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  1. Great! Maybe they can do the same for Woodland Heights. We typically lose power 2-3 times per year due to downed trees.
  2. Neighborhood resident in the Spartanburg Eats Facebook group claims that Five Guys and Jersey Mikes are coming to the Westside (vacant lot across from Outback).
  3. According to the Spartanburg Foodies Facebook group, traffic at the existing location is down dramatically over the past couple of years. It seems to be a combination of mediocre food and bad service. Could be that corporate is considering closing the location altogether, or perhaps it’s underperforming at such a level that they didn’t want to enter into a multi year lease agreement somewhere else.
  4. Would be a great place for a Hilton Garden Inn.
  5. From today's SHJ: In other business, David Garson, who plans to open a new “creative American” cuisine restaurant on the westside, introduced himself to council. Garson said his restaurant, “Friends and Company Bistro and Emporium” will open in about six weeks and will offer jazz music. Garson said he will open his 13,000-square-foot restaurant at 307 West Main St. “We want it to be an extension of your living room,” Garson said. “Somewhere you can come three times a week and not break your bank.”
  6. Apparently Yogurt King on Reidville Rd. has closed. Hate it because 1) it appeared to be a mom and pop business and 2) it had plenty of space inside and didn't feel cramped like some of the other self serve yogurt places in town.
  7. Thought this was old news. http://greertoday.com/greer-sc/gsp-modernization-project-putting-the-pieces-together/2012/07/18/ Two restaurants are committed to GSP. The Thomas Creek Grill concept will be located on the concourse and Greenleaf Grille, promoting healthy menu items such as grilled sandwiches, salads and wraps, will serve a menu of items. Dunkin-Donuts will also locate a franchise. Chick-fil-A and GSP has reached an agreement that becomes effective once GSP reaches the 1.1-million passenger plateau. MSE Branded Foods (food and beverage) and the Hudson Group (retail), two compan
  8. Interesting that he's bringing in new staff. If Rome really was the victim of police harassment, can't see how VI won't be as well.
  9. Tried to order something to-go Saturday night and was told by the hostess (?) that "We're not doing to-go orders tonight" and she couldn't tell me when they would start. I understand that it's a little hectic right now; hope it settles down soon and I can try the place out. Hard to get out of the house for a sit-down with three children under 5.
  10. Grabbed a to-go menu yesterday. Can't see how the place won't be a hit. The menu had 12-15 "gourmet" burgers, assorted sandwichs and paninis, several intriquing salads (Crabcake Caeser Salad? Yes, please), and $15-$20 upscale entrees (steak, chicken, shrimp, fish). Looking forward to working my way through it. Most of the stuff on the menu are things I haven't seen in the upstate before.
  11. The new Cribbs Kitchen location opens this Thursday. They've got the signage up and it looks good. Looking forward to giving it a try!
  12. Wesley's daughter is the owner of Nu-Way, FWIW.
  13. Surprised as well. That entire complex needs to be bull-dozed and rebuilt from the ground up. I was hopeful that would happen with only Office Max/Depot and the Dollar Tree still there. Perhaps Longhorn can bring an anchor in, but I'm not betting on it. I'd still love to see a Whole Foods/Trader Joes/Earthfare/Fresh Market where CC was.
  14. My niece spoke the manager of Cook Out yesterday, and he indicated that they've also bought property somewhere in the Dorman Center.
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