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  1. I’d say midtown north closer Charlotte Pk is ripe for high rise construction. Other possible candidates would be the Ewing development Riverside Nashville along Trinity LN. Maybe possibly rezoning Metro Center to allow for high rises. I wouldn’t even be apposed to rezoning for high rises of 20-30 stories along the major pikes closer to the core to increase density. I actually see no reason to really build tall in somewhere like Cool Springs. Nashville-Davidson County is over 525 square miles. To put that into perspective, New York City including all five boroughs is only 472 square miles but with over 8 million people. Not saying Nashville will ever reach that but there’s still plenty of room within Davidson to develop.
  2. In my opinion it’s all about giving people options. Not everyone wants to live in a multifamily development. Like it or not, single family homes aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Why not allow more single family homes in these areas (planned of course) to capture those whom would otherwise move to Rutherford, Wilson or Williamson counties thereby creating even more sprawl further outside the core. A similar argument tends to be made when discussing mass transit vs expanding roads. There’s room for both, as we know most people aren’t willing to give up their cars. There’s room for both multi family developments in the core neighborhoods and a single family homes in Davidson County.
  3. I’ll go a little further that there’s still the racial and economical stigma as well since North Nashville, Bordeaux, and the Brick Church Pk neighborhoods historically and culturally are predominantly Black and middle to working class. Mass development has never really hit those areas mainly due to the crime perception which kept developers and retailers from investing in those areas. Didn’t help that the city until very recently decided to start expanding the infrastructure that way. The widening of Clarksville Hwy being a prime example that should have been done 20 years ago.
  4. I’m from Northwest Davidson County and there’s a staggering amount of undeveloped and underutilized land that way. Not just there but Southwest Davidson past Bellevue and West towards Ashland City. Not sure why developers couldn’t mimic cities like Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and Chattanooga with housing and infrastructure in the hills. Heck there’s cities all over the planet that are built into mountains such as Hong Kong, Santiago Chile, Geneva Switzerland etc. I believe going forward Nashville is going to have to start getting creative with it’s land use.
  5. Anyone familiar with this? From the Nashville Post Developer eyes 2.5 billion dollar project for Cumberland River. https://www.nashvillepost.com/business/development/developer-eyes-2-5b-project-for-cumberland-river/article_2c706142-372c-11ec-b53c-d3d5ff81e510.html
  6. There's actually a Nigerian/West African restaurant called Nico's Lounge Restaurant and Bar on Nolensville Rd. Never been but it looks to have some authentic Nigerian dishes like Jollof rice and fufu. I can also vouch for Korea House on Charlotte Pk. I've worked at Hankook in the past and very familiar with a lot of Korean dishes and they definitely have some authentic food there. Also VN Pho on Charlotte has some fantastic Vietnamese food.
  7. Found this while searching online. Apparently the Nashville Civic Design Center has released some proposed renderings of the East Bank around the Titans stadium. https://www.civicdesigncenter.org/all-projects-blog/east-bank
  8. That's actually the new Gateway Germantown apartment complex under construction on Rosa Parks Blvd. https://nashvillenownext.com/2021/07/08/construction-update-gateway-germantown-a-new-multi-family-development-in-north-nashville/
  9. I actually agree with this. My view is more of an alternative based on current zoning laws.
  10. I'd say regarding land use, there's tons of land in Davidson County, possibly hundreds if not thousands of acres of undeveloped and underutilized land. This includes the East Bank, River North, PSC metals, Midtown, all of the pikes (Gallatin, Dickerson, Nolensville, Charlotte, Brick Church etc. ) and that doesn't even include land outside the 440 and Briley Pky loop in areas like Bellevue, Joelton, Whites Creek, Madison, Hermitage etc. Since there is so much land these areas could potentially accommodate thousands and could be more affordable alternatives to more expensive areas.
  11. I grew up in the I-24 Whites Creek area. If growth does come that way I really hope that the state is looking into expanding the interstate all the the way to Clarksville. It's already a cluster during rush hour now I can only imagine years from now when all the projected growth is to take place. It's the only interstate in Davidson County that still has two lanes going each way.
  12. I believe these are the buildings in question. Probably fell though due to lack of an office tenant at the time. https://www.nashvillepost.com/business/development/massive-project-planned-for-sobro/article_7868f30c-7f50-58b2-92fc-52a881b6537d.html
  13. Not sure if this has been posted yet. Gulch site eyed for mixed use tower. Gulch site eyed for mixed-use tower | Development | nashvillepost.com
  14. I've always thought this would be a perfect location for an museum of modern art, especially given this used to be an art school. Guess apartments would be more lucrative here.
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