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  1. so about that streetcar: [This is in reference to the Kansas City streetcar. standard disclaimers apply]
  2. You do know that in the 1950s millions of people said exactly this same thing about Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo, Youngstown, Erie, Syracuse, Flint, etc. Right?
  3. From Superica on Friday, the lot is already fenced off and early site prep activity has begun. No dawdling here...
  4. I really wish that states and cities would quit throwing money at this vaporware. Creating that much vacuum over such a large distance is impractical to the point of being nearly impossible. The company has never produced any indication it could actually work in the real world and volumes that would justify any public investment. #Grumpybeotch
  5. This cranky Dilworth resident gives this idea a hearty 'no thank you.' While I recognize that my attitude is true NIMBYism, I would ask how would such a proposal (in any part of Charlotte) improve quality of life for Charlotte residents? It certainly doesn't help increase the supply of housing, nor does it do much to improve accessibility for people who live in the neighborhood. Any driving time improvements will be temporary (at best) and would come at the cost of significantly less walkability and more difficult Blue Line access. How does Charlotte benefit from making it easier for suburbanites to drive fast through intown neighborhoods? Having said all that, I will say the Tremont to Remount bridge is a pretty good idea.
  6. Belmont! or downtown Concord if I didn't need to commute on 85 (and if the sprawly part didn't exist)
  7. NoDa Radio Haze: great Legion Milkshake: significantly less great...
  8. Yea, this was brilliant. Sugar Creek has been invisible to me since they opened and I just never thought to go to Saucemans despite living just blocks away. I am now much more likely to visit both. #MoreBeerandFood
  9. honest question: Why would MLS care about stadium configuration (purpose built vs. shared) if the team is making metric-craptons of cash? The suites announcement was certainly a power move by Tepper.
  10. Roughly 420% of Canadian hockey fans travel to NHL away games every year. Even slacker American NHL fans make pilgrimages frequently ( I was once the only non-Predators fan on a train between Montreal and Toronto).
  11. IMO if you can get a round trip from CLT to LHR with a schedule that suits you for $750 I would do it. There will be cheaper fares floating around, but they will probably come with lots of compromises (day, schedule, or Stanstead / Luton). These NFL are pretty popular with the locals so cheap game tickets may be tough to find. If cheapness is important buy an Oyster (transit) card straightaway and load about 10gbp on it for each day. London has fare capping which (depending on how many zones you travel in each day) are typically around 10gbp max per day. Transit will get you _everywhere_ you will want to go and you will pay more than that just to sit in a black cab.
  12. Here is a summary of a report from the Philadelphia Fed looking at the damage wrought by urban freeways. One of their recommendations is capping them in order to remediate some of the economic damage they create. http://planphilly.com/articles/2019/07/09/philly-fed-economists-here-s-how-highways-ruined-your-city As I have said previously in this thread, removing the Belk would be an even more beneficial way to go.
  13. Not sure if its good or not but Flower Child appears to be open (the door was open and people were seated inside, but I was just driving by)
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