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  1. Here is an interesting article about America's best airports. They rank CLT 15th. http://www.thedailybeast.com/blogs-and-stories/2009-11-22/airports-from-hell/?cid=hp:beastoriginalsR4
  2. CBJ has a more in-depth story http://charlotte.bizjournals.com/charlotte/stories/2009/12/21/daily9.html The article mentions that Perdue’s office hasn't said which companies are involved but wouldn't it have to be Zenta since that's where the announcement is taking place?
  3. I was watching WCNC news tonight and the reporter said that Bev Perdue will be in Charlotte tomorrow making a big job announcement. Could this be Project Cardinal or maybe Radio Shack?
  4. I am also uncertain as to what the GC buisiness is? Could you clarify
  5. Is that trademark on the left. Because it looks great from his angle.
  6. DeeMan

    The Vue

    Would removing the spires save them a significant chunk of money or not? I wonder why they did this????
  7. Does anyone know what is going on in the corner of Colony and Sharon View, all it says is Hagard Reserve on the sign but I couldn't find any information online. Is it going to be condos or townhouses?
  8. This man bought all this land with his hard earned money, if he wants to develop it, let him, if he doesn't then leave him alone. I myself would like to see it all developed but we live in capitalist economy so let it be, we can't force anyone to develop if they don't want to. The fact that he is just getting richer by buying these lands is perfectly fine, if it weren't for rich people, no condos or towers would ever be constructed!!
  9. does anyone know where i can get a rendering, i missed the observer article
  10. Considering we won't get an Asia flight for a while it would make sense that the first flight would be Beijing, by the time we get out flight they will have their new aiport, the world's largest! http://www.worldtraveldirectories.com/Chin...nal-Airport.jpg
  11. I am traveling to Beijing in 3 weeks and a flight like that would be very convenient. I am making a connection in DC and it's going to be a pain. Charlotte is long overdue direct flights to Asia!
  12. wasn't there a rumor that the Sig Tower would be scaled back
  13. My favorite is the trump tower in Panama, it wouldn't fit in with charlotte but it is incredible! http://www.afloridarealtor.com/images/trum...ump-panama2.jpg
  14. Is there any chance that the tower might be an art deco design. I would love to see a bigger and taller version of the Jefferson Pilot Building in Greensboro.
  15. bumer, u had my hopes up! I guess as long as we get an announcement soon thats fine
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