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  1. Parkhills update. A sign has been placed on reidville road near Silver Hills church that states PARKHILLS community Also Preservation Trust has branched out to ParkHills . They are renovating a house on Briarcliff Rd.
  2. [ Surprised as well. That entire complex needs to be bull-dozed and rebuilt from the ground up. I was hopeful that would happen with only Office Max/Depot and the Dollar Tree still there. Perhaps Longhorn can bring an anchor in, but I'm not betting on it. I'd still love to see a Whole Foods/Trader Joes/Earthfare/Fresh Market where CC was.
  3. Thanks to Qs-1, another old building bit the dust. Here is the chain of events..... private citizen sold to Rick Cobden (realtor) and he flipped it to Qs-1/// They grazed to fulfill their dream of completing an awesome parking lot.... Before after [before after
  4. Another point would be what about putting one of these downtown? There is one near the square in Laurens, SC (its pretty awesome) and the economical benefit is amazing. I am not saying it needs to be on 140 acres as the one in Reidville will be but even something the size of the 295 sports complex would be a step in the right direction. What so you think about dropping one of these over in Beaumont where the old mill used to be?
  5. [ A huge new nightclub for spartanburg... DOWNTOwn... I don't think we have any night clubs.. anymore. Dancing would be COOL. http://www.goupstate.com/article/20100217/ARTICLES/2171043/1097/ENTERTAINMENT?Title=Nightclub-set-to-open-downtown-in-Kimbrell-s-building
  6. In regards to the possibility of a City tram.... I wonder how much it cost to widen Reidville Road (John B white blvd.) several years ago?? I know the tram system could be costly.... but in the long run it would be an excellent investment. Let's say it is 2030. Do we even have gas anymore? DOes China have control over the oil? Just saying.... I have lived in Europe and Asia and I have found not having a car equated to more freedom, than having a car. I have friends who live in Montreal, who are car-less but can rent one for about $20 a day , say if they need to go buy some bigger
  7. I would love to see electric trolley's or European style trams on Reidville Road and Main ST. Put them in the middle turn lane. Yes, we would loose some "Spots o Pride" People could park and ride, buy monthly passes. Reidville Road is again in horrible shape from the light at Crescent rd. to Main ST. I know the cost of paving is high, and will have to been done over and over and over. A local tram system, could bring people back downtown. Heck, I'd pay a buck to ride to East side or downtown... Business could pop-up all along the way. The zoning is already in place on these mai
  8. I know this. THe only building left in the former row on Ezell St. (behind Tap room) was sold twice in the past few months. First to a Rick Cobden LLC called Ezell Properties and shortly after to QS-1. They plan to raze it to complete there much anticipated parking lot. R.I.P old warehouse building circa 1919.
  9. New/old Neighborhoods with potential. Parkhills behind Silver Hill Methodist,,, Briarwood /Briarcliff Rds. Now with the Charter school option this might make the shool issure more attractive for potential buyers. Does have trouble spots with unsightly rentals but not anymore than Hampton H. price range 35,000-100 grand. Area of streets that branch off Reidville Road from the Light at John White Blvd. and Briarcliff to Woodland Heights school.... Hatcher Garden Corridor. 1.5 mile to downtown. I own a house in that area that backs up to the downtown area. my deed calls it City P
  10. I finally had the chance to try Converse Deli. It lived up to its hype. I had a Cuban. THere were several I wanted to try. 2 sandwiches with one side and 1 tea and 1 water..almost $20. Friendly staff, a good exp., and Tasty!!! I also like the fact that the guy who envisioned this is about 30yrs. old and is delivering the goods and also on the line making the sandwiches
  11. We walked in RJ Tap room last Saturday but didn't feel "the vibe" so went to Main St. Tavern. Concerte floors and tons of big screens... football on. My impression, mostly young crowd (25 -ish) yelling for their favorite teman. Had one beer and left. Service good. Nice but nothing super special. Another bar. More revenues from the hospitality tax. I'd rather have a dessert bar !
  12. I have heard good reviews about Fratellos (italian) in Roebuck.. THere is an article in the HJ today. Two brothers from Ecuador, who lived in NYC for many years and worked in Italian restuaraunts, have opened it. THey say they have pizza by the slice or whole and great pastas.... Anyone tried it?
  13. Add another eatery to the "Another One Bites the Dust" list. Elizabeth,s is closing on Friday. It is located on Kennedy st. Soups, sandwiches, quiche, and quesadillas. The owner said the difficult ecomonic climate was her reason. This was reported in the Herald Journal.
  14. THe international market NEVER happened. THe shops nor restaurants opened. Pity. It is still vacant.
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