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  1. ^ if I were a betting man I would put money on A&T being the next ‘it’ university in NC (taking the mantle from UNCA) Also interesting that Western saw a decline, despite it being virtually free due to the NC Promise program that makes tuition $500 per semester for in-state students (this is also available at ECSU and Pembroke which saw enrollment increases).
  2. Fuzzy Peach in the ballpark is now shut down (it may have been gone all summer, I just noticed). While this does not represent a big loss in the context of Knights games,it was the only way the ballpark ever connected to the city outside of game time. I do think that both the Knights and the city would benefit from a couple of businesses that connected city and diamond. All that left field real estate is embarrassing. (But I am sympathetic that the Knights don’t have much cash to throw around during a pandemic). This is an opportunity for the city to step in with some $$$ for a building t
  3. ^ Well said. I would also suggest there are some things that the City and CATS got right. We really do have better zoning and land use regulations surrounding stations than most new LRT systems (and some heavy rail systems like MARTA). We also have a massive share of employment concentrated in our CBD (if it comes back) which makes rail much more efficient. Our streetcar also does a much better job of connecting places that -need- connecting than most others of its era. While our operations practices -really- suck, I hate to say we are no worse than many comparable systems (Dallas,
  4. strange modifications are afoot on the backside of the Tupelo Honey / Pwerter Rose building. I thought it was a tear down and construction staging for the Stiles building? Is this the facade model for the Stiles building?
  5. I know what you mean here, and there certainly is a difference in crime rates between suburb and city. But our fuzzy notion of suburb made your statement above more of a generalization than I am comfortable with, but I acknowledge some of this is just semantics. Relatively few homicides happen in Uptown or Southend, but we see many more in neighborhoods that may not be close to the center city (e.g. Hidden Valley). Similar trends in lots of other cities (in Chicago the Loop and both side are pretty safe, Southside / Englewood not so much. Elsewhere you have places like East Saint Louis, C
  6. ^APD is not a consolidated police department, they only serve the city of Atlanta which has a population of less than 500,000. Each surrounding community in the metro (Marietta, Lawrenceville, etc) has they own police force and reporting status.
  7. You are right, but you are discounting the behavior change that would be created by better rail access to a grocery store. I would use a Publix station, instead of the closer E-W station, just so I could pick up things for dinner after getting off the train. The current setup just encourages me to go home first and then drive to the store. That being said, either option is fine, but a station -at- the grocery store really would eliminate more car trips.
  8. The Athletic (paywalled) has a story on Group of 5 realignment possibilities. Charlotte is mentioned as a candidate for AAC replacement schools, but it was a laundry list of teams and Charlotte certainly did not float to the top of the list (App State and ULL were at the top). FWIW here is the not super insightful Charlotte blurb: The article was very pessimistic on the future of C-USA, indicating that none of the schools are happy with the TV deal. OTOH, the SunBelt was said to be sitting pretty thanks to its regional focus. Charlotte was mentioned as a good fit for the SunBelt if the
  9. So, I guess this is something we should consider to be good news? Since CATS has decided that flaky operating practices are OK, we gotta have real time vehicle tracking for the Gold Line for it to be even marginally useful.
  10. Its been a few years but they also offered a very good lunch during the week.
  11. The only reason Charlotte isn't mentioned here is because we are invisible (it aint because we are still a cheap place to live)
  12. I was impressed with Lowes tool rental (Southend/Dilworth) today. High quality stuff (my trencher seemed new), nice folks and easy in and out thanks to the outbuilding. Its nice to see the outbuilding being effectively used. Its still a shame that the street activation still hasn't happened (which I thought was a requirement of zoning), but this is a big improvement over using it to store straw and hay.
  13. Driving through uptown yesterday around 2 there was very little happening, except at Tupelo Honey. Looked like half of Mecklenburg was there for brunch.
  14. it is. Most folks (and everyone talking about on UP) realize that a body of water is topographically impossible. However, the river meme does a nice job illustrating how much space is wasted by 277 and how much more that land could do for the community. (greenspace, transit route and a few streets to heal the grid would be a much better use of this land)
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