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  1. george

    new developments

    I have recently moved to Colorado, but have tried to keep up with Macon. I recall reading about 2 new developments in north Macon. North Macon Promenade -A 314,000 sf development of big box and smaller retailers, with a hotel and restaurant. Riverside Centre- with 415.000 sf of stores and restaurants, along with a 55,000 sf Movie theater. does anyone know what will be going end to these projects? and are the any more on the horizon?
  2. george

    Downtown Redevelopment

    not at all. go ahead.
  3. george

    Downtown Redevelopment

    it's good to see developers from outside of Macon to start to invest in downtown. Here are a few of the projects. Lamar drugs building on Cherry Street being developed into a mixed-use development with 30-40 lofts and street level commercial. A company who specialize in mixed-use in the southeast is doing this project. Lofts at Popular is being developed by an Atlanta developer, this project will be all residential.(12 lofts) 518,522 and 530 Cherry street is being developed by a Macon native who has spent most of their Adult life in New Orleans. it will have 5 residential units, a roof- top garden and patio along with 3 retail spaces ..Her art gallery Travis Jean will open this month. Along with all the Projects Mercer has going on downtown, there's a lot going on downtown. Standard Rhodes building on second street being developed into a mixed-use building with 12 lofts and 4 commercial spaces at street level.
  4. george

    Savannah Developments

    Ben Carter plans on Broughton Street project. A 5 block mixed-use of 25 Historic building's into a retail, restaurant and multi-family development. J.Crew and Palm Avenue have already signed on.
  5. george

    Downtown Redevelopment

    Toronto businessman has officially bought the old Ramada Plaza hotel and plans to renovate 2/3 of the rooms and open as a Radisson Hotel on Oct 1. Hopefully later on remodel the street level to make it more pedestrian friendly with retail and restaurant store fronts.
  6. george

    Mall of Georgia

    Forever 21 moving to a new 2 story 18,000sf space on the Nordstrom's wing. Taking over the former Banana Republic space down stairs and the relocated Men's store that was above it. Tilly's to open in the old Forever 21 space later in 2014.
  7. george

    Downtown Redevelopment

    Opening in the Dannenberg Lofts the next few months: Kinetix Health Club opening Feb 26, Ocmulgee Traders Urban Market opening in March. Kudzu Seafood opening in April.
  8. george

    Mall of Georgia

    Marlow's Tavern opening in the Village. they're still working out the lease.
  9. george

    Mall of Georgia

    Banana Republic has closed.. Fab'rik opening in the old baking grounds space.
  10. george

    The Shoppes at River Crossing

    Justice/Brothers coming soon
  11. george

    Downtown Redevelopment

    Yeah it is...neither is doing urban markets right now and a local urban market is opening in the Dannenburg building first of the year.... historic Macon is trying to save the church and convert it into a food court
  12. george

    Downtown Redevelopment

    Lofts at college street being develop behind the post office downtown..with retail on bottom floor.....developer wants to tear down historic church across from medical center and build a Dunkin Doughnuts
  13. george

    Macon Area Projects & Developments

    Publix was originally going to build on Zebulon Rd behind Zaxbys but when Kroger backed out of the Bass Rd location and decided to enlarge an remodel Tom Hill , took their place. I'm pretty sure it won't be Publix though. Maybe something like a Harris Teeteras far as Whole Foods they're looking to expand in midsize markets.but who knows we're probably all wrong.
  14. george

    Macon Area Projects & Developments

    I would tend to think more of a Earth fare or Whole Foods,something not already in the area.
  15. george

    Savannah Developments

    Zoe's Kitchen and Chipolte openning up next to Whole Foods