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  1. Based on this analysis it looks like ADUs in California have improved affordability https://www.aducalifornia.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Implementing-the-Backyard-Revolution.pdf
  2. ^ CLT has had an aggressive program of noise abatement subsidies (purchasing new windows, insulation, etc.) for residents in flight path areas for many, many years. The mitigation program has been supplemented with a home purchase program which is intended to eliminate residential uses in high noise areas. All of the purchased land is now owned by CLT and is planned to be used for industrial and warehouse projects. Finally, the last new runway was built in a configuration where approaches are almost entirely over unpopulated areas (e.g. 485 or industrial areas), one neighborhood was substantially impacted by this new runway and the entire neighborhood was bought out. The next new runway should further reduce residential noise exposure as it will eliminate the runway that has an approach over Westerly Hills and Enderly Park. I honestly don't see how anyone in Mecklenburg can claim that they are experiencing more aircraft noise now than back when they purchased their house. I don't have a dog in this fight, but I would guess that CLT management has made more of an effort at noise mitigation than most airports. https://www.cltairport.com/community/noise/part-150/ https://www.wfae.org/local-news/2013-04-03/charlotte-airport-looks-to-buy-neighborhoods-land
  3. When I moved to McDonald ave (in Dilworth?) more than 20 years ago, the neighborhood behind me (Iverson, Ideal, Atherton, Marshall., etc.) was known as Sunset Hills. I doubt you can find a single reference to Sunset Hills any longer -- its all Dilworth now. I had always assumed the modern neighborhood (re)naming process was entirely driven by Real Estate agents. Eager to justify the higher square foot pricing of the adjacent neighborhood, they always put the adjacent, more aspirational, neighborhood name in their listings. So a buyer in what is really Sunset Hills thinks they are purchasing a Dilworth house, and every interaction they have from that point forward serves to reinforce that new manufactured memory and name. It doesn't take many years for this RE listing process to extinguish a neighborhood name that is less tony than its neighbors. Nobody cares about the boundaries of the original plats. I'll bet that all of what we now call NoDa is platted as North Charlotte, but people certainly are not going to go back to that name.
  4. Even in Detroit, the NFL team moved from the burbs to the city... Part of the story with Atlanta was that the city blew its full wad of discretionary dollars building the Benz for the Falcons. When the Braves had their hand out for a new ballpark around the same time, the city had to say that they had no money left for them. Cobb County decided they were willing to buy the Braves. Closer to home, despite being a life-long Southerner I am a pretty big hockey fan. So much so that I would probably attend 10 ish Hurricanes games a year if they played in downtown Raleigh. However, PNC Arena is so hard to get to if you don't feel like driving that I have never been to a single game there. My parents even live in Durham, but I just can't stomach the thought of driving to PNC (and back) from their house. Meanwhile I have traveled to a crapton of games in walkable places like Pittsburgh, DC, Brooklyn, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit and Boston (and Toronto and Montreal -- I really need to get to Nashville). I am sure the Cane's don't miss my money when they are winning, but I could have helped to marginally improve their bottom of the league attendance when they suck. Digressing... I have spent a bunch of time in Wrigley and Camden Yards and think they are both spectacular. However, I think PNC Park in Pittsburgh may be the best designed ballpark in the country (except for the non-existent neighborhood around it).
  5. Its good to see the NCGOP beginning to gain awareness that there is a social dimension to economic development:
  6. NC looking above average competent / lucky here. West Virginia arguably the best performing state by these measures. The difference between us and SC is awfully stark... To be fair, this suggested correlation is kinda misleading, job loss is much more about industrial mix than state policy -- see Hawaii and Nevada.
  7. ... along with some of the crappiest construction quality imaginable.
  8. While I don't want to weigh in on the characteristics of bus terminals in general, I will suggest that one of the things that makes some people concerned about the environment that CTC creates is the sense that people loiter there (this was an unfortunate word choice since these folks are not loitering, they are just waiting for their next bus). The perception of discomfort that people outside the CTC have largely comes from the presence of these "loiterers". Their number could be greatly reduced with higher frequency bus service which would reduce the amount of time people need to spend at CTC waiting for their transfer.
  9. ^ Yea, the crosswalks and new islands have not appeared to calm traffic at all (from my POV as a frequent pedestrian in the area). If anything, red light running has increased.
  10. I agree, the less tangible, long-term, ROI on a cap, or the much larger ROI achieved from removal, make this a project that is fiscally foolish not to do.
  11. So the Wells CEO discussed the need to the company to substantially ramp up its investment in digital banking. The article did not mention Charlotte (or any other location), but it left me to wonder about the prospects of much of it happening here? Does BAC still do most of its IT stuff in Charlotte? (I thought most of that work was done at Gateway a few years back but I have heard very little about it lately). Along with Truist, if Wells increases its software and security efforts here it might translate into a hell of a boost to our fintech cluster. https://www.bizjournals.com/sanfrancisco/news/2021/04/14/wells-fargo-ceo-talks-candidly-about-the-bank-s-wo.html
  12. Beg button at East and South (church corner). This was taken on my way home from Divine Barrel where I had to walk from Sugar Creek station in N Davidson street since there was no sidewalk on either side of street.
  13. The retail at the Ellis looks fantastic from the Blue Line! (Warning: action photos!)
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