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  1. Not sure how true this rumor is but was at the bank this morning and was speaking to an owner of a trucking company that handles road construction. Was informed that Nashville was slated by the federal and state government for a massive overhaul of the interstate highways around downtown. He said it would be similar to Minneapolis' interstate system where the highways are built "above the city" whatever that means. He stated it would be a 30-40 year build out.
  2. I do remember reading some years back a similar thing happened in Austin with a lot of backlash against the growth they were having with the population there but the state of Texas stepped in with incentives for potential relocations. I'm hoping it's a similar situation here with the current governor if the city is not willing to make the investment.
  3. It's just strange to me, with all the growth and success Nashville has had the last couple of years, in one fell swoop all of that can possibly come to a halt due to a lot of Nashvillians fear of change. Not sure about most of the posters here but I'm a born and raised Nashvillian and I remember what it was like here pre boom and before and the city was not something to boast about. Very poor infrastructure(still is to a degree) a hollowed out downtown, lots of suburban malls and strip malls and neighborhoods that you wouldn't want to step foot in during the day much less at night. Transforming to a bustling city with a bright future cut short all due to shortsightedness and a segment of the population that's still stuck in the past. It's too early to say what the long term ramifications are of this current administration but I'm not sure if the city will be able to maintain it's allure if the mayor remains in office.
  4. Not to completely derail the topic, Nashville hasn't had many great options with mayoral candidates lately. I think Coopers election says more about the general populace more so than Cooper's stance on any political issue. It seems a lot of Nashvillians want to either slow growth or stop it all together, as this nostalgia of the Nashville of yesteryear seems to be the pervasive thought (see save our fairgrounds as an example) As Nashville grows, the more progressive it'll become but it'll definitely be a work in progress.
  5. All but Amazon are. HCA is home grown, Alliance Bernstein recently relocated their headquarters from NY and both Nissan and Mitsubishi have their North American headquarters in Nashville.
  6. So much shade towards Nashville lol. You forgot about HCA, Alliance Bernstein, Amazon, Nissan, Mitsubishi, btw.
  7. Sounds like a massive project. Wonder what company could potentially need 1 million sq ft? Possibly Oracle? I know River North was one of the possible locations. "As the Post recently reported, Oracle is scouting for about 800,000 square feet of office space located within Nashville’s core, according to sources." https://www.nashvillepost.com/business/technology/article/21050296/oracle-eyes-cities-in-addition-to-nashville
  8. Wonder what's with the major setbacks for homes in the Nations?
  9. Kinda wish Tony would bring back the original design for 505cst. Could potentially still use for a major office tenant or possibly use a similar design for condos. Probably my favorite design out of all that's been proposed thus far.
  10. I guess my question is why is this article singling out Nashville as if fast growth is unique here? Last time I checked mid sized cities like Austin, Charlotte, Raleigh etc are growing just as fast if not faster and yet I rarely see articles from major news publications regarding growth pains in those cities. I get Nashville is the "it city" and all but not sure what articles like this are meant to accomplish.
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