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  1. North Davidson has changed quite a bit since I've been here. I saw Digable Planets at Fat City, awesome show. I'm all for progress but it usually comes at some price but I'm glad the area is safer now, that's most important. As it continues to gentrify I hope all of the uniqueness is not lost. I've heard from a few folks in Wesley Heights who are not happy about the transition. New residents are snobby and not as friendly to the older/existing folks they say.
  2. I've read a lot about Uptown/Downtown, NoDa, SouthEnd, Dilworth, Southpark, Plaza-Mid, etc. on this site. Is anybody out there a resident on the westside, particularly within Route 4? Aside from Wilmore (which is considered 'west' anymore) what are the interesting areas for redevelopment/reinvestment in your opinion? What are the hidden gems? What are the perceptions? I have my opinions, I'd like to hear from others.
  3. You can find the approved site plan on the City's website, it's not a clolored rendering. The rezoning petition number is 2003-41.
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