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  1. Actually they just secured some funding to move Plank Road. I don't know if they will have a flyover though. Seems odd to have one at the end of a runway safety area.
  2. This might actually be in Zachary. Or at least the Zachary school district.
  3. What are the chances BTR adds non-stop service to Washington DC and Chicago? I'd love to see Southwest Airlines come in with non-stops to Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, and Baltimore-Washington. But new American or United service to O'Hare and DCA would be awesome too. Is there any evidence that our new airport director is going to actually try? Maybe expand a runway, add a couple of gates, and land some more flights?
  4. Looks like there was a tornado outbreak in the Palmetto area this weekend.
  5. No I mean there's two separate lines fairly close to each other, but not directly adjacent. They just rebuilt the bridge for one of them. The other one is still the old wooden setup. I think this new Amtrak line is going to have to use the one that needs to be replaced.
  6. The other set of tracks. There are two.
  7. I'm afraid that building is too far gone. Would love to see it renovated though.
  8. I think Baton Rouge got a Trader Joes, Fresh Market, Sprouts, and a Top Golf before anywhere else in Louisiana.
  9. Unpopular opinion: I would only widen Old Hammond to 3 lanes (2 way with a center turn lane, sidewalks, and lighting) between O'Neal and Florida. I see this as a way of funneling more traffic on US-190 and throttling the commuter traffic entering Old Hammond from Denham Springs. I have the same opinion of the new bridge over the Comite at Hooper Road, but I'm abandoning that one since they are getting funding to widen Hooper to 4 lanes all the way to Greenwell Springs. And I would also go with an asphalt-surface 4 lane boulevard between Blvd de Province and O'Neal over a concrete 5 lane road, as more of the roadside development is residential in nature and generates less traffic. Boulevards are safer and the tree lined medians absorb some of the road noise. WOW. That came out well! I certainly appreciate your photos RB83! I honestly can't wait until all of this shows up on the latest satellite photos of the area. Are those tire skid marks on the new pavement already? I guess there is a learning curve. I don't think our highly intellectual friends over in Walker have figured out those roundabouts at their I-12 interchange yet. It honestly concerns me how little attention people are paying to the road in front of them.
  10. So when is Baton Rouge getting an Amazon Fresh?
  11. There are a flurry of articles about this in The Advocate, Business Report, etc. Looks like if the bill passes, Amtrak is going to start setting up service. Louisiana would get about $250 million in funding to upgrade the tracks, although the details aren't really clear yet. They will have to replace the old KCS bridge over the spillway though - to the tune of about $65 million.
  12. It does. Baton Rouge in the 1960s looks a lot like the USSR in 1985.
  13. Notice anything interesting in this Amtrak map of "planned new services"? Yep...that's a Baton Rouge-New Orleans rail link. I only wish they were planning to move beyond Baton Rouge to Shreveport and Dallas.
  14. Scheisse ! This is all happening so quickly!
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