren't going to miss what they never had to begin with - namely the corporate tax revenue from a new employer. This is the exact kind of issue where Louisiana needs to ditch whatever BS political principles they pretend to have and embrace pragmatism. Understand that in the state's current condition, you have no leverage over potential employers and very little over existing ones. People that are pro-business in Louisiana are typically tired of watching their children and grandchildren move to Houston, Dallas, or Atlanta for opportunities that would exist in this state if our politicians offered a better tax environment and demanded fewer bribes. Corruption and crony capitalism are both cancers to Louisiana's long term economic health. So is having a BS tax code (which is politically impossible to fix) and craptastic infrastructure next door to Texas of all places. Clearly offering tax credits and incentives against income tax revenue that wouldn't exist without the corporate investment (especially in the form of an industrial facility that will provide economic output for decades) that we are trying to attract makes too much sense for Louisiana's current leadership or TogetherBR, as very little outside investment have even been announced in the past 3 years.
  9. Capital Area Pathways Project (CAPP)

    That's a great idea.
  10. Mid City

    You are going to pay to get indoctrinated.
  11. Baton Rouge Restaurants

    It will happen. Those spots have a lot of visibility.
  12. Baton Rouge Coffee House

    I think he got a commitment from one hotel chain to manage and run a hotel on top of what would be new convention space. BRAF was going to build the convention hall and hotel with tax dollars funding the additional convention space and parking deck specifically. I wasn't sure if this was an "if you build it they will come" thing or if Holden actually had some sort of economic study done on this investment. There are things like the bowling championship, Miss America, and special olympics that were held in Baton Rouge. I don't see much effort from the current mayor's office to attract more of that. In fact the ironically named Together Baton Rouge crowd that supports her appears to be extremely anti-business, and I'm a bit frustrated that Bayou Country Superfest was practically given away to New Orleans. It had a huge impact for the local economy during a fairly quiet time for tourists in this area. For a mid-market city like Baton Rouge, it would take a real motivated cheer leader to go out and sort of recruit these types of events. LSU football games are still the biggest tourist draw for the city by a long shot. College Baseball tournaments, Southern U football, Spanish Town Mardi Gras, and things like the Louisiana Marathon are also a very big deal. Baton Rouge needs another 2-3 big events every year though to really boost the tourism industry (which helps support restaurant and night life amenities) - preferably events in the spring and summer, which in Louisiana's climate would have to be done mostly indoors. For that we probably do need more climate controlled floor space at the River Center.
  13. The Water Campus

    IMHO, anything that size being built at the water campus will be purpose built for an office tenant.....or it will be a mid to higher range hotel with event space, such as a Sheraton or Westin. I wouldn't want to actually live that close to I-10 (Building 1A on the map). I can't overstate how valuable office space that close to the freeway would be to local companies if they can be the signature tenant with their branding on the building. I could definitely see office users like Lamar, Community Coffees, or Turner Industries consolidating into a high profile space like that. There aren't really any other opportunities for an ultra-modern office building with that much visibility. Of course the building would have to be pretty darn eye catching and modern. The deck is about 3 stories high at Nicholson and probably more than twice that at the crest of the bridge. Something 8-10 floors at that spot would be very difficult to miss for about 220,000 cars every day. The tenant branding would be in their face at that level. 12-15 would be even better especially with the right architectural features. This is definitely one of those situations where the larger and nicer the building appears, the easier it will be to attract long term tenants. If they can get an office like that built and at least 50% filled, another larger hotel wouldn't be very difficult to attract to the immediate area. Larger companies almost always depend on consultants for various corporate projects that virtually guarantee a steady stream of business and tech people that need hotel rooms during the week. And you are correct....they did tear down the building immediately across from the Louisiana Sheriff's Association building. They are already starting layout work for Water Street.
  14. Baton Rouge Coffee House

    Do you guys remember Kip Holden's proposal to expand the River Center Convention space? Did he have a business study for that or was he just sort of winging it? Do you guys think it is possible to attract more conventions and other events to Baton Rouge, such as more athletic events, bowling championships, etc? Those kinds of things really help the retail community, hospitality industry, and the airport. Could more effort be made to push for that?
  15. Gonzales & Ascension Parish

    More likely, they are about to be Farmington Hills to your Detroit.