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  1. 1) Giant Penny doesn't count 2) No one who can afford a house in NoDa these days -wants- to shop at Food Lion 3) IIRC the park is just on the creek side of Cullman, the side against the tracks is high enough elevation to be OK.
  2. The data are kinda flawed for this. The state's definition for attraction has long been "number of people crossing a county line to visit." Unfortunately this inevitably means that Concord Mills is always listed as the top area attraction simply due to its location in 'almost Meck'
  3. Get all of your piercing needs met at East/West station. Hurray for TOD bringing us neighborhood retail!
  4. Feasibility study for Salisbury to Asheville passenger service is underway and is scheduled to be complete by the end of the calendar year. (CAPT sent out some NCDOT documents on this including a ppt from sept 7th on this project, I can’t currently find a link to it online) This is my least favorite NC rail project, but it could manage to get substantial federal funds despite (IMO) the limited utility of the service (it will always be WAY slower than driving and the probable Biltmore Village station location will be mediocre for access to most of town).
  5. ^ I generally agree and confrontation is often not beneficial. However, bounty programs like this don’t require anyone to get involved, and if even just a few folks report violators that serves the purpose of making parking scofflaws live in fear. Making asshole drivers constantly look over their shoulders would contribute a bunch to proper enforcement.
  6. Just back from our current Amtrak station, the renovations turned out nicely…. (Its Stockholm station. Stockholm is roughly the same size as Charlotte, and it sits on the periphery of the European rail network)
  7. Meh, no one should negotiate with terrorists / bullies. “Better to die on your feet than live on your knees”
  8. NYC is considering a program that would pay people who report violators 25% of ticket revenue for blocking bike lanes (would be an approximately $40 bounty). Lets jump on this bandwagon, Johnny Jennings sign me up! https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-09-29/nyc-may-pay-people-for-reporting-bike-lane-blockers
  9. Mistakes do happen, and this is a relatively minor one, but gezzz CATS, can’t you get the names of your own lines correct in delay announcements?
  10. Yup, Skylight. My apologies. Every time I see its address in -Ayden- my brain defaults back to the days of a college girlfriend who was from -Arden-, which was next door to -Skyland- (south of Asheville). This is a 30 year old glitch in my BBQ matrix — Julie clearly made a lasting impression on me… Well said on Noble’s.
  11. Couldn't find the rate but in 2021 CMPD reported 98 homicides, I get a rate per 100,000 of 8.9 from that number. Probably slightly less than Los Angeles on the list and much lower (1/3rd?) than Atlanta. https://charlottenc.gov/newsroom/cityhighlights/Pages/2021-Crime-Report.aspx
  12. Lots of non-transit riders ask why build LRT when buses offer more flexibility. The possibility of moving the CTC 2/3rds of a mile to Gateway is a perfect example of why buses suck. Severing the connection between the Blue Line and the bus system would make several thousand existing daily trips impossible. But beyond existing trip disruptions, this is a perfect example of how the lack of permanence (AKA "flexibility") in bus routes prevents them from creating any real land use change. So from my perspective it is critically important to keep a strong connection between the bus system and the Blue Line. A Silver Line connection will also be critical, but we still don't know if or when a Silver Line will actually happen.
  13. A bit off topic here (apologies)... Southern Living just published its annual listing of the "South's Top 50 BBQ joints." While, as always, I have lots of quibbles with the list, they at least put Skylight at #4 (B's is better), but their infatuation with Texas 'bbq" needs to end. One thing that sticks out (again) is that Charlotte is really a BBQ desert (Red Bridges (I woulda picked Alston Bridges) and the usual Lexington suspects being the closest citations). To add insult to injury, the Triangle makes a healthy showing, with Southern living clumsily editorializing: Sure, the Triangle is much closer to “real NC bbq” (Eastern style), but gezzus, this is an existential problem for Charlotte. If our only offerings are increasingly corporatized (Macs and Jim Noble's local branch of Maurice's franchise), or hipster inconsistency (Sweet Lou's) then what are we even doing here? Without decent Q there is nothing that separates us from Phoenix. /Rant/ https://www.southernliving.com/food/bbq/barbecue-restaurants-2022
  14. I agree, in theory. Unfortunately every cross-town bus route attempted has been a pretty resounding failure in terms of ridership. I do acknowledge that it takes a while to build a sustained and reliable service, but the crosstown routes we have had just don't provide any evidence that demand is sufficient to justify crosstown service (one of the strongest crosstown route pairs available is Southpark to UNCC, that route was running in 2000 and was cut in 2012(?) because of insufficient ridership). We also need to think about how work has changed. Most suburban jobs are both VERY dispersed and also short-duration, even shorter now that the great-resignation has taken hold. What are the odds of being able to connect suburban residents to suburban jobs by bus in the best of times? What are those odds now that people are job hopping a couple times a year? IMO we just lack ANY concentrations of suburban employment that are dense enough to be servable by bus that are not already, or planned to be, connected to rail. (Southpark being the exception that proves the rule). Crosstown bus service is a laudable goal in larger places, but I just don't see how Charlotte's intra-urban geography could justify it. I increasingly believe that the only transit card Charlotte has left to play is to go all in on rail transit corridors with the hope of making underlying land use denser in those corridors. (yes, I acknowledge that there are equity issues with this strategy). Once several rail corridors are established, some crosstown service connecting those rail lines may be useful, but until then I suspect crosstown will largely be a waste.
  15. The design issue here is (IMO) secondary to the article documenting outright lying by John Lewis about the contract. He denied that he hired a subsidiary of the developer to design the transit center (when that is exactly what he did). Lying is clearly a pattern with Lewis -- don't forget the ghost bus / driver absence lies from just a couple months ago.
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