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  1. I completely agree with you. I drive this section of road on my way to work and can't believe the condition. There are literally piles of gravel/blacktop building up against the concrete barrier between north and southbound traffic, and the sad part is I can't remember when the road WASN'T like this. I laugh at the "Loose Gravel" warning signs on a regular basis and wonder why the city hasn't gotten this fixed, after all it is a major road into/out of the city.
  2. If that North Greenville University project is like every other project they have undertaken then "Coming Soon" actually means "Coming in the next 4-8 years". And actually, if memory serves me right, Back in 2002/2003 is when they first announced that old store would be the schools Coffee Cafe. This is 2008, so that makes it about 5-6 years... Yup, they are right on track. Also, look at the old Tigerville Elementary building that they moved in 2004/2005, it's been 3 years and it is still unfinished.
  3. Someone at DOT must have their head up their ass. All you have to do is look at the Pelham & 85 DOT cam every morning at 8 and evening at 5 to see that we need 8 lanes right now. If they do this study and then go with 8 lanes someone should loose their job.
  4. All I'm asking for is an Anderson subforum. I don't see a need to have an upstate subforum, just because of the discussion in the Audi/VW topic doesn't mean we have to merge all the cities together on the board too I have to agree that the board is relatively easy to navigate, although I don't like how there is 2 sections of topics under the South Carolina sub forums. It makes sense to have sub forums for cities as well as generic posts under SC, but the 11 Topics floating between the 2 really annoy me . Use the sticky feature if its neccesary, but I think those 11 topics could use some prunning and be moved off that little sub-section. PS: Mods, I know you're working on the subforum for Anderson, this is just some friendly ribbing
  5. I wonder how feasible it would be to expand the current parking deck? But, the other side of the hospital will need some form of a parking lot if they are going to put another builing there. The last thing i like to see in downtown environments is a piece of land turned into pavement, it stunts upward growth too much. I'll have to start taking pictures and find topics to discuss, seeing how im moving to Anderson in the next year I'll make an effort to show interest in the City and this board.
  6. On a side note, what would it take to give Anderson its own subforum? If there is a moderator out there that could create one, that would be great. A few topics could include: Mall renovations, new shopping center at 85 @ clemson blvd, downtown renovations (Chiqola club, etc), Development of Highway 81, any others....?
  7. AnMed to spend $70 million to renovate the downtown medical campus. I can't wait to see some renderings of the work to be done, but here is the article to read for yourself. AnMed Renovations
  8. Picture 2 should tell you where picture 1 was taken, but try to guess first
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