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  1. I heard today that there will be some kind of book, exact content TBA since there are SO many artists!
  2. I've seen two on 28th and one on W. Fulton, too.
  3. Man, even though it would be cool to have a high profile film fest in GR, I hope that's not the big announcement. The world really doesn't need yet ANOTHER film festival, and we already have a rather prestigious film fest with the Waterfront Film Festival in our backyard. Plus film festivals aren't doing so well these days - even Sundance has been cutting back. Please let it be something more innovative! Sigh.
  4. This? http://www.woodtv.com/dpp/news/Suspicious_...owntown_streets
  5. HOME MOVIE DAY - WEST MICHIGAN Grab those old Super 8, 8mm, and 16mm films out of your attic and head down to West Michigan's 1st Annual Home Movie Day! In conjunction with the worldwide celebration of Home Movie Day, Grand Rapids will host a day of screenings of YOUR home movies. Come early, get your films inspected, and share your motion picture memories with your friends and neighbors. Find out about preserving your films and transferring them to video. Free film to video transfer available for films about Grand Rapids! Saturday, October 18th, 2008 Film drop-off and inspecti
  6. It was pretty bad during the summer, but now many of the projects have wrapped up, buildings have opened, and it's much more usable. And looking pretty good, I would say. Can't wait for the new library, though.
  7. I asked the folks at the Green Life today if they knew what the plans were for the From the Heart space on Fulton. They said the building would be sold, but with the goal that the new owner/tenant would make the space better and fit into the neighborhood "vibe." So we'll see!
  8. I do believe this is where From the Heart Yoga Center is moving to (from East Fulton). They needed a larger space than their Fulton location, so when this spot opened up, they grabbed it. Will feature two adjacent studios (for yoga & tai chi) that can open up into a larger room as well as an apartment for the owners above.
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