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  1. That would be appropriate there IMO. Quiet neighbors, well lit but not enough light pollution to impact the houses next door, they close around 8PM, and they seem to usually have decent landscaping (although not Chick Fil A, Starbucks, or McDonalds quality).
  2. A commercial subdivision is likely going up off Pecue near the new I-10 interchange (NE Quadrant near Woodridge). This is a PUD, so there is a lot of flexibility - similar to the Millerville Greens development. There could be apartments, offices, car dealerships, etc. right there one day. I'm hoping for a big office user to build something eye catching right next to I-10 obviously. Maybe a really nice mid rise hotel similar to the Marriott off College would be cool there! Some changes they are slipping in there that might hint at what they are planning: What's possible there with current zoning, although each would have to get approved separately I think (font may be small):
  3. Pending approval, some new apartments are going up near Celtic on Bluebonnet. The building is a standard apartment complex unfortunately, with surface parking and gated entrance. Not what I'd like to see in an area with almost no walkability and next to zero public transit. They are installing a side street that will link up to the light at Celtic though.
  4. Yeah. We've had years where things seem to be starting to gain momentum.... but then had other issues (wrong people/wrong time in office, catastrophic floods/natural disasters, lost opportunities caused by missteps LSU or Southern, etc.) A lot of things need to fall into place for a city like this to flourish, and those stars weren't really aligned for most of Baton Rouge's recent history. Regardless of what's happening with the weather, the economy, or social issues at the time - it really helps to have pro-growth people pushing you forward.
  5. Yeah between the jet sprays, neon lighting, and the extremely loud air blowers that go with car washes....I'm not sure that's going to go well immediately adjacent to 3-4 houses, and within ear shot of at least a dozen homes. I was hoping for a doctor's office or something instead, with typical business hours. But EBR did let that little Exxon station across the street exist with zero landscaping and no buffer right up against single family homes.
  6. My guess....the housing will come phases that vary by density, starting immediately with apartments since interest rates are climbing, we are in a recession, and home buyers are sort of gun shy right now. They might start building out the streets and infrastructure soon though. It looks like apartments and a senior living center has been proposed and submitted to the city/parish: I's definitely a big enough property to fit some single family homes in addition to all of the above proposals though, but that might be waiting on the economy to change before they move forward. As far as retail - it is a good spot for a grocery, but I'm concerned that a full line store in this location would threaten the viability of the Hi Nabor on Windborne. That's one of the oldest continuously operated independent stores in Baton Rouge. It's well run, serves the area very well, sources it's products from Baton Rouge's own Associated Grocers, and the store itself is owned by its employees after the Crifasi family started the business. If a grocery store happens to go up on Joor, I would understand it (competition on a level field forces all of us to get better). But I'd hate to see tax breaks or incentives for a direct competitor to a local business that's been doing all the right things for almost 70 years less than 2 miles away.
  7. How could I have forgotten about Juban's? They just renovated, and they are right off I-10 at Acadian: https://jubans-restaurant.squarespace.com/lunch-and-dinner/#lunch-and-dinner-menu
  8. So the coffee version of Small's Sliders? Can't wait to try it. Looks fairly small scale - maybe they can fit one on Government Street somewhere?
  9. Welcome to Baton Rouge! My recommendation is sort of dependent on where you decide to get off I-10, but here it goes: If you are stopping downtown - try Poor Boy Lloyds, but note that their hours have been truncated since Covid. This isn't my favorite place to get lunch in town, but it's solid and it's really convenient if you are already downtown. If you stop before getting to Baton Rouge on the west side - Bayou Bistro in Brusly is really good. It's easy to get to from I-10, as it's right off LA1. It gets pretty busy with all the industrial facilities in that area. It's popular for a good reason. If you are near LSU in the city, The Chimes is my favorite. It's on Highland and Chimes Street right across from LSU's north gates - probably easiest to get there via Dalrymple Drive exit from I-10. I love The Chimes. I haven't been to Parrain's, but I have heard great things. It's right up against I-10 on Perkins - which is also next to Acme Oyster House. I'm definitely a fan of Acme. Walk On's near Town Center is a decent spot if you are stopping near I-10/I-12 - but you can get Walk On's in a lot of cities now. The original Walk On's is actually right south of LSU on Burbank. Dempsy's is my favorite on the east side of town (Coursey Blvd). It's a very casual place in a suburban neighborhood that's otherwise filled with chains. Most of the new Government Street restaurants are really good, but I really like Bistro Byronz. It's on the eastern side of mid city, so it's probably easiest to get there via Acadian from I-10. If you are passing through town towards New Orleans - Hot Tails in Prarieville is excellent. It's run by a couple that has been featured on the Food Network. Their suburban Prarieville location is the second Hot Tails and their first stab at the Baton Rouge area (the original is in New Roads, LA near False River).
  10. We need to recruit more conventions to boost tourism and help bring more hotels. That just doesn't seem to be a focus anymore. Baton Rouge used to host the special olympics, bowling congress, and regional conventions. We did not come out of Covid with a focus on bringing that back to the city. Frankly I don't think it has been on the radar for the Broom administration at all. Baton Rouge made a lot of great strides downtown about 15 years ago. None of these people are perfect in any way - but the combo of David Rhorer at DDD, Kip Holden in city hall, Steve Moret at LED, and Bobby Jindal in the Governor's Mansion was HUGE for Baton Rouge's growth. Everyone was pulling in the same direction for a few years there, and it was a really nice thing to see from a downtown revitalization and regional economic development perspective. The public schools were still horrific and LSU had terrible leadership - but the region was doing well almost everywhere else. We saw IBM open a huge service center downtown, the film industry was booming, and we saw Baton Rouge be considered for a lot of major private investments - even those outside of the energy and chemical industry. Downtown started improving, we saw more hotels and restaurants open, and the city was aggressive in recruiting conventions, concerts, and sporting events to boost tourism. The Green Light plan was starting to really make a dent too. There was a sense of optimism about the region even if the northern part of the state was struggling. We might not ever see that kind of synergy in Baton Rouge's favor again. On the bright side, LSU finally has what I think is an excellent leader with William Tate. I was very skeptical at first, but he's done nothing but impress me since his first day. Woodward is also way better than Alleva too. LSU realizing its potential over the next decade would be a huge boost for the region and the state.
  11. Another from the excellent Old Images of Baton Rouge facebook group (do follow if you are on facebook). Below is the original Our Lady of the Lake Hospital on Capitol Lake before it was demolished. 2-3 mid rise office buildings in the Capitol Park Complex have been constructed in its place. Huey Long was taken to this hospital when he was shot - although he died of his wounds. The massive new 1000+ bed Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center on Essen Lane replaced this hospital.
  12. Bon Marche Mall on Florida Blvd - before Wooddale was even developed. Probably around 1963 or so. The property is now a business center with some state government mixed in, with the front half being a tech incubator for smaller companies. Cox Communications is where Montgomery Wards is in this photo. Baton Rouge theater is still there. The Holmes department store is now GMFS Mortgage company's offices, I believe.
  13. A reference to the 1995 film "Tommy Boy"
  14. Cool pictures! Those clouds look ominous even though I know they are just bringing heavy rain. Reminds me that Baton Rouge gets substantially more rainfall than Seattle because we we get so many showers that carry heavy rain (but also brings down our average temps slightly). It's kind of impressive that we don't have more drainage problems than what we already have given how rapidly the precip can fall here on already saturated ground. On the plus side - the city is SUPER green right now, which is very pretty if you can find a few hours without rainfall to enjoy it.
  15. Definitely not a drought in SoLa in the last 6 weeks. I think we get rain every day.
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