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  1. So I recently flew on Southwest for the first time and was quite impressed. The boarding is a bit different but overall I had a good experience. I really hope that Southwest will come to Charlotte soon because from what I saw, it really is a great Airline. Anyone think we'll land some flights or continue to pay the high prices in the next year or so? I know they have been speculated to expand to Charlotte but I just enjoyed the Airline so much, and Im REALLY hoping they do expand here.
  2. ncguy06


    Someone please take some pictures.
  3. Actually the Lowes Motor Speedway is located in Concord. And I don't see how anyone could fit a speedway in a downtown area so I don't get the point.
  4. Do you guys think that the USair-America west merger will have an impact on the future size and the flights per day from Charlotte Douglas?
  5. reverbandwhiskey, your totally right, no one likes borg, it is the worst ride of all time, the line is only long because of the loading times, its not popular at all......please
  6. ncguy06

    The Vue

    Does anyone know whats going on with The Vue? Havent heard much on it lately.
  7. ^^^ I have no idea to the answer to that question,it does seem kind of stupid, all I know is that it was a popular ride and that many were angry when it left. Obviously most people like it because the line for the ride is usually filled up, at times more than Top gun but usually they are about the same.
  8. Actually the coaster was quite popular at the park it was at before, Paramounts Great America. They only shipped it here because the park had been planning for a new waterpark and they finally built it so the coaster had to go.
  9. I have heard a few comments about Charlotte possibly getting a pro baseball team. Is the city planning on getting one? What are the chances?
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