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  1. Yea, I know. But fried chicken and beer is a perfect pair. (and I spent most of my life rebelling against the $9 cocktail crowd — yet I regularly drop $9 on ballpark beers)
  2. Some interesting county-level unemployment data has been floating around lately. Looking at unemployment rate yoy change to Q3 2019 shows that NC has not been faring well in terms of job growth. While we are certainly doing better than Mississippi and Wisconsin you can see clearly that the employment is moving the wrong direction in much of the state: Map was from https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2019/11/09/why-it-looks-like-alabama-mississippi-have-suddenly-gone-opposite-directions/ but the post has used it in several articles over the past week.
  3. Random beer notes, questions, thoughts and musings: Has anyone been over to Blue Blaze in the past few months? I have not, and I haven't seen there beer on tap anywhere lately (but I think cans are still in Teeters). Just wondering if they are hanging in there as a mostly neighborhood place. Its starting to feel (to me) like a bunch of the hype / buzz / energy has come out of the craft market over the past few months ("if you aint seltzer or 'light' beer then you aint crap"). I'll strike my semi-annual note of concern that closures of some of our weaker brewers (the demise of Bold Missy, was rumored here 6 months ago?) may be on the horizon. I know there were other things going on but the continued vacancy at Max and Lola's reinforces this feeling. Any news on the uptown outpost of D9? Was that part of a larger project? Seems to have gone quiet and we are approaching peak spring-time beer gardening. I am rarely passing by at peak hours, but the 36th st wooden robot does not appear to be getting big happy hour crowds (no weekend data) Breweries I have heard very little from lately: Free Range, Blue Blaze, Divine Barrel, Triple C (but their event space makes it to my social media a bunch) and (strangely) Birdsong. Stopped at Catawba a few weeks ago -- was very disappointed with beer quality in tap room -- possible I choose my beers badly, but it left a bad impression. Felt like they were selling a bunch of small batch stuff that they should have dumped. Still order a Sycamore occasionally (when there is no other choice) -- still disappointed, but I'll admit, I am not their demographic. I wish Heist's beers were more readily available (I rarely see them other than a couple of tap appearances at CM) Brighter notes: Protagonist looked like it was doing very well during happy hour this past Friday Based on peering in windows alone, Sunstead appears to be ready to open any minute (no idea about permits, etc.) I continue to be pleasantly surprised by beer quality from Town (mostly purchased at Common Market, still have not been to brewery) Very impressed that NoDa is continuing to churn out interesting (and high quality) small batch beers. I hosted a conference here a couple weeks ago and many attendees raved about their brewery visit. Radio Haze continues to be my go to daily drinker. (not craft related). As I rode the BLE home on Thursday a guy got on at Tom Hunter with a plastic painters bucket full of well-iced Rolling Rocks. He didn't offer me one, but I was impressed. Blue Line beers should be more of a thing! (its commuter rail but byob is common on Metro North in NYC and Metra in Chicago)
  4. This seems to be endemic among the post-recession multi-family in town -- more buildings than not have needed facade rebuilds in Southend over the past decade. Its happening now at 1100 South and recently finished up (well, maybe a year ago) at Mosaic as well as several other buildings. I know nothing about commercial construction, but as a homeowner / property manager who has completed my share of heavy DIY, I would assume that any properly maintained siding that isn't waterproof for 20+ years is due to incompetent builders.
  5. Very interesting blog post discussing NCDOT’s dismay that urban areas are not enthusiastic about building superstreets. NCDOT is now soliciting research proposals that will identify ways to convince cities to feel better about superstreets in their midsts (despite the superstreets being incredibly unfriendly to pedestrians and bikers). The call for proposals specifically requests that research project teams include “placemaking professionals” By imagining that these car sewers could be compatible with placemaking the agency has outed itself as being firmly rooted in 20th century engineering expertise. I think we deserve better. http://www.kostelecplanning.com/dont-want-superstreets-in-your-city-ncdot-will-educate-you-into-submission/
  6. I agree, there is huge potential on Graham, but its car sewer status is one of the things holding it back. Running a streetcar spur up Graham to Derita (as part of the road diet) would radically change how land is used in that part of town.
  7. /old man yells at clouds/ I was back at Haberdish for the first time in a while yesterday. The food was really good, but I think I am seeing a trend of crappy tap curation in local restaurants and it is making me sad. Other than Gordgeous (and maybe the Fullsteam pilsner) there was nothing else local (or truly micro) on the beer list. When the beer list is anchored by Founders All Day, Wicked Weed Pernicious and Bud Light, I really get the feeling that the bar manager is just phoning it in. Unfortunately I am starting to see this kind of tap curation in restaurants all over town — one token local and then a bunch of mediocre macros dressed up to look like good beer. We live in a remarkably good beer town, why aren't restaurant managers taking advantage of that? /rant/ The pickles at Haberdish are amazing!
  8. I went every day before work for a decade, then, 10 years ago, my doctor told me my cholesterol was high and I never went back. The BBQ sucked, but the biscuits were fantastic. Go figure.
  9. Mary Ellis is pretty remarkable, glad to hear she is starting to get some traction beyond Charlotte.
  10. The original Birdsong? or the building closer to Sugar Creek? (labeled here as Trolley Pub)
  11. Per the last FTA quarterly report: Phase 2 construction is scheduled for completion in March 2020. "Substantial Project Construction Completion" is listed as September 2020. "Target Revenue Service" date is February 2021. I would be surprised if they make the March construction completion date. Caternary and signals or station finishes haven't begun yet. Revenue service date was pushed back due to a desire to avoid testing during the RNC and because security would prevent streetcars from moving from the Gold Line to the storage facilities on the Blue Line since the middle of the line will be shutdown during the convention.
  12. Nope, they pushed it back to after the RNC
  13. I believe this language is now required by the state on all sales tax ballot initiatives. Thank the yall’queda for that one. I wonder if Lewis is more focused on bonding out TIFF revenue?
  14. I thought the arts-tax supporter folks did a particularly bad job of illustrating the need for these funds and explaining why a yes vote was a good thing. Other than a few yard signs I saw and heard nearly nothing about the referendum — it was almost as if no one really cared much either way. Structurally it was also a mess of a referendum, the lack of clarity about where and how the money would be used doomed it from the start. A transit tax vote will side step those issues since a) CATS can show exactly where the money will be used; b) there are way more transit supporters now than the last time transit was put to a vote (and it got 70+% support); c) the boo-birds who liked to say “transit will never work” in Charlotte will be mostly silent this time around; and finally, hopefully CATS is smart enough to put the tax to a vote in a high turnout election. Yea, even the current legislature was planning to contribute 10% of DOLRT costs. Redistricting at the state level (which is happening now) should create a less anti-urban general assembly as well. Republicans also kinda shot themselves in the foot with transit — transit scores really well in their new quantitative scoring systems for DOT projects. The current legislature just ignored those scores and let politics decide where the money went, a more balanced GA will want to stop doing that. Having said all that, I doubt the state will pay the same 25% share of the Silver Line that they paid for the Blue, but the state will almost certainly be a significant contributor to the project.
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