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  1. It's across from the old War Memorial baseball stadium. I would place it as just outside the CBD. It's at the corner of Yanceyville St. and Lindsay St. http://www.greensboro-nc.gov/departments/P...ilities/market/
  2. If only we had the income around downtown to support such a retail environment. Average Household income within 1 mile of Elm Street is about $38,000 while Charleston is around $81,000 within 1 mile of King Street according to SRC. If Greensboro wants to grow retail downtown they should start by encouraging the existing businesses to stay open past 6PM. I don't know many people that have time to shop during the day from 10AM to 6PM (the hours of most of these retail stores). As it stands right now, aside from a few art galleries that host functions at night once in a while, downtown is an
  3. I know that this will make me look like I am against the future development of Greensboro but Greensboro has more commercial office space (and retail) than it will need in the next 5 to 10 years without a major economic shift to bring in a rush of businesses. At the end of 2007 Guilford County had an office vacancy rate around 19%, according to Karnes, and given the current economy I would say it hasn't gotten much lower. Adding to the already vacant office space isn't the answer to growing Greensboro's downtown. If only the city planners would stop allowing developers to throw up a new bui
  4. While I've only been here 15 years I agree that most large scale cities are suburban at their root with large scale urban centers. And I agree that these "urban cores" develop in part from the ease of interstate access. From the center of downtown Greensboro to I-40 (the closest interstate) it is roughly 2.5 miles, so for new developments in downtown Greensboro, especially all these proposed high rises, wouldn't it make more sense to grow toward the south side of the city which would grow downtown closer to I-40? Maybe the city planners should look at that if they really want to push the gr
  5. This is probably one of the most accurate and in tune points I've ever read on UP.
  6. While I agree that there should be some reasonable control over what people do on their property when it affects the properties around them, I don't see how this law is enforceable. What is the reasonable definition of ones front lawn? If I paved my entire front lawn or put down gravel does that allow me to park on it? What if I have a U-Shaped driveway that runs through my front yard? I can't wait for all these people to move their cars in to the street in front of their houses.
  7. I wasn't being negative with my comments but rather my point of view was that of concern. Greensboro keeps building offices, hotels, and retail without people to work in them, stay in them or shop at them. There are so many projects out there from developers (many which may never get developed) that the city is being overrun and continuing to sprawl. If we already have 2 downtown hotels and not many people staying in them why build one, two or three more? The city should lend a hand to the existing hotels so they are remodeled or bought by owners that will actually spend a few dollars on t
  8. Maybe with horse patrols the police will actually do some policing downtown. Standing on the corner doesn't seem to do doing too much. They could at least be out there sending all the 16 year old kids home by 1 AM. All they really need to do is remodel the Marriott into a place where people actually want to stay. And given the latest reports on the local economy, like this one from the N&R, "Median earnings have declined, the poverty rate has risen to 19 percent, and population growth is sluggish, according to the report", I'd say we should look at some business development instead of
  9. Bidclerk is pretty cool. I've never seen that site before but it certainly tells you alot about what's going on. Too bad full access is so expensive. I can't wait to see the PTRP in a few years.
  10. This is a big boost for this company and of course it is always nice to see municipalities go "green" whenever possible. I think Daimler Buses is actually located in High Point with the original manufacturing facility (formerly Thomas Built Buses) on High Point Road and Guilford College. But the offices and newest manufacturing facility for Thomas Built Buses are in High Point. Daimer owns both Freightliner and Thomas Built Buses. The buses are made locally and there are quite a few Freightliner manufacturing facilities in NC. *I guess only Thomas Built Buses are built out of the HP loc
  11. And the sale of Friendly and the rest of the Starmount portfolio is final. http://www.businesswire.com/portal/site/go...amp;newsLang=en
  12. And here is your official announcement: http://www.news-record.com/apps/pbcs.dll/a...RSTAFF/71129015
  13. I think most of that building will be DSW Shoes. Apple could go in the small shop space next door to DSW or in the building next to Francesca's. Actually there about 8 vacant spaces on the back side of the new buildings betweeen REI and Jason's Deli. Apple will be a huge addition to this center.
  14. NewBridge Bank Park doesn't sound quite as nice as First Horizon Park but at least it's a sponsor with a local presence.
  15. I understand the concept that certain older people may not feel safe in a parking deck but it works in cities all over the country. I showed an example of this in my last post (take a look at the first link in my prior post and you can see the 3 level deck under the buildings in the picture). While it is certainly expensive to do a proper parking deck in this manner it is worth while if you want an easily walkable property. In the Atlantic Station example the parking deck is built underground with the buildings and structures on top of the parking deck. This way you don't have to disgu
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