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  1. The first new Picadilly in about 30 years opened up in Juban Crossing last month. This is a pretty big deal for the Baton Rouge based restaurant company.
  2. cajun


    This doesn't make sense. They are issuing bonds to borrow against future earnings to pay for this "right now". It's essentially 30 years worth of infrastructure projects that should happen within 10 years. The article states "depending on availability of funding" - the whole point of the vote was to alleviate that concern and pull this forward. Some of these projects are basically just adding sidewalks and landscaping. How does that take 36 months to start? Even the atrocious delay to adding sidewalks to Gardere was only 18 months or so.
  3. Any business that existed before I-10 was built has a legitimate beef - which is none of them. Everyone else should have known that those looming spans would eventually have to be overhauled and replaced. Infrastructure that services hundreds of thousands of people every day can't be ignored because some businesses are going to be closer to the highway than before. And it's not a significant burden to enter/exit the highway at Acadian (around the corner) instead of the under-utilized Perkins exit. It would be more wise to expend political capital ensuring that proper lighting and parking were constructed under the spans and that sound/noise issues are considered in the design.
  4. cajun

    The Water Campus

    When is Brown and Root going to develop their swanky new office tower in The Water Campus? Their line of work fits the campus's mission pretty closely.
  5. Ultimately, what's good for St. George is good for Baton Rouge and vice versa. That's a reality that everyone needs to accept. One community can't turn their back on the other. Baton Rouge benefits in having a competitive school district within East Baton Rouge parish - every middle class family that doesn't relocate to Ascension or Livingston is a win to everyone in East Baton Rouge and the tax base there. St. George benefits from Baton Rouge improving and redeveloping blighted areas and from the city attracting conventions, corporate offices, and improved higher education funding. You are all in the same boat. Don't sink it out of political bitterness.
  6. Sad reality is that Baton Rouge needs both a bypass and an improved/expanded I-10 through the city.
  7. The riverfront is really turning out nice. Hopefully the continued effort to improve it helps make those vacant properties/parking lots on Lafayette street irresistible to developers.
  8. cajun

    New Urbanism

    Hard to beat that location if you work at the hospital. Did that property flood?
  9. cajun

    New Hotels

    I know it's late and a holiday on an east-west street....but it looks quiet. Another mid/large sized hotel downtown would help with that. Maybe a Marriott or Westin. Hopefully the Baton Rouge mayor can start "trying" to get local/regional conventions to set up in Baton Rouge the way that Holden did. There are other weekends in Baton Rouge besides LSU football home games, after all. There should be a handful of people whose full time job is to recruit conventions to the city - either downtown or elsewhere. And real jobs, not "friends of the mayor" no show/no work jobs.
  10. Amazon building a major distribution hub in Baton Rouge could really be the catalyst for a big transformation there. It's a lot of jobs with minimal emissions/pollution. The jobs are higher paying than what was seen at Cortana in its heyday. This could also trigger more cargo flights out of BTR and additional logistics service companies in the area - not to mention same day deliveries for the gulf-south region. The Baton Rouge area should be begging/stealing/borrowing to get this Amazon facility constructed ASAP.
  11. I would support a single airport for both cities if we could get a hub, but that ship has sailed. The Hammond-Baton Rouge airport makes sense unless the Baton Rouge area starts developing better highway infrastructure to link the north side of the metro (where BTR is) to the rest of the area.
  12. I don’t think we could have realistically hoped for a better outcome for Cortana than to have a large regional Amazon facility on site. That’s a good spot without flooding problems and it’s far enough north to avoid the worst of the hurricanes Amazon is also looking for smaller (40,000 sf), permanent service locations in both Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Same day delivery is coming to the bayou state!
  13. This came out really well. I like it a lot.
  14. After seeing the architectural renderings of this library, then seeing more of this library get constructed, fixed, reconstructed, etc.......... .........I am now more certain than ever that this is the ugliest building I've ever seen.
  15. PUBLIC PARKING GARAGE And we can solve the drainage issues in that area with a catch basin underneath the parking deck. Yay! I've solved the problem. Now pay me my $250,000 in consulting fees.
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