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  1. So, from what I see.. it looks like 73 --> 74 --> 77 --> 78 which is a good double turn, but the 75 --> 76 the train sitting idle for no reason after returning to Raleigh.. what could be done with the train before 10 and after 7?
  2. I agree with everyone above, but I think RTP need both light rail and commuter service... Light rail that goes around Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill.. Core RTP.. Light rail should have stops in downtowns, significant living areas, and sporting/entertainment venues Light rails should have stops every 3-5 minutes Commuter rail that connects Garner, Clayton, Hilsborough, Wake Forest, Pittsboro, Fuquay Varina, and Willow Spring... Commuter rails should have stops in downtowns and city carpool areas Commuter rails should have stops every 15-20 minutes Their should be a circulator bus that runs around RTP that makes a circle every 20 minutes.. Maybe even 2 or 3 (Blue Line, Black Line, Red Line) that all convene at the RTDepot Station where light rail, commuter rail, and circulator buses converge. Circulator buses should be free and companies pay annually baed on number of employees (1-199 = X a year, 200-500 = XX a year, 501-1500 =XXX, AND 1501+ = XXXX year)
  3. You know, I'm looking at Terminal 1 and the fact that it has 9gates and I got thinking.. Why not do Gates A1-6 and gates B1-3.. That would make the whole Concourse naming feature make mice more since. Before, there was a Terminal A and C but no B which cause an explanation.. Now you have ACD but no B.. And if you do an A and a B, it shows there is room for growth on both ends.. Just a thought....
  4. Grrrrr.. I do NOT see a proper Business class Lounge space nor do I see sufficient retail space. The business Lounge should be at least 1800-2800 sq ft with a bar, an eatery, a conference room, and preferably pod sleepers along with a main seating area... Retail should include at least 2 fast food, a sit down eatery, a gift shop, a news stand, and a specialty store.. Sheesh! Why does this need to be said?
  5. Just incised riding ScotRail from Edinburgh to Glasgow and all I can say is.. Amazing! Smooth ride, reasonable price, onto me, and excellent views.. Nice clean train with good speed. My. Only question is why can't we have something similar in NC? I mean, come on! At least hourly service between Charlotte and Raleigh with 2 or 4 hour service on the other route which should already be ther.. (Wilmington, Asheville, moreland city, Greenville, Fayetteville, Henderson, etc). The rail service was just awesome! Rather, just finished riding ScotRail..
  6. Raleigh to Fayetteville, in my opinion, could work without the Wilmington leg. I don't know how much traffic there is between Fayetteville and Wilmington, but I think Raleigh to Fayetteville could do well alone. I believe they choose the Raleigh to Goldsboro to Wilmington route over the Fayetteville option.
  7. Would it not make sense to offer Raleigh-Fuquay-Sanford-Fayetteville service? I mean, that's frequently I traveled and have 3-4 daily 2 or 3 car service could be a benefit for the area.. Or am I just thinking crazy? Could it be done if equipment was available? Would there be enough traffic? Just seems like a natural train route if we were in the UK or something.. Just a thought..
  8. Here's a thought.. Why don't the Amtrak portion use the lower part of the Citrix building while Citrix use the top portion.. Meaning that both win cause Raleigh can get another tall building, amtrax gets an extension for high speed rail station, and Citrix gets to be where they want to be... Hopefully y'all can understand what I'm saying...
  9. My prediction... SEA by Alaska or Southwest, LAX by Delta moved up to daily 737-700, SFO by United already announced, CDG by Delta, FRA by United. As for the LHR flight, it is going nowhere.. Even if US and AA merge, the flight will stay.. It's one of their more profitable ones...
  10. Aren't the Wisconsin train sets, like, 18 cars long or something ridiculous like that? I think if NC goes for train sets, it would more than likely only be 5-8 at the most...
  11. Agreed. And I don't know why they can't allow the Piedmont, at least once a day, to go all the way to Morehead City so I can catch the rails to New BERN!!!!!
  12. I believe some of the best accomodation options are those that are at multimodal locations. The Hilton at ORD is by far one of the most popular hotels because it is at hte airport. I think the convenience of having a hotel at the trainstation which is within walking distance of the convention center, restaurants, shops, and downtown would be benificial and make more the additional hotel rooms that Raleigh downtown needs. Plus having something like "Westin at Union Station" would be awesome. Just a thought.
  13. Then I say we go up to 100mph with the current equipment. That should be able to shave some time of the trip and make the time better than driving.. Just a thought..
  14. Quick Question.. is there any way NCRR can make the line between RGH and CLT closed so that the speed can be increased to a higher speed level? I know they are double tracking it, but is that enough considering the line has to share with freight. Should it be triple tracked with a dedicated freight line and closed so the Piedmont can potentially get up to 125mp? When I traveled the rail line in Barcelona, it was completely closed and it really MOVED! It would be nice if something like that could happen on the NCRR line... just a thought..
  15. I like it. I just wish they would add a 7-10 story hotel on top.. Something like a W or Hotel Indigo or something like that.. And I'm not sure I see the First Class lounge that the current station has...
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