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  1. I am procrastinating so I thought I might rethrow this grenade into this thread. It is an accurate way to frame suburbanization I think. 100% of the residential real estate appreciation in Cabarrus, Union, Lancaster and York is undoubtedly due to Charlotte’s vitality, but the folks who benefit contribute next to nothing to the operation of the region’s economic engine.
  2. Not passenger related but interesting nonetheless. Trains reports that NS has ended its through service between Lynwood and Knoxville (it now goes via Atlanta). It sounds like there will only be one local per day (if that) traveling the S Line between Salisbury and Asheville. I can’t imagine NS will want to own the line for much longer.
  3. ^ would make very good PR. Shadow of HQ building, 50/50 economic mobility ranking, etc. Great idea!
  4. Might just be me but I am sure I can see the Belk River shimmering just below the bacon
  5. The district naming alone makes this totally worth a click
  6. I am not sure, I don’t know much about the route. I do know it needs to pass adjacent to a couple of large lakes in the tony Kenwood neighborhood and preliminary engineering found more soggy soil than anticipated In that area — wikipedia says that discovery added about $300 million to the price tag. State will pay for 10%. Given that MSP is nearly 70% of Minnesota’s economy this seems like an awfully skimpy contribution to the sustainability of the only economic engine in the state. (Charlotte is roughly 29% of the NC economy as measured by GDP/output) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southwest_LRT
  7. LRT buildout elsewhere continues. The FTA announces nearly $1 billion in federal funding (on a $2 billion project) for the 14.5 mile SW LRT project in Minneapolis. Expected to open in 2023. https://www.masstransitmag.com/rail/article/21149212/fta-give-congress-30day-heads-up-on-9288million-funding-grant-to-met-councils-southwest-lrt-project
  8. LoSo continues its build out, Protagonist opening second location (w Pizza) near OMB https://www.charlotteagenda.com/227245/protagonist-beers-second-location-to-open-in-october-near-omb-with-a-pizza-concept/
  9. Its a shame it would never pay the bills, but the epicenter is the best location in town for a large collection of small-stall retailers. Prepared food, groceries and hard goods — a Reading Market but with some hard goods sellers mixed in. I think that is the only thing that could cater to the contrasting demographics at this particular part of uptown.
  10. From the flagship journal in Planning: It’s Time to End Single Family Zoning
  11. I don’t really know what is happening but Tariq Bokhari appers to be loosing his crap on the interwebs tonight.
  12. More evidence on the fiscally unsustainable nature of sprawl, this time a metastudy. I am sure Taiwo knows these numbers but the rest of the city needs to be aware of them as well. https://t.co/5i4H2rNceg
  13. How will small metros and suburbs recover from this?
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