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  1. Aparerently Chicago now has an app that allows citizens to take photos of cars parked in bike (and bus) lanes and it results in an actual ticket! A nice middle ground to enforcement cameras. https://usa.streetsblog.org/2020/02/20/chicago-deputizes-citizens-to-help-stop-drivers-who-park-in-bus-and-bike-lanes/
  2. Every once in a while a Copper really hits the spot. [it should be our Old Style, Iron City or Natty Boh. Sell it for $4 everywhere, since it is a much higher quality version of the usual default local it would become an honest-to-god economic development tool. The Chamber needs to make this happen!]
  3. Don't get me wrong, I am hugely pro bike infrastructure. But.... Plaza seems like a strange place to spend city $$$ on a bike lane, it just feels like there are several other places where they would be much more helpful. Thomas is a pretty fantastic parallel bike route already and Central and 10th are a far bigger problem for bikers in and out of PM (and no side streets are available as substitutes). The Plaza lanes feel like performative bike infrastructure -- the city simply took the easiest option (drivers won't beotch too much about the loss of lanes on Plaza) rather than create infrastructure which would help connect our neighborhoods.
  4. The city of Gastonia has budgeted "$70,000" (about 2/3rds in employee time) towards CATS' federally funded TOD study. The Federal grant was for $200,000 to study TOD along the Silver Line route and it required a local match. Charlotte is putting in $50,000 so the Gastonia contribution appears to be significant. While it is just a tiny chunk of money, I believe this is the first time a Gaston entity has spent actual cash on Silver Line preparation. https://www.gastongazette.com/news/20200220/gastonia-funding-study-to-prepare-for-light-rail-expansion
  5. While it could be the vehicles, these Siemens units are currently in use in many places in very similar conditions. There has been no indication (that I have seen) in the transit trade press that they are unreliable. Also everything appeared to be functioning well before the BLE opened.
  6. perhaps both. I suspect (without any real information) that the electrical system on the BLE is spikey or noisy which is problematic for the control systems in the vehicles. This electrical noise could be the cause of train 'rebooting' (which I have seen less of recently) and also (perhaps?) the signal problems on N Tryon. Just a theory. I am neither an electrical engineer nor train-poohbah.
  7. The very conservative right-wing Manhattan Institute is on the eliminate parking requirements bandwagon. This article in their City Journal describes successes from Miami's elimination of parking minimums in new housing construction in Little Havana. https://www.city-journal.org/miami-housing-development-parking-regulations It appears that developers in Miami are embracing parking-free apartments. This is particularly significant since Miami is one of the least walkable places in the country (and they have crappy poorly-managed transit). If it works in Miami, it could work in Charlotte. Lets end burdensome regulations on housing provision by eliminating parking requirements first!
  8. Adding to the air of incompetence, the majority of out of service trains I see (at the North Yard) are 300 series (which are all less than 5 years old). The 100 series appear to be more reliable (based on their 'Hanger Queen' status).
  9. The Observer has a smidge more information on the slowdown: https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/local/article240424711.html 1) 90 Second slowdown (and its associated capacity crunch) starts in April 2) 3) Ontimeness: " “In January, for example, mechanical issues resulting in a delay during peak service occurred four times,” CATS spokeswoman Juliann Sheldon said." WTF????? 4)
  10. I am the opposite of a duke fan but... Jay Bilas (and quite a few other national broadcasting talents like Paul Finebaum) have shown that Charlotte is a very good place for a national broadcaster to be based.
  11. I am not sure I share the outrage here (although I might change my mind). It sounds to me like CATS did have a plan to overhaul its 100 series vehicles. Unfortunately, the extra (unexpected) 6 minutes of run time on the BLE (which wee have still never gotten a good explanation for) prevents CATS from being able to ship a trainset off for overhaul without reducing frequency. I suspect that Lewis thought he would be able to get BLE runtimes up to spec (and thus commence overhauls), but recently found out that will be impossible. (perhaps not coincidentally, work on N Tryon crossings appears to be done). So it appears that incompetent construction management (or design or acceptance or...) has led us to a situation where its impossible to pull a unit out of service for overhaul AND CATS needs to purchase additional vehicles to run the planned frequencies. To top it off, CATS also has peak hour capacity problems, so the reduced frequency will be a double whammy on ridership. One possible short-term solution would be to get the newly arrived streetcar units through the testing process and put them to work on the Blue Line ASAP. Seating capacity will be limited, but it is better than nothing and would at least show that CATS is making an effort to ease the crunch. I have seen two gold line units coupled together in the North Yard, so running two unit trains with the equipment should be possible. a slightly longer shot would be for CATS to approach Norfolk about the prospects of leasing one or two of their units (which are identical to ours) from their underused system. The fact that all this happened while CATS is preparing (?) to ask the public for substantially more money is truly incompetent. I think I am outraged after all...
  12. I suspect this may be a case of "you get what you pay for"...
  13. This seemed to fly under our radar. It kinda seems like Enderly Park is skipping a step in the gentrification ladder? and a hearty FU to everyone who whines about lack of parking with reuse projects of any kind. quote is from: https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2020/02/18/cbj-morning-buzz-remake-of-iconic-80s-movie-to.html
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