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  1. ^ Yea, CATS was looking pretty serious about its weekend maintenance blitz. They were retensioning cat wires near Carson this morning, trimming trees between Bland and Rensaliear, and re-pouring curb cuts on the rail trail at New Bern, Remount and Poindexter. Sadly this was originally scheduled to be the first weekend with the BLE I guess I am glad they are pulling up the Atherton Mill switch, but I'll sorta miss the option for the overlay trolly service -- I thought it had fantasy-world potential for adding some frequencies in the intown core. Realistically three car platforms kill the trolly option due to boarding height differences. Has anyone heard any discussion of what will happen to the replica trollys once the Gold Line platforms get rebuilt? Their reliability certainly sucks but I would be sad to see a fire sale.
  2. I am getting a feeling that HT produce quality has declined slightly in the Kroger era. Lots more OOS and kinda limp and brown peppers, okra and celery. Its certainly not anywhere near Food Lion quality but HT was such a gold standard before I am sorta bummed.
  3. Everybody marching had a right to march. Who are you saying was breaking the law? There is no credible evidence that anyone other than a tiny fringe attacked the right (please share it if you have it), but there is plenty of evidence of mobs from the right beating people (e.g. Deandre Harris) and individuals from the right killing people. There is nothing wrong with protesting against fascism, but it is certainly illegal and immoral to assault and kill people.
  4. Are all of these people part of the "radical left"?
  5. ^continuing to argue that Antifa is representative of everyone on the left who is protesting fascism is the logical equivalent of me saying that all republicans are nazis. There is nothing inappropriate about protesting fascism. I would argue that it is a defining characteristic of Americanness.
  6. and I think its BS to suggest the 'both sides' narrative is reasonable. You are the one who said the problem with UP was that 'most' of us were manipulated by biased media. I think its fair to ask how balanced your media consumption is.
  7. all this focus on the 'radical left' is simply misdirection. It allows the right-leaning media to ignore the fact that thousands (hundreds of thousands? millions?) of 'real' Americans are troubled enough with fascism to protest it. These conniptions about the antifa are simply the 'paid protestor' soundbite dujour. Why would the right want to vilify Americans who choose to protest fascism? I think we all already know the answer to that.
  8. did I read that correctly or am I having a stroke? FWIW this is what pops up when google imaging that phrase: Check out that ground floor! (I am in no way implying that this is what Tryon Place will look like nor do I have any useful information. I just irrationally hate the aesthetic of the 1970s)
  9. NCDOT now reports a February completion date for the Charlotte maintenance facility.
  10. Yea, this makes me uncomfortable as well. However the right to free speech does not mean that people are forced to listen. While I generally* find it abhorrent when any group shouts down another, ultimately that action is just another form of free speech. Given the inability of the state to force people to listen (or remain quiet) it seems like when one group gets shouted over, they have no other option but to go and find another forum. *I am certainly willing to fight to maintain free speech as a right in every context. However I don't personally feel that the right extends to the ability to make threats (this includes (IMO) holding up the third reich as a model society). When a group is making threats then I have no problem with silencing them by any means necessary. #justonedudesopinion
  11. not sure but its been that way for at least 2 weeks.
  12. Reflective of how the U City community feels about the University?
  13. Just as being a conservative does not necessary make a person a supporter of nazis or white supremacists being opposed to nazis or white supremacists does not make someone a member of the antifa. There is nothing wrong with opposing fascism. [I am intrigued by the right's frequent use of the term 'antifa' -- kinda seems like they are outing themselves as fascists by validating the label]
  14. any chance of Sprouts buying Healthy Home? I would think their Davidson and PM stores would be a good fit for them in terms of size and location.