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  1. That was a great idea RegalTDP. Veloise, great photos. Now where are these AP suggestion boxes?
  2. Agreed. I wasn't going to say it until someone said it first. We definitely have prettier buildings than a lot of other cities. I think the skyline is lacking. But let's build it up slowly rather than throw up a ton of hideous buildings. I've lived in Austin, Texas; Houston, Texas; Dallas, Texas; St. Louis, Missouri and Hsinchu, Taiwan so that's what I'm comparing our skyline to. I think the picture that is used a lot is better than what I normally see and I like it.
  3. No, they need to bring back Schlotzsky's. Funny name, serious sandwiches. I was in the Heartside area thanks to ArtPrize and I was wondering, does anyone know what happened to Food Smith? They had great food. Still on Heartside Business Association website but I haven't seen any signs of life around there. Or I'm just blind.
  4. Thanks for posting it. The GRPress site was having difficulties with the blogging tool. So I guess it's somewhat related to me crashing the site today. I really appreciated hearing your feedback too. I thought there was going to be a walk around the city to talk about architecture downtown. Turns out I think it was just some walk to keep hearts healthy but the former sounds like it should be added to ArtPrize next year, a talk about buildings as art.
  5. I thought I heard her saying that it was $10 million and that Warren Buffet didn't call to say he was going to pay for it or something like that. That being said, I ashamed to say I completely missed what was going on and my former home state of Texas was in the news a lot about voting. I think honestly, I would've heard more about voting if I was still down there, so in my mind, the voting was really early. That being said, I think also because of the lack of choices, I didn't vote. Come November though, I will indeed.
  6. I love all the shops in the East Hills area. I just went to a women's event hosted by the stores in the neighborhood. It was fabulous, go to any events they have. They're the best, especially if you're female, I got a free facial and free eyebrow wax. As far as Cherry Deli goes...every time I've gone, the bread falls apart. I'm less than satisfied with the quality of bread and the density of it. I think they need to reconsider the bread they use for each sandwich. Sometimes a heartier sandwich is needed, a good sourdough. Anyway, I love the butternut squash bisque and it's the best.
  7. When I was there in August, I know Subway's was open until around midnight. I'm just curious what the occupancy rate of all the apartments, condos, etc. downtown is. Just wondering if most of the effort to get retail in the downtown comes from people who live downtown as well. What do people who live downtown think?
  8. The scenery in Petoskey is beautiful...the limo's pretty sort of... Do they really need a new hotel in Petoskey? Hm..... Well, I guess if you build it they will come. I think beauty is within the eye of the beholder as far as the new hotel in GR is concerned. That's all I'm going to say about the building.
  9. Thanks for the info Gary. You can PM me about STL all you want. I doubt no one in GR cares.
  10. The businesses in East Hills are having a "Witches Night Out" for adults only. Witches and warlocks are invited to attend. There will be a costume contest amongst other fun activities to be had by all. It's Thurdsay, October 25 from 5-10.
  11. rhino6885 was talking to me about this....I should consider this. I will just have to find time to read 23 pages. I didn't have time to read the 52 pages about the GRAM...sigh. I just think it's very important because I grew up in St. Louis and last year during the World Series, STL was marked as the most dangerous city in the US, not according to me, though I could tell stories. Anyway, downtown St. Louis is completely empty. There are government workers, my mother was a programmer downtown at a courthouse and when my brother and I went to work with her I would see tons and tons of store
  12. They are behind in so many ways. When I talked to the GRAM's PR guy, I told him everything that I saw at opening night and he was surprised. Perhaps they're too busy teaching everyone how the new computer system works at the GRAM to update a website. I don't know, I wasn't too impressed by the GRAM's functioning on opening day. Maybe they're looking for a webmaster now.... I did like the artwork, just didn't like how things were run and behind-the-scenes things only someone trying to get a story done would notice.
  13. The guards weren't paying enough attention at all. I happened to run into veloise and rhino6885 when I was there writing the article for the school newspaper. I was concerned about getting my story and rightfully so. The editor of the school newspaper (keep that in mind a college newspaper) and I should've just done my own research on it, assured me there'd be tour guides walking around. The security guards weren't even walking around. They were gathering in certain spots of the art museum chit chatting. But nonetheless I was surprised at how big it was and wish there was more artwork.
  14. I'm surprised they haven't fixed it by now.
  15. I hope to run into a few of you at the grand opening. I'm going to be there writing for my college newspaper The Saint on the GRAM. Only I'm new in town and haven't seen all the buzz about this museum until I got here. So any websites or other postings on UP that I need to read to get up to speed and have some "research" done? I have no idea what the old art museum looked like. Thanks!
  16. I'm starting to think realize I should doubt my boss. Her thought was that it was in relationship to Celebration on the Grand just happening because it was the 75th anniversary but that's only been around for 28 years. So it really is just an advertisement. And despite what she says the Paul Goebel Group has indeed been around for 75 years.
  17. I like the banners too. I was actually going to ask my co-worker who's friends with Meg Goebel, owner and president of the Paul Goebel group. I thought hm, what a great way to advertise! If only my company was going somewhere.... (a little side venture I have in addition to my almost full-time job) then I'd advertise there. Then I get on this forum and see that it's the subject of conversation. Well, I'll have to ask tomorrow. And AlexpKeaton, I love your photography. You're not as bad as you think you are. They're quite good.
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