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  1. kermit

    The Bad News Report

    I lost interest before I could find the corresponding data for number of college graduates from each county but this site has the number of graduates in 2015 from each county who attended a UNC system school its probably a decent proxy for four-year college attendance: Mecklenburg: 3,100 Union: 1,004 Cabarrus: 690 Gaston: 483 Lincoln: 219 Iredell: 562 Rowan: 285
  2. kermit

    Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    So I am still ticked about the extra 10 minutes that CATS has tacked onto the BLE commute. I do think it will be important to connect the slowness of the BLE to disappointing ridership -- I have heard from several people who decided to abandon the BLE as a commute mode because driving was faster. I rode in the front of the train yesterday and I was reminded that the bulk of the slowness is produced by slowing before each grade crossing -- something that the original Blue Line does not do. Toronto recently made some very inexpensive changes to their King Street streetcar route (mostly to reduce the number of cars sharing the route) and found that a 2 minute (average) reduction in trip time has resulted in an 11% increase in ridership: Given Toronto's experience I'll reiterate that CATS needs to pull its head out and rework the BLE to squeeze out those 10 minutes -- if they can't rework all the gates to go down sooner then close some grade crossing on N Tryon. If they don't ridership is gonna suffer, which will place transit expansion in peril.
  3. kermit

    The Bad News Report

    The feedback wasn't from New York firms looking to relocate. The critiques came from site selection professionals from all over who were at a meeting in NYC. (although I too think the sleepy label is a bit off)
  4. kermit

    The Bad News Report

  5. kermit

    North Tryon (re)Development: 277 to Old Concord

    ^ Northend thread is here:
  6. kermit

    Charlotte Center City Streetcar Network

    Honest question: What are the arguments for it not being TOD?
  7. kermit

    Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Two random things: I am beginning to see Bold Missy beer on taps around town (well, just Bakersfield). I tasted it (tangerine wheat I think), not bad -- for a wheat beer. Seeing the tap made me realize that their are quite a few breweries around town that I never see outside of their walls. Free Range, Resident Culture, Three Spirits, Sugar Creek appears to have disappeared from taps and several other small breweries. That said, I don't get outside of Southend / Dilworth much. I had my first Hop Drop in a long while at the ballpark last night. My impression was that the beer is not aging well -- the citra just isn't as significant as I remembered. Perhaps its not the classic I had thought it was.
  8. kermit

    North Tryon (re)Development: 277 to Old Concord

    I had thought that the former post office site at Mathesion had an apartment project, but there is no sign of that on the development map. Did it get dematerialized?
  9. kermit

    Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    The CBJ had this to say about the main library redevelopment project: (other than that one sentence the article is about a N Tryon County project)
  10. There are too many projects around here for us to not have a thread on it. In surprise (to me) news, the County has purchased the bulk of the old North Park mall (which is now Kimbrells Furniture) at Eastway. They say they will move library support services there, the Sugar Creek library branch and have a "community resource center." In all the county now owns about 20 acres and 200,000 square feet under roof. Honestly I am disappointed by this news, this is a prime chunk of land (its backside adjoins the Old Concord Station) and what the county is proposing is a very low-intensity use. Very much the opposite of TOD. Between this and the car dealership we are really pissing away BLE TOD opportunities.
  11. kermit

    Charlotte Knights AAA Ballpark in Third Ward

    Finally got to my first game of the year last night. A few miscellaneous observations: I rode a scooter there from Dilworth. (and the Blue Line is damn near useless for the ballpark given its distance and post-9pm frequencies) As much as I beotched about beer prices when the park opened they have held the line and now an $8 can of decent craft seems positively reasonable now that we live in a world of $6 and $7 pints at breweries. Selection is much improved this year as well. For a Monday night game it was pretty crowded The new Graham street place across the street from the ballpark was packed at the start of the game, during the game and when I left in the 8th. I was was at a game in Wrigley Field the week before, I gotta say that, even in comparison to that cathedral, BB&T remains a fine place to watch baseball (despite the Knights blowing chunks for the first three innings)
  12. kermit

    Charlotte Bike Sharing

    I continue to be amazed by the breadth of appeal that the scooters have. I have seen nearly every demographic riding one regularly (missing are old-ladies and toddlers but that is about it). I have seen people carrying cases of beer and even other scooters on their scooters. Unfortunately their don't seem to be enough of them to consider them to be reliable transportation (e.g. you can't be sure there will be one available when you finish lunch). Despite that their appeal is so strong to people that they really can be a game changer for urban transportation. Any politician who does anything to limit the availability of scooters needs to quickly be labeled as environmentally insensitive. More of these things will certainly reduce car trips.
  13. Even the AARP is into guerilla urbanism. If they can do it in Indiana we can certainly do it in Charlotte. This is a surprisingly helpful How-To article:
  14. even the alt-right fascists take transit these days, but they are not very good at it:
  15. kermit

    3rd Ward Midrise Projects

    I don't think Duke is in much of a mood for corporate citizenship these days. However, I could see this substation get consolidated with the one on the blue line at Renssalear -- the replacement could be built between 277 and the Carson off ramp (behind the Dog House). Polaris makes it look like this parcel is part of the 277 ROW. This would certainly open up a good bit of land for development.