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  1. Myles Away

    Triad Regional Transit

    They are working on it. When they finish the high speed rail system in the southeast Winston-Salem will have a stop on the train at historic Union Station. Until then they have to close crossings and upgrade track.
  2. Myles Away

    The Dash Downtown Ballpark

    I agree. I dont like the view from this location. It is close to my house and very close to bars and nightlife. Its also within walking distance of homes in West End - North Carolina's first streetcar neighborhood. I guess they want the foot traffic from Burke Street and the Krispy Kreme development and the homes nearby in West End, West Salem, Holley Avenue, Ardmore and Brookstown. Crowds mean more than skyline views to them. They also want lots of luxury boxes too!
  3. Myles Away

    What do you live in?

    I'm still a renter. I've got a nice rowhouse in Winston-Salem's Brookstown area until December 2004. I was looking at a 1912 rowhouse in West End but it was sold the day after I toured it. Asking price was $204,800. Not bad for a 3 story home in walking distance from Moring Dew Coffee Roasters 4th Street Filling Station and Rubber Soul music venue. Location is very important to me. I have to walk or take a bus everywhere. I don't have a car.