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  1. I noticed that Delta has the RDU-LAX route discontinued on Jan. 7th... Don't know if this is for sure but it doesn't show up in the schedule after that date so it may be gone. Hate to break such news but it looks to be gone in a few days. They may pick it back up after the winter season.

    Sigh...great. Out there, this flight was the ticket. Totally beat sweating out the very narrow layover windows that the Continental flights to LAX via IAH imposed. BUT, the redeye on the way back was no fun at all.

    The direct RDU-LAX Delta flight may have been the easiest way to fly to L.A. from the east coast (and I'm not exaggerating), all things considered (direct flight, about 15 minutes from parking to the gate through security if you're not checking a bag, hardly ever any takeoff delays, etc.).

  2. It's in Cary on Chatham Street. It's vegetarian Indian, though, so don't be surprised if you ever try it. I do think it's good though...cuz it's about the only restaurant I'd bother navigating Cary for!! :P

    and how. you raise an interesting point: what and where are the really good restaurants in Cary? I haven't been anywhere there that would have me wanting to make the drive time and time again. Most of what it has to offer is very chain-ish, like a huge brier creek.

    Thanks for the tip, though, I'll have to check it out. :good:

  3. It's a great list...I like that Greg Cox emphasizes local restaurants instead of chains. And that he also lists a good helping of places from all three corners of the Triangle.

    My only critique would be that the only Indian restaurant he listed was the utterly bland Saffron in Morrisville. <_< Udupi would have been a better choice by far.

    But I suppose that's balanced out by the fact he gives Red Palace Chinese the attention it deserves. :thumbsup:

    Hey RaleighRob-where is this Udupi you speak of? Would you put it on par with Royal India (which I think is excellent)?

  4. I also lived nearby (Daisy St) and gave in a time or too after a night of drinking at the vomit(Comet). But I have to second the Lilys/Moonlight/Capital Creations trilogy......the three best in town by far imo.

    What NCSU alum doesn't fondly remember drunk dialing in a Gumby's Destroyer (two large pizzas, one topping each for like 11 bucks) after a fine night of drinking at the Vomit (which was very appropriately named)? Ah, memories.... :thumbsup:

    As a side note, has anyone tried pie from that new join on Oberlin near the intersection with Fairview called Zowie Howie's or something like that? It's in one of those new storefronts they constructed a year or two ago, just around the corner from EVOO. Any reviews are much appreciated.

  5. Next to Amras. I took some pics last friday...will try to post soon. Rob.....I stuck my face up to the window and only see one small display case and some countertop glass containers.....probably more than just cupcakes....the name seems to imply it, but the space looks awfully limited. They put a nice chunk of change into fixing up the space so I hope the business model can pay the rent and capital invested....maybe they will cater too or something like Peche de Chocolate in City Market does? I talked to the owner once wondering how he paid his rent selling candy and he said they provided lots of high end candy to special events etc.

    I just went there today. The owner (dark haired woman) is very nice, and the selection is pretty good. It's not Sprinkles in L.A. or anything but not too shabby, either. I bet the reason why the display area is so limited (and yes, there are just cupcakes but they had some good coffee as well) is that they probably plan to do most of their business catering. Grab yourself a red velvet and enjoy!

    It's open til 8 Tuesday through Thursday and til 11 Friday and Saturday. They're closed Sunday and Monday.

  6. Excellent thread.

    As far as the local (to me) dining scene goes, the restaurant I'm most excited about opening on the horizon is Dos Taquitos' Wilmington St. location (just south of the Morgan St. crossing). The sheetrock and HVAC stuff is slowly going up. The owner told me that he was shooting for a late summer opening, and that it would cater to the lunch crowd and be open for dinner Thursday-Saturday. I can't wait! I'm going to gain 20 lbs from takeout alone :wub:

  7. Terrific! :)

    Cary developer Gregg Sandreuter and Cherokee Investment Partners of Raleigh want to build a 38-story, eco-friendly mix of shops, hotel rooms and residences in Raleigh's reviving downtown.

    It's part of a two-tower plan called Edison. The second tower would rise 24 stories. If approved by city planners, it would be the latest step in the city's efforts to turn a 9-to-5 government town into a hub of 24-7 activity.

    Although it's not specified, I interpret that the 38-story tower is condos over hotel over ground floor retail (since high-rise condos will sell very well), and the 24-story building is all office over retail. Depending on floorplates, you could build 500k sf out of 24 floors. Since their was no announcement of a third building, I assume they are not building on top of the parking deck, but that air rights could be utilized at a much later date (I hope). As big as it is, that deck probably takes up an acre or more of land, which leaves "only" about just over two acres for each of the two towers.

    Cherokee's involvement is a HUGE plus, as they probably pushed for LEED certification, which is another great thing about this project. I assume that the floors would be larger for LEED as some have said.

    I wonder if Morgan Stanley could be thinking about this? I doubt it since they aren't moving a corporate HQ and probably would not want to wait until 2012 to occupy office space.

    On a side note, I absolutely can't believe some people are complaining about this already. :huh:

    A big skyscraper in a downtown setting-what a novel idea! :P

    Good news, but at this point I don't know what to make of the condo market downtown. That place over on St. Mary's decided to go all rental due to a lack of pre-sales (as I understand it) but now this? Also, doesn't a single own about half of the units in the Hudson (a very sweet project IMHO) and just rents them out? To me this suggests a lack of a market (the market being individual owners to buy the condos). I just wonder what metrics are used to forecast the condo market given the above.

    I make a pretty darn reasonable salary and I work downtown yet I am woefully unable to afford a condo down here. That's not right, seeing as condos are ideal for younger single guys like myself. There is no way I'm paying $225K+ for a place that's smaller than my apartment now, and the Edison condos figure to be at least that for sure.

  8. Is Betski's getting outside seating now? I saw some tables out there the other day when I stopped in the grocery.

    You'd think they would be but I still haven't seen any tables directly outside Betski's (you might have seen the tables associated with the grocery store), which is a shame, because I love their food. Great place to go, folks, if you haven't been.

  9. Is the grocery store open on Sundays? I was thinking about walking down there for a late breakfast/early lunch on Sunday...but it was so hot I didnt want to walk all that way to find out it was closed. I checked their website and it didn't have any hours listed on there.

    yep, it's open on Sundays, I went by this past Sunday for some breakfast ingredients.

    Quick review of the redone grocery store: it's much better. The stock is much more diverse and I find myself wanting for less things when I go. But, you have to keep in mind that this place will never be a SUPERmarket in the Kroger/Harris Teeter mold. The produce section is bigger than it was previously. As Jones posted, there is a salad and hot bar now, and yesterday for lunch they had curry chicken and basmati rice that smelled great. There are also still sandwiches made to order, and now there is a little sushi kiosk with adjacent pre-made sushi displays. The owner is very engaging and he said that they are going to start having wine and beer by the glass from 4-8PM (a grocery bar? hmmmm....). Beer and wine selection has been buffetted. The meat counter remains very good. On a scale of 1-100, I'd give the previous version of the store a 70-75, and this one is probably around 85-90. A marked improvement.

    If anyone lives/works downtown, please come by and support this place. It's the closest spot for me to get beer and it sucked when it was closed!

  10. I flew the reltively new non-stop Delta flight to LA this past Jan, but was caught by surprise when they had eliminated the Tuesday red-eye return trip (had to go thru ATL :angry: ). I really hope we can support flights like the Denver and the LA flight, and maybe pick up the old Midway flight to the Bay Area too (I flew that one to San Jose back in 2000).

    That RDU-LAX flight is key. It gets in at the perfect time at LAX and you don't really even have to take much off work early to fly it from here. Are all the redeye returns eliminated or just certain weekdays?

  11. To me, Vertigo/Poole's was always a lunch place that happened to also be a bar open for dinner/late night. Anyone expecting any more than that set themselves up for a disappointment.

    That being said, Vertigo made a mean black bean nachos, but Poole's had a hard time making a basic nachos plate. Ideally, the lunch counter will be moved somewhere else (warehouse district?) when that block is redevloped. Other bars don't emulate the "rounded out" bar because the counter space eats up too much otherwise open floor space. The circle accomodated other wait staff passing by to the register, etc.

    The Borrough and Poole's suffer the same problem -- they are great if you are a regular, but you virtually have to tap dance to get noticed if you're not. Poole's "soul" was *inherited* from the original lunch counter, not created by existing managment. I want to like the Borrough, but can not since I do not want to do jumping jacks to get a drink order placed.

    Substance is more important than style to me, so I'd rather go to Flying Saucer (awsome beer selection) or Times Bar (better food). I still need to get to the Capitol Room. The closest to a "chain bar" downtown is the Hi 5/Bogart's/Red Room complex, Woody's City Market, Rum Runners, and the Sheraton Bar. The first two are local chains that happen to have more than one location. The last two barely qualify as a "bar" and neither "razed history" to be created. The same goes for most of Glenwood South, minus the 510 building.

    Vertigo was never open for lunch as best I can remember (it opened in 95/96-no doubt when the space was open before it lunch was served, though), at least not until its later years preceding the name change to Pooles. Vertigo was basically a bar that served dinner. Is menu was overly ambitious, though, and at least in the mid-late 90's, if someone said Vertigo, the implication was late night bar, the type of place that would be packed til last call. Those were the glory days, and that's the context I associated Vertigo with (not everyone would share this opinion).

    I can empathize with not getting served too quickly if you're not a regular at Pooles (and even if you are!), but I've never had that problem at the borough, those are pretty friendly folks there. Sorry you've had that experience.

    Point taken about the razing history for chains comment, that was more of a commentary on this area in general vs. DT. Regardless, I'm one of those crazy people who doesn't feel very fulfilled hopping the gloso bar set. I like a place with character where an attempt it isn't conspicuously made to manufacture it. The more popular places on glenwood don't do it for me in that regard, spare a few. Just a personal preference.

    I disagree about the notion of soul with Vertigo, though. It was a lunch counter that was converted into a bar, and it came off to me as unique and a great idea, and one that really worked well (to pretty widespread acclaim-lots of folks used to go). Obviously that was the brain child of the management that bought it. They took a unique space and created something new without gutting it and starting again. Whether or not that was because of money, I don't know, but it worked for me.

  12. The lack of advertising meant they relied on a crowd of regulars...many of those regulars now spend their dime at the Borough because ofthe overlap with Boroughs owner previously working at Pooles. The Borough is more successful overall though because they advertise, the location is prominant, and the style appeals to a wider range of people.

    You said it, Jones. I support the Borough even though I'm not big fan of its location within the benchmark Raleigh McCondo, The Dawson on Morgan. Poole's has way more soul.

  13. Two other things affecting Poole's business of late:

    1. Shamefully low health inspection ratings (I believe an 81 in October or November, it's just up of 90 now, which according to sanitarians I know is usually a gimme to prevent a place from getting a "B" rating)

    2. Rude service of late: my friends and I were unceremoniously kicked out by the bartenders a few Saturdays ago before midnight (!). This place is going downhill in a hurry, which is a shame, because space-wise it will probably always be my favorite bar in Raleigh.

    The bottom line is once Kings got its full liquor license, in absence of good food (of which there is none), Vertigo doesn't have much to offer other than the sweet bar space. I never had a problem with the bathrooms, but sometimes they are pretty grungy. But please, people keep going! If it closed, that would be awful. Raleigh has a bad tendency of razing its history for insipid buildings and chain bars, let's hope this place isn't a victim as well.

  14. All the posts about RDU and its dated feel are valid. But, I have to say, I can think of no other airport in an area as populated as the triangle is where I can drive to within a few hundred feet of my gate, park for only $10 a night that close, and only have to wait in the security line for a couple of minutes, reliably (barring big rush times like Wednesday before t-giving). Frills aside, I'll never complain about an airport like that.

  15. What else do you all think that developers along with the city of Raleigh can put downtown to attract more tourists along with more locals?

    how about a convenience store that serves Fayetteville St.? The closest convenience store to the capitol building is several blocks away, like driving distance away. So many small ammenities like this are missing from downtown verite.

  16. Great, another taco/burrito shack. Like there aren't enough of those around.

    I couldn't agree more if that were the case, but like dmmcall said, this is not another el rodeo. They have standard texmex stuff, that is heads and shoulders above the relative crap you get at rodeo, and lots of stuff they don't offer elsewhere. It's definitely the best restaurant of its kind in the triangle.

    and i live a block away! great news.

  17. I work a few blocks away, and I'm happy about this project. Even though the finished product departed somewhat from initial renderings (which were a bit more exciting architecturally), it looks pretty good, and I'm stoked about the grocery store coming in. Has anyone tried the restaurant yet?

  18. I like the ideas I'm reading here, but the bottom line for Fay. St.'s reawakening, as for downtown's as a hole, will be how many RESIDENTS will be in the area. I am pleased with all the condo projects coming up, but not pleased with the mean price-let's face it, it's the younger crowd that's usually out and about, and unless more affordable housing is constructed, downtown revitalization in Raleighwood is not going to be entirely successful.

    That's not to say that I don't think great strides are being made. But we do have a long way to go as far as giving people a place to rest their heads in downtown proper (I'm talking about within the grid itself, not up glenwood, etc.).

    That being said, I would like to see a large residential building (or three) go up on or adjacent to Fayetteville St.

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