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  1. I plan on being there this Monday, and will report back with a review if I do end up going there. The website for Baxter's is up and running, and they are advertising a New Years Eve package, so I'm guessing that it's open now: www.baxterssportslounge.com
  2. A major announcement will be made on December 21st which will have a significant impact on the Hampton Roads area (regarding a large corporation's expansion).
  3. Apparently, the 18 story luxury condominium project is not a done deal, although it will happen more than likely. A small ad was run in the newspaper a couple weeks ago to guage demand, and there was a huge feedback. But I think in order to nail down the project, they will need a good amount of actual commitments before the project actually goes forward. I really hope it happens, because the rendering is beautiful.
  4. Earlier today, some of the local leaders were taken for a tour in the Marriot Hotel in the City Center development. They were taken to the 10th floor, where the sight was visible all the way to the Chamberlain Hotel at Fort Monroe. There is some discussion about the possibility of a private dining club for the 11th floor, but I do not anticipate that coming to fruition. City Center at Oyster Point looks different every day. The amount of development that has gone up this summer is really amazing.
  5. It looks like another new example of new urbanism will be taking shape in northern Newport News. The City will release more precise details in 45-60 days regarding the development of 400 acres of land up near the Lee Hall section of the city. This is a snippet from a Daily Press article: Maybe sometime soon Vdogg will realize that Newport News is pumping the most (at least the most per capita) amount of money into its locale to spur urban and economic development, and it will get its very own thread in the upper tiered section of the forum. ps. Good work on the inf
  6. I've never understood the phenomenon of cities pricing themselves out of the leasing market. Wouldn't it make more sense to lower the rental/real estate rates than keep the prices at a level where tenants flee for the suburbs, the result of which is an abondoned downtown (like Detroit)?
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