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    Amazon HQ2

    https://www.amazon.com/gp/browse.html/?node=17044620011&ref=tsm_1_fb_s_amzn_1063440688&linkId=41914261 While this is probably a long shot for Richmond. I wonder if they are trying to get a West Coast and East Coast presence. My guess is they would look somewhere with a larger airport hub and larger workforce to pull from. I wouldn't be surprised to see Atlanta and maybe Boston as an East a Coast finalist. I suspect that Virginia will put in a big push. I think NOVA has a good shot. Richmond and Hampton Roads / VA Beach might be long shots. All that said, there ha
  2. Everything I have heard about Aetna is they are getting ready to announce they are moving to NYC in Manhattan. It sounds like they were really only looking hard at NYC and Boston.
  3. Here is an article from a friend at the Dogtown Dish about the PortRVA expansion. http://dogtowndish.com/2017/05/13/portrva-phase-2-plans-to-go-vertical-on-hull-street/
  4. No that is not the same site as CapItal One. CapOne is building two new buildings and a parking garage (for 2000+ cars) right in the center of their campus. It will basically connect the about to be 10 main buildings, not including there Services building (Mail, etc.). The other 10 buildings (West Creek 1-8 (workspaces), WC Towncenter (conference center), and WC Commons (multi-pupose building - recruiting, food services and cafes, meeting spaces). The new parking garage is almost complete (Sep) and the two new buildings have the steel up and are moving to the rest of the outside fo the bui
  5. Capital One will most likely never add a major presence in downtown. Unless they moved their bank footprint out of NY and DC which doesn't seem likely. If they did move some things out of NY you would see that expansion in McLean and Goochland, where they already have expansions plan in place. They currently have a 14,000 square foot space in the WIlliams Mullen building downtown for one of their commercial banking branchs. The new branch is staffed by a team of 15. The new space has room to add 30 more employees. Other than that CapOne is already in the process of adding 3 more str
  6. Actually Burt the size has always been 8,700 in order to match the current capcaity of the Robins Center. The RC used to be 9,100 but shrunk several years back when the put in the new floor. The size was necessary to get approval from the city and local residents. The community and city did not want to allow it to be any larger than the RC. Personally I think the city really decided to back the community becuase they were still upset that UR didn't opt to but the current stadium and land from them. I can tell you that there will be more than 8,700 at big games, though paid capacity will
  7. Flying Squirrels it is: http://www2.timesdispatch.com/rtd/sports/p...99518/#comments
  8. I will never understand peoples obsession with AAA baseball over AA or A league ball. The majority of the talent is in class AA and A ball not AAA. Most of the players in AAA are career minor leaguers and potential major league bench players. Sure occasionally a major league star comes down for a rehab assignment but they go to AA just as frequently as they rehab in AAA. Sure a prospect usually goes through AAA before they get called up to the majors, but the best prospects usualluy spend the majority of time in AA and only a short period in AAA before the call up. I grew up in New Engl
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