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  1. Three alternatives proposed for the new bridge. The lowest crossing (yellow) is what Iberville Parish leaders want. The red crossing is what West Baton Rouge wants. The orange is the most obvious crossing to anyone with half a brain and happens to be an excellent compromise.
  2. American Airlines to use larger jets for flights at BTR airport American Airlines is starting to get more aggressive finally. Delta has been serving BTR with Boeing 717, MD88s, and sometimes Airbus A319s in addition to their CRJ900s. I'd really like to see United increase service to ORD (Chicago) and American add DCA (Washington) to their schedule in Baton Rouge. They are both easily within range for CRJ-700 service. Preferably at least once daily. Looking forward to seeing the new Bombardier C-series at BTR soon from Delta as well:
  3. I think Spanish Town is the best candidate. Although with the I-10 widening, Valley Park may end up being the first opportunity. It has to be rebuild to fit the additional lanes beneath it. Narin Park would just be a giant recreation area with a little hill where the freeway used to be.
  4. Without the canal, most of the parish is off the map as far as development including large parts of Baton Rouge that have been developed for 100 years. The most populated parish in the entire state can't even get a ditch built.
  5. It doesn't. Spanish Town, Scenic, and Valley Park cross over "at grade" level freeways.
  6. I thought this could help bridge the divide across the freeway. Basically it could create an environment where you can walk across the freeway and barely know it's there. Homes near the intersection would be shielded from the traffic noise and visual impact. Especially in Spanish Town's case....I think it would help bridge the development and appeal from the west side of I-110 to the east side of I-110. The pictures are of the 5th avenue plaza in Atlanta. It could also help bring Narin park over I-10 for Valley Park and help mitigate the impact the freeway already has on that area. IMO it should be incorporated into any I-10 improvement project since that will already involve replacing a few of those overpasses to accommodate extra lanes beneath them.
  7. I'm not sure about that. Might be able to pull up to a space and have it park itself while you wonder off though.
  8. I gave them a piece of my mind Basically "WHY ARE WE IGNORING AIRLINE HIGHWAY, US190, HIGHWAY 30, etc.?"
  9. It will probably be sold off and developed slowly by a lot of different developers. It would be an ideal time for the city to expropriate land for any street right of way they need in the future.....for instance, a street that goes directly from Magnolia Mound to River Road.
  10. OMG I need to try this. I have to go to NYC in April....and I'm going to visit one of them.
  11. Concrete (and steel) has superior fire protection, acoustic properties, and termite protection. It's a pet peeve of mine to see commercial buildings or multi-story apartment buildings framed in wood. In fact, we are thinking about building our next house with insulated concrete with concrete decking. That way what the adults are doing in bed in the master bedroom wouldn't be heard in the den or dining room below.
  12. The canal does not benefit New Orleans, therefore state tax dollars or political capital should not be spent on it.
  13. Seems like it would be a good place for an outdoor event.
  14. You can get a Ford Focus to park itself. I think most BMWs, Cadillacs, etc. do that. The Tesla S can do that.
  15. So apparently we need to kick John Bel Edwards out of Baton Rouge.......