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  1. they're supposed to open service at the new airport that's been under construction for sometime. it's been rumored for a while, but it's posted on the PC airport site as of today being official that SWA will start in may '10.
  2. Sorry I should have said music themed instead of instrument themed. I just hope we end up with something world class architecturally.
  3. Is that supposed to be a guitar face on the roof? I know it's called the music city center (tentatively anyway) but do we have to go down the lets make buildings look like instruments (like the arena) road again?
  4. Doesn't this sound like what happened to 100 Oaks years ago? Where the freeway access to keep it alive was too little too late?
  5. That's a good point, but raises the question of what happens to existing retail in the city core? (and paints perhaps a negative portrait for the furture as look at bellevue and antioch now) I doubt they're going to have anything unique there that isn't already served by Nashville West, Rivergate, etc., where are the people going to come from? and where will they stop shopping when and if they go? The big box, mid market retail in this city is semi saturated as it is, do we need to saturate it further?
  6. Also one could look to San Diego's Lindburgh field which is right downtown, and while the city doesn't boast many exceptionally large skyscrapers, just watching a landing from inside the plane looks like weaving through traffic cones. (with the buildings as the cones)
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