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  1. Don't know about ROD but some property tax records just came back online.
  2. Google Fiber coming to Charlotte?

    OK, I would love to be wrong about this. But have any of us heard about a neighborhood where they have started service in over the past year? Where will the next rollouts be? My source is pretty reliable and the evidence (the total lack of activity from google) matches up. They started wiring my neighborhood more than 2 years ago but they never started service. Admittedly this is all just anecdote, but I need a little more than "the map will only grow" before I can think that everything is still kosher. If they are still moving forward then whats the holdup?
  3. The Good News Report

    Not many details in the Observer article but this is a nice pull:
  4. Charlotte Bike Sharing

    No picture due to S Blvd traffic but I chuckled when I saw two lime bikes parked in front of Leather and Lace today. Lotsa People biking to see neeked ladies would make us the Amsterdam of the lower-mid-Atlantic Piedmont...
  5. Google Fiber coming to Charlotte?

    At some point this group is going to need to move through the stages of grief and accept that Google Fiber is dead in Charlotte. The radio silence here is instructive, if anyone would have heard of their continued expansion in Charlotte it would have been us. Based on what I have heard from Google's contractors the best we can hope for from google is perhaps a few more large multifamily installations (that were already started or contracted) and (hopefully) a sale of assets to a different provider (Verizon?) which might restart the neighborhood buildouts. AT&T is still rolling their fiber product out. They are really bad at notifying neighborhoods about its availability however so it may be worth a phone call to see if you can get it. I was checking their availbility website daily (it always said not availble) but a chat with my neighbor's installer proved that to be incorrect. Unfortunately now that google is dead, AT&T's fiber pricing is going up.
  6. Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    Gezzz. That is pushing twice the price of a house in Dilworth. Gezzz.
  7. Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    That would flatten Tony's #notcoolman
  8. Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    IIRC that was part of the justification for the Garden Parkway
  9. SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    So things really aren't going well for Lidl. They are pulling the plug on Northeastern projects and have decided to completely abort their Texas expansion (from a different source). No specific mention of NC store plans but the news certainly isn't good. I wonder if Publix will want the Alamance County distribution center? (or maybe Wegmans?)
  10. Charlotte Bike Sharing

    Yea, I am really interested to see how the 'competition' plays out as well. I have been a bcycle member since they came to town but I don't really use it enough to justify the membership fee most years. In addition, about half of my bcycle uses are for trips so short that walking is a very viable option -- in these cases dock location is everything. Doubling the number of docks would certainly generate more trips for me. Unfortunately the biggest trip generator of all, a dock outside my front door, seems unlikely. I have yet to use a dockless bike so I don't know how the 'geocacheing' aspect of the service would play out for regular users, I would think that the fundamental unreliability of it would kinda suck for a commuter / regular user. It does seem clear that the dockless bikes have dramatically increased bike use in town and, judging by appearances, the dockless users are people who don't bike regularly. I think all of us have been surprised by how widely the bikes have been dispersed. I haven't seen any discussion in the urbanist blogoshpere of dockless firms creating pressures on existing dockshare systems -- I guess its gonna be driven largely by the opinion of sponsors. I guess the best case is the dockless companies generate lots of casual users which may lead to better infrastructure for everybody. Hopefully bcycle can use their expansion to appeal to more commuters and both systems can be symbiotic. TLDR: I have no idea how the competition is gonna play out but I am betting it will be good for urban life in the city and will be fun to watch.
  11. Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    I don't believe so. AFAIK the migration data and race / ethnicity data are collected by seperate Census Brueau programs so we have no idea about the racial mix of people who migrate at the county level. Those survey results didn't line up with my anecdotal understanding of migration to Charlotte but I only have one, of the many, perspectives on the issue.
  12. Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    I can't weigh in on the validity of the survey but this chart appeared in a Boston Globe article on racism in Boston:
  13. December Quarterly Report to FTA: The stuff that caught my eye Ridership: Overall CATS ridership is down 9.4% (yoy) but a large part of the decline is attributed to the end of CATS provided shuttle service at UNCC. Blue Line ridership is up 3.7%, Gold Line up 4.4% BLE: 20 of the 22 new LRVs are now ready for service. The remaining two are still undergoing testing. Revenue service date is now listed as February 1 (pdf p 28) although they now say they have a “two-month schedule contingency” (implying they won't open up until the end of March) Gold Line Phase 2: Target revenue service date is now May 2020 I think (but not sure) the project has burned through a substantial portion of its contingency budget already (pdf95). I am not making judgments on the moral implications of consuming contingency funds that have been allocated to the project, but the timing does leave me concerned that the project is morel likely to run over budget as it progresses. Thanks to Siemens over-delivering on vehicle specs two blocks have been added to the wireless section of the line (Church to Mint st). (pdf 107) First vehicle delivery is scheduled for October 2019 Economic Development Report (starting pdf 141) (these numbers are mostly BS IMO) BLE (not including Blue Line): $442 million in construction is attributed to BLE GoldLine (both phase 1 and 2): $395 million Gateway Station (pdf 143) No new news Other Corridors (pdf 145) Corridor routing, mode choice and preliminary cost estimate studies for North and West corridors is scheduled to be complete December 2018 West (airport) corridor is bounded as “uptown Charlotte to Gaston County border”
  14. The Good News Report

    The numbers were surprising to me too so I pulled population data from the BEA (an arm of the US Department of Commerce ) and sure enough, 48 counties did see a population loss between 2010 and 2016 per these data. Its actually almost 49 counties, McDowell only gained 6 people during this period. Perhaps I misinterpreted the statement "Charlotte and Raleigh represent 85% of the state's GDP" but, as quoted, it aint right. The data from the BEA (use the same link as above) shows Charlotte and Raleigh only accounting for 46% of the Gross State Product (up from 40% in 2001). Perhaps the statement was in reference to the portion of NC GSP growth that Charlotte and Raleigh represent -- but, by my calculations that figure was 70% in 2016 and longer-term averaging would not bump it up to 85%.
  15. SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    For the first time in nearly 20 years I can see two tower cranes, Atherton Mill and DFA, from my front porch. Kinda weird.