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  1. Yes indeed. What is the status of this VERY important project?
  2. How about it? That would be killer. It's killer-ness would only be surpassed by putting in a bakery next door.
  3. Sigh...great. Out there, this flight was the ticket. Totally beat sweating out the very narrow layover windows that the Continental flights to LAX via IAH imposed. BUT, the redeye on the way back was no fun at all. The direct RDU-LAX Delta flight may have been the easiest way to fly to L.A. from the east coast (and I'm not exaggerating), all things considered (direct flight, about 15 minutes from parking to the gate through security if you're not checking a bag, hardly ever any takeoff delays, etc.).
  4. and how. you raise an interesting point: what and where are the really good restaurants in Cary? I haven't been anywhere there that would have me wanting to make the drive time and time again. Most of what it has to offer is very chain-ish, like a huge brier creek. Thanks for the tip, though, I'll have to check it out.
  5. Hey RaleighRob-where is this Udupi you speak of? Would you put it on par with Royal India (which I think is excellent)?
  6. What NCSU alum doesn't fondly remember drunk dialing in a Gumby's Destroyer (two large pizzas, one topping each for like 11 bucks) after a fine night of drinking at the Vomit (which was very appropriately named)? Ah, memories.... As a side note, has anyone tried pie from that new join on Oberlin near the intersection with Fairview called Zowie Howie's or something like that? It's in one of those new storefronts they constructed a year or two ago, just around the corner from EVOO. Any reviews are much appreciated.
  7. This, quoted from Jack Hagel's article linked above, best summarizes this project IMHO: Real estate agents have wondered: Who wants a condo with a view of the mall? Good question...I guess the market decides, or something like that.
  8. Yeah, the representative/developer wouldn't have any incentive to paint anything less than the rosiest of pictures as far as the project goes, would he?
  9. I just went there today. The owner (dark haired woman) is very nice, and the selection is pretty good. It's not Sprinkles in L.A. or anything but not too shabby, either. I bet the reason why the display area is so limited (and yes, there are just cupcakes but they had some good coffee as well) is that they probably plan to do most of their business catering. Grab yourself a red velvet and enjoy! It's open til 8 Tuesday through Thursday and til 11 Friday and Saturday. They're closed Sunday and Monday.
  10. Conti's market on Person St. is a good Raleigh Italian market, but I don't know if they actually make their own pasta. The owner is a great guy, though, so check it out!
  11. Bumping another old thread-does anyone know the status of the Blount St. Redevelopment project? Did the latest State gov't budget address selling the houses and state property there back to the public so the ball can get rolling? I still think that having more residents on Blount/Person on the north side of downtown is one of the linchpins of making Raleigh more of a 24-hour city.
  12. Excellent thread. As far as the local (to me) dining scene goes, the restaurant I'm most excited about opening on the horizon is Dos Taquitos' Wilmington St. location (just south of the Morgan St. crossing). The sheetrock and HVAC stuff is slowly going up. The owner told me that he was shooting for a late summer opening, and that it would cater to the lunch crowd and be open for dinner Thursday-Saturday. I can't wait! I'm going to gain 20 lbs from takeout alone
  13. A big skyscraper in a downtown setting-what a novel idea! Good news, but at this point I don't know what to make of the condo market downtown. That place over on St. Mary's decided to go all rental due to a lack of pre-sales (as I understand it) but now this? Also, doesn't a single own about half of the units in the Hudson (a very sweet project IMHO) and just rents them out? To me this suggests a lack of a market (the market being individual owners to buy the condos). I just wonder what metrics are used to forecast the condo market given the above. I make a pretty darn reasonable salary and I work downtown yet I am woefully unable to afford a condo down here. That's not right, seeing as condos are ideal for younger single guys like myself. There is no way I'm paying $225K+ for a place that's smaller than my apartment now, and the Edison condos figure to be at least that for sure.
  14. You'd think they would be but I still haven't seen any tables directly outside Betski's (you might have seen the tables associated with the grocery store), which is a shame, because I love their food. Great place to go, folks, if you haven't been.
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