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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if tony splits the un-sold units into separate one-bedroom lofts and sells them for slightly more than half price for each loft. There are way more people willing to pay $200K for a 1-bedroom loft han $400K for a two-bedroom condo. Mainly, the monthly payments on the loft would be more affordable to a wider variety of people...the only problem is parking, but he could make parking an extra perk that has to be purchased...that should solve that...I'm sure some people would be enamored with the idea of selling their car and living an urban lifestyle and not purchasing a
  2. ^LOL! Gold will just re-value so that it can shelter all the money that people want to shelter in it. If there is a mass exodus from dollars into gold/silver you would see the price-per-ounce climb to $5,000 or something rediculous. But remember investors, panics ofting have sharp peaks, so you will know it's time to sell when the gold panic is the #1 news story. Eventually people will have to dump their gold for currency to make purchases and investments - and you don't want to be holding gold when that happens.
  3. LOL! I think it's a good advertising strategy, but that bit about the mascot climbing the siggy --- damn that's hilarious!!! Whatever it takes to get this building out of the ground I'm all for it...
  4. Oh, if only he had stuck with the original 55-floor design! This thing might be rising now...I would have even settled for the old design (pre spire) if it was just U/C right now!!!
  5. Hi, slightly off topic, but Wow. You joined in 2005 and just now made your first post? That's awsome! You take lurking to a whole new level my friend!! I thought I had lurked for a long time before posting but you put me to shame...welcome aboard!
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