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  1. Glad to see this. It's not the prettiest development around, but there is a need for affordable housing in that area. I'm hoping to see more declining properties get replaced with something like this. I hope the developer and property manager keep it well maintained and don't cut corners on security.
  2. While I usually support development, I'm glad this was denied. DR Horton spends a lot on their signs, but they don't put a lot of quality into their homes. I'm also not very pleased with their recent partnership with Blackrock. Zachary didn't just say no to a giant neighborhood that would result in crowding their schools. They said no to an entity known for pushing low quality homes to buyers with questionable credit.....and even worse - lately Horton as been selling entire developments to investment companies. For most of us middle class people that didn't inherit vast amounts of wealth - the primary way of building wealth is through the value of our primary residence and through our retirement savings. It does seem like some elements of the ruling class want to take both of those away from us. Not to mention that their tendency to overpay for housing to snap up hundreds of them in a single location tends to create a bubble and reduce stability for real buyers that want to live in those homes.
  3. Bonefish is struggling nationwide. Which sucks because it's one of my favorite chain restaurants.
  4. Head height looks like it's at least 9....so I would guess 9' ceilings. Hard to tell without scale, but those doors are at least 6'8" tall. They have what looks like an 18"-24" transom window, which must go all the way to the ceiling. It's at the same height as the header of the windows. Not sure if they can do this, but I would like to see BREC add a small parking area on River Road near there. There is a trail head at the Water Campus, but they can dress it up a bit sort of like what LSU did near the Vet school. I think those lofts would be way cooler if they had a river view though. They are on the wrong side of the Lemoine/APTIM building for that, and they are a few floors too short. Interesting about APTIM moving to a downtown office. I figured Brown and Root will be moving next, but I guess now they'll have to look into a new building at the Water Campus that isn't built yet. This probably fills up that commercial building completely given the list of tenants (National Guard Cyber Security center, Lemoine Company, Stephenson Disaster Management Institute, and now APTIM Consulting). All of those names adds more legitimacy to the Water Campus and a very different business makeup that what we currently find downtown, which is primarily a financial, government, and legal business district. The developers probably need to get the design work ready for the next spec building since they seem to be out of office space in the Water Campus now. That's an incredible milestone to reach in the middle of a pandemic where so many people are working from home. Will APTIM have the signature tenant status on that building on the Water Campus or will that go to Lemoine? A business having their name on the building that's clearly visible from the often congested bridge could be a really good way to get their brand out there. A building that close to the freeway can basically be a billboard for your company name (a particularly garish one if you are a personal injury lawyer). APTIM isn't a huge name the way that Shaw Group became in Baton Rouge, but they are a local consulting company tied in some ways to the energy industry. They seem to be growing too and they might want to grow their brand awareness. Lemoine is a huge name in the construction business on the gulf coast, but I don't think they have a sign on their building. It's been a while since I've driven through that area though. Engquist lives downtown (and owns vacant land there zoned for office) and Bernhard now owns companies that are based at the Water Campus. That's the first time I remember the non-banking majors in the Baton Rouge business community having that many ties to downtown. I hope that means that companies like H&E, EPIC, or Brown and Root seriously consider moving offices either on Lafayette Street or in the Water Campus. I don't really know whose hands are on APTIM, but I'm glad they are here and seem to be right-sizing their space. They are adding more legitimacy to the Water Campus, which is successful despite being fairly slow to come together. I don't want to sound like a crazy cat lady here. You know I'm generally not a fan of government forcing additional expenses on developers or the nanny state. But I think they are going to need to add cross arms on the sidewalks and the railroad crossing at Water Street eventually. The plans are to develop the side of the tracks next to River Road into offices, retail, and parking, which means that there will be a lot of foot traffic crossing the tracks at Water Street. I think the city may want to consider updating the paved parking area underneath I-10 at Brickyard, including decorative lighting and some security. Free, safe parking is going to be a huge help to developing the southern end of downtown from an entertainment business standpoint. We can turn a major drawback (elevated I-10 running through the neighborhood) into an amenity that businesses want to locate near. Then maybe we'll get lucky and the Belle of Baton Rouge will either relocate to the Atrium and significantly upgrade.....or leave town and let someone else take a stab at that real estate. The WC will be a really nice area once all of the rumored entertainment businesses open up in the area around Pastime Lounge and Chealsea's. There are a couple of other bars and restaurants that were in the planning stages there along South Blvd or Nicholson before the pandemic. Chealsea's finally opened up there, which is HUGE. They moved from one neighborhood underneath I-10 to another.
  5. Livingston needs to improve its infrastructure. It's not a small rural parish anymore. Can't act like one. Narrow two lane roads and clogged old creeks aren't going to meet their needs anymore. Drainage and road infrastructure is just as important as schools to Livingston parish.
  6. It's a concern. What's keeping us from being Jackson or Shreveport is the existence of a major industrial base and LSU. We need to boost LSU and SU any way we can. They have to be more competitive and draw more research dollars. And not to be too political - weak or lax penalties is highly unfair to the community and the victims of criminal activity. We can't tolerate weak sentences for criminal activity and lazy police responses like this anymore. It's extremely hard on neighborhoods and is fueling suburban flight an divestment from our city centers. For the life of me, I have no idea why Broom discontinued BRAVE. And the opioid epidemic is absolutely real. It's a huge reason why we have growing issues with homeless camps/open drug markets in Baton Rouge (and nationwide). These are highly illegal and should not be tolerated by any taxpayer in any city. The options presented to homeless people should be a homeless shelter (if they can stay off illegal drugs that long), a treatment center, or being arrested for criminal trespassing.
  7. I want to visit Emerald Isle and Corona.
  8. They should absolutely try to incorporate the road alongside False River and into St. Francisville for this. That's one of the most scenic drives in the region right now, and it's mostly flat and ideal for bikes.....they just need a lane since traffic moves fast in some spots. Most of those roads are due for an overlay anyways. Would be a good time to stripe a lane.
  9. Baton Rouge was the 4th most violent city in the USA for 2020. This is not a good list to be topping the charts on. It hurts corporate recruitment and fuels flight to the suburbs.
  10. I think Florida Blvd is going to see a resurgence. But remember that bricks and mortar retail had major headwinds even before Covid with e-commerce taking over so much of their market share. The reformatting of Florida and Airline in that are will probably bring more gyms, grocery stores, apartments, and restaurants. Maybe even more distribution centers and light manufacturing in the areas around the Amazon facility. But it's never going to be a major shopping destination again, and probably shouldn't be. It will be more neighborhood focused development. Despite this, I would have sworn there was more than enough customers to support Old Navy. I do think that company has struggled to transition to e-commerce, and they are probably trying to figure out how to move in that direction.
  11. A logical, well run city would have a temporary pedestrian bridge built nearby for the duration of construction....but that's not what Baton Rouge is anymore.
  12. I actually completely forgot about the old Summit tower. Southgate was kind of doing its own thing when it was built. Now there must be at least 4-5 more student-focused housing developments of that size/scale around LSU now. Including the new one they are about to build on [email protected]
  13. I think the scientific term for that kind of cloud cover is "torn up pillow"
  14. You are going to be really pissed when you see gas prices.....
  15. That's a really poor business decision to shut down a profitable store because of the perception of the location. Their reasoning is probably because the mall is gone. But they are about to get more traffic in that area than probably ever before. Perhaps the building can be re-purposed to something that serves the distribution work in the area. Sucks that you are losing that job. Are you going to try Amazon?
  16. Arbys and McCalister's coming to Burbank/Ben Hur next to CFA.....definitely not enough parking for this one.
  17. Looks like someone is trying to turn the old Woodale Tower into a residential development, possibly trying to capitalize off of the new Amazon development at nearby Cortana. http://hdlegisuite.brgov.com/attachments/2021/SP-15-21 PLANS_4A14900.pdf
  18. Not too shy about the tenant coming into this new commercial building on Nicholson. Hint - they sell donuts, and would make a killing near campus. http://hdlegisuite.brgov.com/attachments/2021/PUD-3-00 PLANS_7740B2F4.pdf
  19. Additional and more regular police presence in the most violent neighborhoods have proven to be impactful at reducing the homicide rate. A lot of cities throughout the country or seeing the Ferguson effect. There was wide media coverage of massive civil unrest last year leading up to the election (similar to 2016 and 2012). In districts where cops think they don’t have the support from the mayor, the general public, or local DA….police will intentionally do the bare minimum to avoid controversy or danger. That includes Baton Rouge, but is certainly not limited to Baton Rouge. It’s been a major issue in cities all over the US in the past year. The nationwide spike in violent crime is not going to matter to Baton Rouge if it’s ranked as the most dangerous city in the country for 2021. That is a distinction that will be widely known and will take decades to live down. That has to be avoided at all costs.
  20. We really need a carrot and a stick to deal with the open drug encampment problem. Treatment and avenues to get clean must be available and sometimes mandated. But there has to be severe consequences for shooting up in public - including in an open drug camp on public land. And that’s not exclusive to Baton Rouge. The formula for fixing this is fairly simple. Politicians just choose to ignore it instead.
  21. If things don’t change in a hurry, Baton Rouge could potentially take the poll as the most dangerous city in the country. The city has broken its all time homicide record already, and it’s still October. The city will likely finish out there year with a homicide rate per 100,000 in the mid to upper 60s, which would make it the most dangerous city in the country by 2020 standards. The only thing that could keep Baton Rouge from this huge, embarrassing distinction is if crime gets substantially worse in St Louis and Baltimore for the remainder of the year. Unfortunately this graphic is from June. The number of homicides have more than doubled since then in Baton Rouge.
  22. Meh. Not a big fan of higher density housing in areas where there is a full dependency on the automobile. And this is really close to I-12 without much of a buffer. I don't think I understand the link to 2016 and the name though.
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