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  1. boycott the braves in their last season in richmond... if we get another AAA team the game against the G braves will be awesome
  2. qdoba is awesome. i ate there at their broad location about 2 weeks ago. i recommend the steak quesadilla. along with qdoba, extreme pizza, and fiveguys there is a coldstone and jersey mikes.
  3. Diamond bomb scare im not sure if 10 minutes is fast enough but im glad everyone is ok and nothing terrible happend
  4. wasnt sure where to post this but i think it fits in here just fine. big news about the Diamond area and the Coliseum Wilder, Kaine discuss a swap- Va., Richmond trading sites could pave way for arena near Diamond: www.inrich.com/cva/ric/news.apx.-content-articles-RTD-2007-07-04-0143.html
  5. good pics.. are they changing the bulb of that light post in picture two?
  6. the Kickers used to belong to the USL First Division but i believe 2 seasons ago they dropped down to the Second Division . Although the kickers were successful in the first division they still dropped down. the soccer pyramid here in America is like this...Major League Soccer at the top of the pyramid...USL First Division...USL Second Division...then PDL or Premier Development League and USASA or United States Adult Soccer Association. The PDL and USASA are amateur leagues whereas the MLS, USL1, and the USL2 are all professional. What Riverpirate and I were talkin about was the Lamar Hunt US
  7. yeah Bristol flies two direct flights to the United States (Newark and Sanford in Orlando). and i do believe thats his flightplan. next year my family will be flying over and im sure we'll be flying out of richmond instead of 2 hour trek through DC rush hour traffic to get to Dulles. plus i think richmond although smaller and having less amenitites is still a nicer experience than Dulles
  8. thanks for the salutation Cadeho. happy to be here
  9. my father is from Wales and his brother (my uncle) will be coming over soon for a visit from Wales. It is cheaper to fly from Bristol, England to Newark to Richmond than to fly from Dulles straight to London. So therefore it's also cheaper to fly from richmond to newark to bristol. the benefits of this are not only saving gas but bristol is 40 mins from Cardiff, Wales instead of Londons 2 hour trip so you save traffic headaches. good to know
  10. after beating the cleveland stars the richmond kickers advance to the the 3rd round of the US Open Cup. there they will host the LA galaxy and possible (but most likely not) david beckham on July 10 at 7pm at UR stadium
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