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  1. It's interesting to see how people are putting words in my mouth. I was angry for the patrons that blatantly yelled out that I was a homosexual in insulting slang..(said the F word), and they were young teenagers wearing gang colors (I know what gang colors are because I've researched this material for my job). For one, Did I EVER say that these patrons were of brown skin? No. I NEVER SAID THAT! Actually, some of the people in that group for white. So do not accuse me of being racist because I am far from ever being racist. I only commented on the cycle that the mall has fallen into. The mall
  2. Okay the insult that was muttered at me was edited by somebody else....they definitely did not say "cigar"
  3. This mall looks like it's going for a turn for the worse. I usually shop at Columbiana, but I decided to explore the Two Notch corridor since I never go out that way. I went to the Columbia Place mall and noticed the dinky stores surfacing. Some guy approached me for money which was unsettling. The kiosk people were in my face in desperation. There was no one there for a Sunday afternoon. I also noticed group of young teenager with gang colors hanging out. I found a nice shirt at Express, and I decided I was ready to leave by then. The atmosphere with all of the thugs was uncomfortable. I had
  4. I wish I wish I wish that we will get an Armani Exchange. I LOVE THAT STORE!!!!
  5. Oh City council will find a way. Those tax dollars talk...
  6. Yeah these are cities that are either very urban or have decent climates...well they are very urban actually. The lifestyle centers in southern suburbia are completely useless. Southerners desire air-conditioning...not the blazing hot sun to buy $500 shoes. I really don't think concept will last for very long. Malls are like clothes. Something is big for like a minute, and later it is gone. I can see this design fad obsolete in five years or maybe even two.
  7. The lifestyle centers sounds totally unappealing to me. Why would I want to shop outside in the pouring rain or the blazing hot Carolina sun? That is why developers stop using lifestyle type centers back in the old days. Gimme a break....
  8. This mall is unexciting. I looked at the retailer line-up..why would anyone want to go here when you can go to Southpark who has the same stores and even more? Northlake..blah...another epitome of crap planning for Mecklenburg county. They say Charlotte will not make the same mistakes that Atlanta Metro committed, but I'm starting to think that we are bumbling quite eagerly into the sprawling mess of surburbia.
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