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  1. When/if these things come to pass, then the pressure will be on to replace the Leviton complex and the associated former mill housing. The only part of the Leviton property that I would save would be the original Elizabeth Mill. The rest is just ugly industrial sprawl.
  2. RISD did something like this back when Joe Doorley was mayor (Remember, kids, before you were born!). The Sunday Journal magazine section (Remember, kids?) featured all kinds of crazy, beautiful ideas. I waited for comments from Joe or the city council. I must have been looking the wrong way, because I found only a great silence in return.
  3. Jen: Paragraph 4 says they can't tear down any portion until after five years, but paragraph 5 says the owner agrees to put the station on the Historic Register "within the time frame of this Agreement as indicated in Paragraph No. Four (4) above." Forgive my naivete, but wouldn't being on the Register at the very least make demolition more difficult?
  4. As I mentioned, I am astounded at the progress taking place. OK, who are you people, and what have you done with the real Rhode Islanders?
  5. To paraphrase Dennis Moore (of Monty Python fame), this global warming business is more complicated than I thought.
  6. One and all might be amused to know that up here in mid-coastal Maine it is sunny, cool (73 degrees), dry (41 % humidity) and breezy. My mother, who was born and raised in Portland, Maine, used to complain miserably about the heat and humidity in Rhode Island. I'm glad you folks are having at least one primo day!
  7. Love your map! I used to live in the Fairlawn section for years (now in Maine), and I know exactly what you are talking about! Jumping from one link to another, and I found myself in UrbanPlanet. I like to keep up with what's changing in RI, and, as Arnie put it so succinctly, I'll be back!
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