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  1. http://www.kentucky.com/254/story/336726.html
  2. bw87a

    Museum Plaza

    http://forum.skyscraperpage.com/showthread.php?t=127240 there is a link to a thread on ssp where there are some recent pics of the construction site...
  3. i'm heading up to indianapolis with my girlfriend on friday, january 4th to see a pacers game. we're planning on spending the day in indianapolis. just wondered if anyone had some suggestions on what would be the best things to do? we'd like to stay in the downtown area. is there anywhere we can park for free and just walk around all day? we're both interested in museums, parks, eclectic shops and such. any help would be great. also, any cool places to eat? thanks...
  4. awesome pics. i wish i knew more about lexington and the area. how exactly would the idea of a new rupp arena fit into the city? what does everyone think this could do for the city? any thoughts?
  5. i like the idea of a new basketball arena. how much has then been talked about in lexington? wonder how big they would build it. while rupp arena is a great place to play, it is not aesthetically pleasing.
  6. i'd say go with the tolling plan somehow. these bridges have to be built soon...and fast
  7. i wish these housing units were taller. they are located in such a prime area. new height would look awesome in this area.
  8. bw87a

    Museum Plaza

    ahhh! i'm so excited. this is going to be a great week for louisville.
  9. these are some really amazing photos of the city. i like seeing all the construction going on. lexington could really use another iconic skyscraper. it would be much better for lexington, although they have a pretty nice skyline for its size anyways.
  10. this is great news. more to do downtown. they need a nice movie theater somewhere within walking distance of fourth street.
  11. congrats to humana and its continued devotion to the louisville community. i always thought humana would be a great place to work; my aunt works there though and she hates it.
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