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  1. kermit

    2035 Triangle Regional Transit Vision Plan

    Please let me know where I should send my contribution to your campaign to end all road construction, eliminate parking minimums from zoning regs and require businesses to repurpose their parking lots.
  2. kermit

    Triad Regional Transit

    It looks like the WS Streetcar plan has recieved a $1 million grant from the FTA to Big news and congrats.
  3. kermit

    Amazon HQ2

    TBJ reports on an ED conference in Cary on Tuesday. The CEO of the Raleigh Chamber (Adrienne Cole) and a Site Selection consultant from New Jersey (John Boyd) said the following about Apple's decision: I am just quoting what the press is reporting, no editorializing here.
  4. kermit

    The Bad News Report

    My memories of 2009 were that we had plenty to talk about here and it was an exciting (if somewhat sad) time. The Blue Line had just opened so there was lots of urban change to talk about. This thread was started then (and busy), but there was a good bit of exciting positive news (Electrolux, Chiquita (ugh) and what Wells was going to do with Wachovia (most of that news was positive after the initial bomb going off). The other big event during this time was our financial sector began to diversify, lots of new players entered the city to take advantage of all the unemployed talent and standalone Fintech firms emerged. Many of us thought that Charlotte was going to see a couple of new banks in town thanks to collections of laid-off bankers buying seized banks (never panned out). There were lots of corporate relocations happening during this period and we did some serious flirting with Radio Shack (hah!) among others. This was also the time when Southend multifamily began to catch fire and we started to see the industrial space transform (at large scale) away from neglected industrial. While much of the Southend stuff was hugely disappointing (e.g. the Cherokee mid-rise, mixed use project getting replaced by supercrappy garden apartments like Junction 19xx), it was still exciting to see people begin to move into the Southend 'frontier'. We did think that there would be a large mixed-use project happening at Scaleybark (first it was Crosland and a Harris Teeter anchored project where the library is, after that it was the Pappas project across the street -- double ugh) and Levineland was also 'just around the corner' thanks to the UNCC uptown building just getting underway and was going to anchor everything around it. Local breweries began to emerge around here as well (OMB started in 2007 and NoDa and Birdsong were not long after that). NoDa's creation myth starts with one (or both) of the Ford's getting laid off from BoA. Cheap real estate did give us a bunch of radically different new landuses like local breweries and intown multi-family. Land prices these days just give us a bunch of 'the same.' Stimulus money in late 2009 gave us lots of discussion about better inter-city rail service (which we now have), Gateway station (ugh) and the (unrealized) possibility of lots of federal $$$ for local transit -- although we did get Phase 1 of the Streetcar out of the stimulus. Overall I have fond memories of this period of urbanplanet, it was an exciting time.
  5. kermit

    NoDa (N Davidson St Arts District) Projects

    ^ I really wish that the council would make it formal policy to dismiss all 'traffic concerns' brought up at zoning meetings. The push back is extra-ridiculous here given the new BLE station nearby. In a city growing as fast as Charlotte NIMBY's are just pushing traffic into someone else's neighborhood and encouraging more sprawl. Why is this OK?
  6. kermit

    UNC-Charlotte Construction

    ^ Nice to see McEniry represent here!
  7. The 4th Quarter FTA report is now available. Quarterly/FTA-Quarterly-Agenda-181211.pdf The only news that grabbed me was that the completed Corridor Plans (Silver, West and North) including high-level cost estimates should be complete this month and will be presented to the MTC in January. I would expect that discussions of Big Bang funding will begin shortly after that. The heavy lift will be the legislative finessing necessary to get a plan approved. Towards the end of the document are some slides which describe uptown routing alternatives, I didn't find any of it informative enough to post here but I will say that the West Line route that they show does not use the Graham -- Old P&N Underpass -- Morehead routing that was shown in the Gateway plan. Instead they show the route that parallels the NS and has a stop at Summit Ave. Shrug. Gateway Phase 1 completion -- 2022 (ugh)
  8. kermit

    Amazon HQ2

    The Observer has done a public records request and they have verified that my rantings about the perception of NC are not off base. It appears that the CRVA has been spending $2 million extra per year to market Charlotte and remediate our sullied reputation. The article also reminds me that six states still ban official travel to NC. I'll reiterate my earlier statement: Imagine how much better we would be doing if we didn't have to fight against this image.
  9. An Austrialian study found that 20 minutes of walking saving society $8.43 aud (appx $6.05 usd) over what society would spend on making driving possible. A $1aud expenditure on walking infrastructure returns $13 aud. We need to find a way to use the walking dividend to finance transit.
  10. kermit

    Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    Took my first ride on the South line in several years today. I am astounded at how much faster and smoother the line runs South of Scaleybark than on the N Tryon segment of the BLE. Also surprised by how little land use change has happened South of Scaleybark (with the possible exception of the new townhouses just South of Arrowood). It also looks like the refurbishing of the old Kmart at Arrowood for call center office space never happened.
  11. kermit

    Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    20 minute headways are BS (30 minutes is worse)
  12. kermit

    Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    LOTS of riders on the BLE last night from JW Clay and UCity (and, strangely, McCullough) to the Hornets game (I was on an SRO train at 5:30). UNCC commencement only generated a slightly-above typical weekday volume of traffic (based on boardings at UNCC main) -- makes sense, commencement is the only day of the year when you can park for free on campus.
  13. kermit

    Amazon HQ2

    ^ sure, but it’s actually lower and middle income people who are leaving. Today’s WSJ tells us that those cities are getting much wealthier than the places where these people are going. Which is better for a city, more people or more money?
  14. I use it. Everytime I am there its pretty busy.
  15. kermit

    The Bad News Report

    Which is the point I am trying to make. It doesn't matter why people believe things. If our economic development policy is going to remain dependent on attracting firms from other places then perception alone is going to cause problems. How many thousands of people now think that Apple (or Amazon) didn't come to Raleigh because of culture? How likely is it that those perceptions won't filter down to the next CEO (or spouse) of a tech firm considering a move to NC? IMO burying our heads in the sand (e.g. dismissing this crowd as hypochondriacs) isn't going to improve the situation.