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  1. How is everyone doing after the storm? No issues with my family, although some of our folks have lost power. I've also decided to spec out a 2700w liquid cooled generator for the house we are building.
  2. The one on the corner is going to be a gas station. Wondering what happens now to the other location about a quarter mile up Airline.
  3. https://www.wafb.com/2021/07/22/btr-given-grant-establish-direct-flights-washington-dc/ American Airlines is the big carrier out of DCA. So I'm hoping that if American goes to DCA, United may try to open up a route to ORD once they are done with airport renovation and expansion at O'hare. I think those are the two most obvious "new" routes that BTR can reasonably attain on mainline carriers. Delta's lack of hubs in the middle of the country means they are likely sticking with Atlanta only connections for a long time.
  4. cajun

    River Park

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE kick Riverside Towing off of your land! But seriously. Bars and restaurants will be popping off around there once the pandemic is under control. Chelsea's is moving right there to 1010 Nic. Pastime and Brickyard have been there for a while.
  5. I think Covid is finishing what E-commerce started unfortunately. Retail centers like Town Center or Mall of LA will not be built again at that scale. Juban Crossing might have been the last one in the area to get built. Sounds like the Five Guys and the other businesses in that smaller building will be relocated to the other parts of Town Center. It's probably not a bad idea. I do wish there was more demand for office space in Baton Rouge, because that would mean more white collar jobs. Which means that more educated people are staying in Louisiana instead of moving to At
  6. I'm just messing with you of course. One of my in-laws has an Impala and it has a similar dash design. I know cars are very clean these days, and I'm not one of these irrational types that wants to ban petrochemicals. But the metro area of Baton Rouge is about double what it was when I was born....so our air quality probably isn't any better. I think our best method of improving air quality in the short term is to encourage EV use (but not mandate it) by expanding charging stations, getting traffic moving/reducing congestion, planting more trees in public right of ways,
  7. Is that a Chevy Impala you are driving? Why do you need a 320 horsepower gasoline powered car to drive around Baton Rouge? But in all seriousness, that white smoke is water vapor that you are seeing. Water vapor in of itself is not considered a pollutant, and it's likely the only thing pumped out by factories, boilers, and power plants that ISN'T a pollutant. Exxon does emit a lot of colorless pollutants in the air, but you can't really capture that with a camera. So it's what you CAN'T see that should worry you. It does show up like that a lot w
  8. It needs two. One at S. Harrell's Ferry and another at Hooper Road. The good news is that these can probably be two lanes wide for now.
  9. You aren't faking it. This is definitely a picture from 2021. Could be any day in March, April, May, June or July.
  10. A new D.R. Horton community at the corner of Groom Road and Old Scenic in Baker. This is part of a 1,000 home community that they are planning to build (and build poorly, given their track record).
  11. The new Floor and Decor store that is taking the place of the old Amazon DC near Celtic Movie Studios. Silverside Cove - a single family home development going up near Dawson Creek on Staring Lane (south of Perkins) Eliza Gardens - a single family home development coming up in the Burbank area near Staring Lane (under review)
  12. https://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/news/communities/west_feliciana/article_413151a8-e665-11eb-9c22-cb7ab9f09793.html West Feliciana is notorious for being extremely strict when it comes to development - at least by Louisiana standards. Pointe Coupee recently updated their codes, but they are miles behind West Feliciana on this. I'm not certain where West Baton Rouge is, but they have a tendency to be pretty lax around development. Which I think is a big risk for them in the long term. Ascension and EBR also recently had development morator
  13. I really like how IBM turned out. Maybe something similar but incorporate a hotel in the design for the block. Then again, hotels downtown are going to start closing if we still have punitive restrictions for football season. We really need to avoid that.
  14. What part of "see potential plans" is actually in that article? Was anyone else expecting a rendering or something? Maybe H&E will be locating their corporate HQ downtown if the employees support it? A longer commute is a lot easier pill to swallow if your office comes with a nice view of the river.
  15. Heard some really bad news from some family members in law enforcement: Baton Rouge is now neck and neck with Baltimore for the most violent city in the country so far for 2021. It's up in gross numbers in a huge way, and it's increased far faster than other cities. This is definitely going to a talking point in the media in 2022 if things don't change quickly, and you know what that means for business growth and outside investment. Murders and violent crime are way up this year nationwide, but it's particularly bad in the city of Baton Rouge apparently.
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